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Author Topic: The Good RP Logs Thread!  (Read 21592 times)


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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #30 on: 28 Mar 2013, 11:47 »

Compare and contrast. And remember, Mal and Lialus are played by the same player.

[ 2013.03.22 21:27:58 ] Pieter Tuulinen > /emote nods
 [ 2013.03.22 21:28:29 ] Lialus Raithe > Before anything else is said, let me state that I am sorry this day came and I am sorry that you and those you hold as brothers and sisters must endure it.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:29:25 ] Pieter Tuulinen > /emote nods, face pale. "I... should thank you."
 [ 2013.03.22 21:29:32 ] Lialus Raithe > I cannot pretend to understand fully what you are going through so I promise I will not try but I wished for you to know that I do not consider this a victory for anyone.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:30:17 ] Lialus Raithe > /emote shakes his head. > No, you should not thank me. I have done nothing for you.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:30:23 ] Pieter Tuulinen > Some are saying this is an opportunity to open dialog with us for shared custody of the planet. I doubt the Senate will see this as a chance for peace, though. I know what use the Executor will make of it.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:30:44 ] Lialus Raithe > Both of our nations are governed by those who wish to see this conflict continue...
 [ 2013.03.22 21:31:02 ] Lialus Raithe > I wish with all that I am that it could cease here, that it could have ceased before now.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:31:27 ] Lialus Raithe > But all that was accomplished today is a renewal of bitter enmity.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:31:44 ] Pieter Tuulinen > /emote nods
 [ 2013.03.22 21:31:53 ] Pieter Tuulinen > It will get worse. Ancestors forgive me, it already has.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:32:55 ] Lialus Raithe > It will, but I wish to implore you and those that are honorable beside you not to lose yourselves even in this. Please be a beacon of what it means to be Caldari during difficult times, do not let this turn you into the monster you do not wish to be.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:34:09 ] Pieter Tuulinen > You don't know what it's like... I just walked a short distance through an orbital and the... the hate... All these citizens that can't be there and can't hit back and all they want me to do is kill and burn and destroy until they feel better...
 [ 2013.03.22 21:34:41 ] Lialus Raithe > /emote frowns. > You are right, I don't know what it's like....
 [ 2013.03.22 21:34:58 ] Pieter Tuulinen > I... don't want to change, Msr Raithe.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:35:11 ] Lialus Raithe > You are a good man if what I have seen of you so far is any indication. I wish there were more like you.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:35:34 ] Lialus Raithe > None of us ever do, Monsieur Tuulinen. The only one in charge of that is ourselves.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:35:38 ] Pieter Tuulinen > I wish Senate were filled with men like you, Msr Raithe. I wish the men who started wars had to fight them.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:42:04 ] Lialus Raithe > /emote takes a deep breath. > We are enemies in this conflict, Monsieur Tuulinen but I promise you this:
 [ 2013.03.22 21:42:50 ] Lialus Raithe > I will never treat you with dishonor, I will never lie to you and I will never lie about you. Our battles may be different, but our field is the same. Perhaps, one day, we may both lay down weapons.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:48:56 ] Pieter Tuulinen > I will make you the same promise. I cannot congratulate your fleet on achieving it's objective today, but I hope we can remain civil enemies.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:49:20 ] Lialus Raithe > The fleet deserves no congratulations.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:49:31 ] Lialus Raithe > Two wrongs do not make a right.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:49:35 ] Lialus Raithe > They never have and they never will.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:52:00 ] Lialus Raithe > I...will not trouble you further today. May you find a measure of peace in the days ahead, honorable soldier.
 [ 2013.03.22 21:52:20 ] Pieter Tuulinen > /emote nods "Ancestors guide you."

[2013.03.23 01:59:10 ] Pieter Tuulinen > K-khross-haan?
 [ 2013.03.23 01:59:25 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote nods once, exhaling slowly. > How are you handling?
 [ 2013.03.23 01:59:43 ] Pieter Tuulinen > I should warn you. I've had considerable to drink.
 [ 2013.03.23 01:59:57 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote smirks. > You wouldn't be the only one there, lad.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:00:17 ] Pieter Tuulinen > /emote chuckles
 [ 2013.03.23 02:00:29 ] Pieter Tuulinen > Uhh... You heard, then? Of course you did...
 [ 2013.03.23 02:00:57 ] Malcolm Khross > I did. I was serving a border mission under Wiyrkomi orders when the emergency alert was sounded by the Shiigeru.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:01:29 ] Pieter Tuulinen > It... went down so fast. One minute the Admiral was saying her shields had stabilised, the next she was giving the order to go for the pods.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:01:33 ] Malcolm Khross > Unfortunately I was denied request to join the battle by Wiyrkomi Command citing that my service was needed at the border and my available ships would be unable to serve as needed in the battle.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:01:58 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote frowns. > Do we have a count on how many made it out before...?
 [ 2013.03.23 02:02:08 ] Pieter Tuulinen > The... the reactor went up, Mal.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:02:37 ] Malcolm Khross > Dman.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:02:39 ] Pieter Tuulinen > Admiral Yanala was warning that she was going to fire on the planet when Shiigeru went down... They had dozens of Dreadnoughts.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:02:41 ] Malcolm Khross > ((*Damn
 [ 2013.03.23 02:02:51 ] Pieter Tuulinen > They kept her as primary until...
 [ 2013.03.23 02:02:53 ] Pieter Tuulinen > well...
 [ 2013.03.23 02:03:40 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote shakes his head. > The Admiral knew she would be primary, she fought valiantly I am sure.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:04:00 ] Pieter Tuulinen > /emote nods
 [ 2013.03.23 02:04:09 ] Pieter Tuulinen > They... There were so many.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:04:30 ] Malcolm Khross > It was a tactical nightmare, suuolo. Do not let yourself feel shame or dishonor.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:04:41 ] Malcolm Khross > The Federation had every advantage and it knew it.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:05:10 ] Pieter Tuulinen > We did fail her. The Admiral. She called us in and we didn't stop them.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:05:52 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote almost growls. > You did not fail, you answered as best as you were able. That is all duty demands of you, that is all honor demands of you that is all heiian demands of you.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:06:37 ] Pieter Tuulinen > Have you walked the concourses, suuolo? The people are torn between fear, judgement and anger.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:06:58 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote lets out a heavy sigh, his expression falling. > I have and they are...
 [ 2013.03.23 02:07:43 ] Malcolm Khross > What can you expect? For five years we held Home, for five years it seemed we could reclaim that which was hours, for five years we've tolerated the bastardization of the State and sacrificed in order to hold that which mattered most.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:07:54 ] Malcolm Khross > In one day it was torn from us and we were powerless to stop it.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:08:04 ] Pieter Tuulinen > /emote nods, eyes glistening.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:08:14 ] Pieter Tuulinen > This was the point of every insult we've swallowed.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:09:19 ] Malcolm Khross > We must stand strong. Duty still has demands for us and our honor will not let us be idle.
  [ 2013.03.23 02:09:50 ] Pieter Tuulinen > No... I know... Ha-have you heard where the wreckage of the Shiigeru came down?
 [ 2013.03.23 02:10:03 ] Malcolm Khross > Kaalakiota Mountains.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:10:20 ] Pieter Tuulinen > /emote nods
 [ 2013.03.23 02:10:36 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote shakes his head sadly.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:11:22 ] Malcolm Khross > I begin to wonder if Cold Wind is teaching us a lesson. This is the price of our pride, our unwillingness to stand on our principle out of greed for that which we wanted most.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:12:57 ] Pieter Tuulinen > Why is it a sin to want Home back?
 [ 2013.03.23 02:13:01 ] Malcolm Khross > I cannot say if that is true, it is only one of many thoughts that have raced through my mind today.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:13:07 ] Malcolm Khross > It is not a sin to want it back, suuolo.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:13:36 ] Malcolm Khross > But at what cost? Do you believe Cold Wind, who shaped us and united us, who chilled from us our hatred in the beginning and forced us to see our strength...
 [ 2013.03.23 02:14:12 ] Malcolm Khross > Do you believe he honors us doing the same things again? How much did we sacrifice of ourselves to take back Home? How much of what made us Caldari did we set aside to cling to it?
 [ 2013.03.23 02:14:42 ] Pieter Tuulinen > But you know what the push will be for... to take it back again. No matter the cost.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:16:19 ] Malcolm Khross > Do you not wonder if Cold Wind will prevent us from doing so? We must turn our ears toward him and listen for his guidance. Our Home will be ours again, but perhaps we are blind to the way.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:17:07 ] Pieter Tuulinen > I don't know.... I don't know how we could take it. Our fleet has been focused on defence - and rightly so, we can bleed the Federation if they attack us - but to wait for them at a known spot and face whatever they send?
 [ 2013.03.23 02:20:50 ] Malcolm Khross > I would be lying to say that I knew how we should proceed.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:20:58 ] Malcolm Khross > I am only contemplating at the moment.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:21:07 ] Malcolm Khross > There are lessons in this that we must see and heed, this much I know.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:21:29 ] Malcolm Khross > I also know that we cannot let ourselves succumb to the anger and hatred, we have tred that path before and it has led us to ruin.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:26:39 ] Pieter Tuulinen > You're probably right. Tomorrow I'm back in the State Protectorate, though.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:29:08 ] Malcolm Khross > We still have a State to defend.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:29:17 ] Pieter Tuulinen > That's true.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:29:19 ] Malcolm Khross > The Federation continues to press our boundaries.
 [ 2013.03.23 02:29:26 ] Pieter Tuulinen > And we'll need to put the bastards down hard, after today.

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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #31 on: 28 Mar 2013, 15:03 »

Don't mind the EmoPieter - this was about an hour or so after the Shiigeru went down in flames.


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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #32 on: 06 Apr 2013, 11:36 »

Graelyn > One does not need be a Sarumite to operate in Sarum-heavy space.
Graelyn > And, good Lord, is there anyone left who might think I was a Sarumite?
Synthetic Cultist > Yes.
Graelyn > I'll put it this way:
 Graelyn > My Standings in the Empire are almost without equal, however, they are highest among House Sarum. Would this be because I back them and thier interests, or because I want friends among those who work alongside all of my greatest enemies?
Graelyn > Who knows?
 Graelyn > Obviously no one here.
Stitcher wiggles his fingers and utters a "wooooOOOOooo" noise
Synthetic Cultist > Amarr Politics is Complicated.
 Graelyn > I'm not talking about those bullshit numbers you spout...although mine are extremelly high.
Graelyn > My Standing is my NAME.
Synthetic Cultist > The Knife in the Back requires Trust
 Stitcher > your standing is Graelyn?
 Synthetic Cultist > Graelyn is not his Real Name.
Synthetic Cultist > I do not know Graelyn's Real Name.
Graelyn > I am Cardinal Graelyn of Hedion, a humble capsuleer servant of The Most Holy Empire among the famed loyalist fleet known as PIE.
Graelyn > My title was granted to me by the Defensores Fidei, the clerical arm of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance who persues the Reclaiming of the South, who named me the sole recipient of their highest designation, recognized by all peers.
Graelyn > I am among the First Generation of capsuleer pilots, one of the first to proclaim loyalty to the Empire, and one of the last to have survived this long. I have served alongside nearly every capsuleer corporation loyal to Amarr in some capacity.
Graelyn > While the Empire rarely sees fit to ask for the direct intervention of capsuleers in it's affairs, in nearly every case where it has, I have been intrinsically involved.
Graelyn > I was there with Golan Trevize when the Tribals failed to stop the Imperial Apocalypse; I stormed through Sarikusa's final defenses in the Bleak Lands alongside Admiral Sarum to end the Blood Wars
Graelyn > I hunted the Tetrimon Order when they crossed the border, defended them at the behest of the Theology Council, then oversaw thier deaths and the destruction of thier heretical texts within my own anchored structures.
Graelyn > Bricks of the Tal-Romon Cathedral sit safely in my vaults.I have worked with Heirs, Admirals, and Grandmasters, been witness to both glory and atrocity, and been the solemn keeper of many secrets.
Graelyn > That is my Fucking Name.
Spoiler (hover to show)
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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #33 on: 06 Apr 2013, 12:28 »

Grae got on a bit of an ego trip there, didn't he?

If we can hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate!

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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #34 on: 06 Apr 2013, 12:37 »

I lost it at the spoiler image.  :lol:

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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #35 on: 06 Apr 2013, 13:53 »

Grae got on a bit of an ego trip there, didn't he?

Oh but so much fun to read. And, in my opinion & my character's opinion, entirely justified.
Kind Regards,
Arnulf Ogunkoya.

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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #36 on: 06 Apr 2013, 14:38 »

Hahaha, I love how speeches like that begin with the word "humble" somewhere.


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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #37 on: 08 Apr 2013, 07:00 »

"ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED," he yelled from the bridge of his golden vessel, carved in the words of the single God he did serve. He had seen all there was to see, done all there was to do, served faithfully from start to finish. He stared at the one whom he claimed loyalty to, eyes grey and burning with the knowledge and experience of two lifetimes, a new single mindedness driving him forward and unto the step of the one he claimed loyalty to ask her once more and demand his answer as quietly, calmly, and fear inspiringly as his soul could muster, "are you not entertained?"


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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #38 on: 08 Apr 2013, 07:15 »

That. Was. Epic.
"A man's courage can be measured by what he does, his wisdom by what he chooses not to do and his character by the sum of both."

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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #39 on: 08 Apr 2013, 08:36 »

Excellent, Graelyn!



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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #40 on: 08 Apr 2013, 19:30 »

Graelyn for Emperor

Victoria Stecker

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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #41 on: 09 Apr 2013, 12:35 »

It’s not too late to ask to have Graelyn’s babies, is it?


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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #42 on: 10 Apr 2013, 13:43 »

It’s not too late to ask to have Graelyn’s babies, is it?

I think there's an orderly queue formed by this point
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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #43 on: 11 Apr 2013, 01:04 »

I think he had a stalker at some point that did exactly that.

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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #44 on: 18 Apr 2013, 07:25 »

Pieter Tuulinen > /emote is the perfect patient - comatose.
Ava Starfire > /emote is in her bed, unconscious, cause, poisoned

We're talking Actor's Studio level, here.
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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