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Author Topic: The Good RP Logs Thread!  (Read 21750 times)


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The Good RP Logs Thread!
« on: 12 Jan 2013, 03:10 »

Everyone knows what bad RP looks like.

Here's a place where you can post GOOD exchanges on The Summit!

Good stuff went down? Well, folks who weren't there would probably enjoy it too!

Given the fact that baseliners fawn over our stuff, there's no reason capsuleeers shouldn't see the 'good stuff' when it goes down.

Put it here (but try to keep it somewhat short)!

If you want to discuss a log, make a new thread here and we can gab on about it as long as you want.
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If we can hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate!


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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #1 on: 12 Jan 2013, 03:20 »

My first submission to get things kicked off...

Discussion of The Summit's origins leads to meeting a DUSTer, followed by a debate on matters between the Khanid Kingdom and the Empire.

Notable parties:
Graelyn, Esan Vertessa, Gridboss [DUST]
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If we can hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate!


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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #2 on: 12 Jan 2013, 06:32 »

Nice :) I got a chuckle out of the ending :P

"Eve roleplayers scare me." - The Mittani

Aldrith Shutaq

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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #3 on: 14 Jan 2013, 11:57 »

Maybe we should have a whole subforum devoted to this, so people can discuss individual RP's in a thread-by-thread basis. I think it would be really cool to be able to compare RP styles, comment on the developent of characters in certain scenes and just see the awesome drama we all do unfold.

Moar of this sort of thing, I say!

Victoria Stecker

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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #4 on: 14 Jan 2013, 13:26 »

Maybe we should have a whole subforum devoted to this, so people can discuss individual RP's in a thread-by-thread basis. I think it would be really cool to be able to compare RP styles, comment on the developent of characters in certain scenes and just see the awesome drama we all do unfold.

Moar of this sort of thing, I say!

You're in a subforum. Given how little else it's used for, there could simply be separate threads in here.


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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #5 on: 14 Jan 2013, 13:37 »

Go for it!

If we can hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate!

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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #6 on: 15 Jan 2013, 21:20 »

Not technically the right thread for this, but I dunno where else to put it. D:

[19:07] Katrina Oniseki > I made butterscotch pudding
[19:07] Katrina Oniseki > Not the instant stuff either
[19:07] Katrina Oniseki > I stood there and stirred it
[19:07] Katrina Oniseki > Thankfully I masturbate all the time, so that hand is well trained for repetitive motion over long periods.

May or may not be IC. Probably not.
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Saede Riordan

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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #7 on: 15 Jan 2013, 21:44 »

It could be IC.
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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #8 on: 22 Jan 2013, 16:57 »

Stitcher > Q: Why are Civire so square?
Pieter Tuulinen > /emote waits
Stitcher > A: so we can be stacked for easy storage.
Astera Zandraki > /emote smirks at Pieter.
Pieter Tuulinen > /emote smirks "That's probably true, you know."
Ereka Nihil > /emote just shakes her head
Stitcher > I'm convinced there was an aborted attempt to breed the ability to fold up into neat cubes somewhere in our genetic history.
Astera Zandraki > I like squares.
Jev North > "And you have rounded corners anyway, so you won't chip or dent when canned up?"
Ereka Nihil > We're square because we're sharp and rigid.
Ereka Nihil > And because we'll cut you if you touch us.
Pieter Tuulinen > If you put two of us feet to head we're a rectangle.
Jev North > And that's how the template for the Drake was designed.
Stitcher > that's Civire men, of course. Civire women tesselate in rather more intriguing ways.
Pieter Tuulinen > I figured we were square so the Deteis could hide behind us easier.
Pieter Tuulinen > /emote grins
Stitcher > ah, the good old interlocking Civire wall of chins strategy
Stitcher > crucial to the victory of the Raata armies at the battle of the seven lords
Ereka Nihil > /emote raises her eyebrow at Sticher - We tesselate in intriguing ways?  Oh, I've got to hear this one...
Pieter Tuulinen > /emote chuckles "Deploy awkward explanation, Hakatain-haan."
Stitcher > no awkward explanation required. Curves are far more difficult to tesselate than square shapes.
Adreena Madeveda > /emote starts singin "Let's talk dirty in Caldari / Whisper in my ear..."
Stitcher > therefore, any successful such tesselation will by definition be intriguing
Pieter Tuulinen > /emote chuckles at Adreena "Really? That's a thing?"
Ereka Nihil > Like I said, mental gutter.
Ereka Nihil > /emote just smiles playfully
Adreena Madeveda > I take mental gutters over morals highgrounds anytime.
Pieter Tuulinen > Mental gutters are less exposed, true.
Pieter Tuulinen > Plus the company tends to be better.

Slightly processed and filtered to remove cross-conversation and "lol"-esque comments.


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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #9 on: 23 Jan 2013, 02:52 »

Ava Starfire > Heh.
Ava Starfire > None, Kat.
 Ava Starfire > We're broke.
 Katrina Oniseki > /emote frowns a bit, then makes a little mmnh noise to that. She nods.
 Ava Starfire > All our money is spent paying the TLF members and supplying other military effort.
 Ava Starfire > /emote sighs
 Ava Starfire > The quality of life here isnt exactly stellar, Kat.
 Korsavius > "The State was in a rather similar position of financial crisis not too long ago, if memory serves me right" *approaches the pair from behind, carrying a glass of tea*
 Korsavius > It still is, somewhat.
 Ava Starfire > How many kids in the state have worms?
 Saede Riordan > /emote wanders in, depositing her weapon at the security checkpoint.
 Korsavius > /emote takes a seat by Ava and sips from his glass
 Korsavius > More than you might think.
 Katrina Oniseki > /emote turns around, looks at Korsavius. For some reason, today she just doesn't have the strength to flee his infuriating presence.... so she just orders a beer and goes quiet.
 Ava Starfire > Heh.
 Ava Starfire > /emote patpats Kat's hand
 Ava Starfire > Thats what I meant. I do not have the strength.
 Ava Starfire > I cannot make this change.
 Korsavius > That was a rather bold move - the "rescue" operation from the Mandate borders, I mean.
 Ava Starfire > It was. I am happy it didnt go ass up...
 Ava Starfire > ...lets just say the execution of that was NOT our plan.
 Saede Riordan > /emote quietly goes up to the bar counter and orders spiked coffee and suishi.
 Korsavius > Heh, well I wouldn't be surprised there.
 Korsavius > /emote takes another sip of his tea
 Katrina Oniseki > /emote pushes her chair back with a loud noise of the legs dragging on the ground. Standing up in such a way that her back immediately turns to the other two, she picks up her beer, "Nice talking to you, Ava.", and wanders over to a corner alone.
 Ava Starfire > /emote frowns and watches her walk off
 Korsavius > /emote watches Kat walk off with a solemn, unmoving expression on his face; his eyes sink in a bit with pity
 Ava Starfire > /emote purses her lips and quietly sips her tea
 Korsavius > /emote looks down at his drink, he gazes at the ripples which occur from his tapping of the fingers against the tabletop
 Saede Riordan > /emote sits and eats, one I idly watching the restraunt, one eye drifts up into her head.
 Katrina Oniseki > /emote slumps down in a chair, pulls out her datapad, and mostly pretends to be doing stuff on it - though she's only flipping back and forth through the tabs of the start screen.
 Ava Starfire > /emote rubs the bridge of her nose
 Korsavius > /emote sighs and looks directly at Ava, as if wanting to say something
 Korsavius > /emote taps his fingers a few more moments and says "I'll be right back, Ava."
 Ieze Svain > /emote looks up from what she is doing and over at Kat
 Ava Starfire > /emote nods and glances at Ieze
 Korsavius > /emote stands up from his seat, swiftly and quietly, and makes his way over to where Kat rests
 Korsavius > /emote he points to an empty seat opposite of hers "May I?"
 Ieze Svain > /emote glances back at her rifter schematics and her rupture schematics on her pad..., has wave of weird inspirat and tries to combine the too hulls, i gets frustratied with it and almost throws her pad at the wall.
 Katrina Oniseki > /emote raises her hand to her eyebrow, trying her best to avoid having to make eye contact. The hand is shaking, and her lips tighten. She doesn't reply.
 Korsavius > /emote he takes the seat, cautiously
 Korsavius > /emote in a low-toned voice "Look..I won't pretend to know what you're going through."
 Korsavius > Loss is, for everyone, something unique.
 Katrina Oniseki > /emote cuts him off, nearly hissing her words, "Cut the shit, Taisa. We're not friends. You were invited because she liked you, not because I do."
 Katrina Oniseki > /emote glared at him while she said this, then goes back down to her datapad.
 Korsavius > /emote swirls his pointer finger on the table in a random pattern and pauses "I'm not saying this as your friend. I'm saying this as a decent human being."
 Katrina Oniseki > /emote does not reply.
 Korsavius > /emote continues "I myself went through great lengths to have any archived data of my past marriage removed - it never existed, as far as anyone is concerned."
 Ava Starfire > /emote watches, quietly, eyes a bit wide
 Saede Riordan > /emote has gone mostly still, trying to watch without appearing that she is watching.
 Korsavius > For me, losing her left an empty void which can never be refilled. I can only speculate how you must feel.
 Korsavius > /emote pulls out a jade necklace in the shape of a teardrop from underneath his shirt and stares at it as it hangs in his hand "And then there was my mother many years ago."
 Katrina Oniseki > /emote shifts in her seat, her head tilting slightly as she keeps staring at her datapad. "Walk away, Taisa." The malicious warning in her voice could not be clearer.
 Katrina Oniseki > /emote goes stil, and looks up at him. Even her cheeks are twitching from the force of her clenched teeth.
 Ava Starfire > /emote quietly walks over and puts a hand - a bit hesitantly - on Kat's shoulder
 Ieze Svain > /emote is getting increasingly frustrated with the inability to make the make the hulls fit nicely together, clearly not a ship designer, he drops the pad back onto the table and is about to get up but just stops.
 Korsavius > /emote his head unmoving, glances up with only his eyes "When she left, she too left a void never to be refilled."
 Korsavius > Time has been my mentor in that it revealed to me a resilience I never knew existed, however.
 Korsavius > An ability to find contentment and move on.
 Katrina Oniseki > /emote starts talking through him, "You just can't shut up. You don't know how to shut up."
 Ava Starfire > /emote flinches a little and steps back, wanting to not be involved
 Korsavius > /emote moves his head in a position so his eyes pierce Kat's "You are still young. Perhaps, with time, you will learn of your inner resilience too."
 Korsavius > /emote returns his necklace to his proper place, stands up, gives a nod to Ava, and starts to make his way out
 Katrina Oniseki > /emote launches herself at him. That was the last straw. Springing from the seat, fists balled, screaming with rage she aims her fist perfectly towards his face in the middle of the throw.
   Ieze Svain > /emote flinches and hides under table.
 Saede Riordan > /emote stands up, so as not to be caught off guard but doesn't get involved. She watches much more actively now though, still sipping on her coffee.
 Korsavius > /emote takes the punch and in the fall positions himself so that as he hits the floor, he kicks Kat over and off him with a single powerful thrust
 Ava Starfire > Stop!
 Ava Starfire > /emote bounces nervously from one foot to another, unsure what to do
 Katrina Oniseki > /emote knocks over a table and chair as she's rolled off him. Standing, , she pulls her sidearm on him quickly, pointing it at his forehead with the capacitors charging. "You wanted to talk. Fine. Let's get something clear with us."
 Ava Starfire > /emote eeps
 Ieze Svain > /emote peaks out from under the table her odin unit wildly analysing the situation.
 Katrina Oniseki > "You don't fucking know me. You never wanted to know me. That's how you set the board, and that's how it's going to be. The next time you stick your head where it doesn't belong, you'll be leaving without it."
 Katrina Oniseki > Guards burst into the room and level their weapons on Katrina. Even if she's allowed to carry a sidearm, pulling it on another officer is a serious violation.
 Ava Starfire > Stop? Please? Arret and stuff?
 Korsavius > /emote straightens out his clothes "You have a lot of growing up to do, Shosho."
 Ieze Svain > /emote realises that maybe tables aren't such a good place to hide and scrambles out past the guards and hides behind Ava.
 Saede Riordan > /emote is now basically frozen in place. her mug frozen halfway to her lips.
 Korsavius > /emote with that he motions some guards aside and exits the lounge
 Ava Starfire > /emote blinks at Ieze > Whaa? Why...
 Katrina Oniseki > /emote growls, lowers her weapon and switches off the charge. She glares at everyone in the room, as if challenging them to do something... then walks up to the guards... hands them the weapon... and leaves in their custody.

I-RED. We know drama.™

I tried to condense it as much as I could, merp :<

Anyway I genuinely loved this interaction. It was totally unplanned and totally unexpected. Good fleshing out for Kat's char, I think. :)

Oh and for those of you who were present, all the stuff Kor said about his past only Kat could hear since he was talking in a hushed voice. :3
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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #10 on: 23 Jan 2013, 03:16 »

+1 for Kor

Kat's psychological breakdown slowly continuing, fractures in her personality splitting wider apart. John was so disappointed in her. :(


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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #11 on: 23 Jan 2013, 04:35 »

Not from the Summit, but a flash of Simkat in happier times....

Byron Teacup > Well, well, hello!
Katrina Oniseki > /emote nods, she stands, but her holophone starts ringing. She looks down at her hip and grabs it, flipping it open. "Yes? Hello? Katrina Oniseki speaking." A man appears in hologram form.
Byron Teacup > Bonsoir, Madame!
Simca Develon > /emote looks at the hologram tilting her head slightly. "Who's that?" she mouths to Kat.
Byron Teacup > This is M. Teacup calling from CreoDron,
Katrina Oniseki > /emote straightens her face up and clears her throat, "Saisieni. OH! What have you learned?"
Byron Teacup > Well, we were able to save the AI Core of the Drone designated as.....
Byron Teacup > One moment.
Byron Teacup > /emote looks at a clipboard
Byron Teacup > PupDrone 250G
 Simca Develon > /emote comes around beside Kat so she can bee seen as well. "You saves Spot's core?"
Byron Teacup > Yes, that's the one. Spot.
Byron Teacup > So, that's wonderful isn't it?
Katrina Oniseki > /emote covers her chest with one hand, trying to still her heart. She tilts her head back and closes her eyes momentarily, "Oh thank the Maker. Everything is okay? No data loss?"
Byron Teacup > None at all!
Simca Develon > /emote smiles wrapping an arm around Kat and looking relieved. "YES! Very wonderful. Rikaato."
Katrina Oniseki > "So... when will he have a new body?"
Byron Teacup > So, now we should be able to go about installing the AI into a new drone. The 250G is outmoded, so we should be able to improve on that.
Katrina Oniseki > "Err... wait wait... outmoded? Well what sort of improvements are we talking about?"
Byron Teacup > I am happy to install the NEW hover feature, of course entirely free of charge
Katrina Oniseki > /emote looks at Simca, unsure if they want a floating Spot. A groundlocked Spot was bad enough. Flying ones can't be any better.
Byron Teacup > But you'll need inertial stabilisation which unfortunately comes with a small price increase
 Byron Teacup > I'd also recommend the clap-activated bark muting device.
Simca Develon > /emote shakes her head. "No. I want him like he was. He was perfect. I don't care if it costs more, but I want him like he was if at all possible."
 Byron Teacup > Which I can install for only a small fee
Byron Teacup > /emote looks confused.
Byron Teacup > You want the older model?
Simca Develon > /emote nods. "Yes. I want Spot back. Not a new improved Spot just...Spot."
Katrina Oniseki > /emote places her hand on Simca's shoulder, "Do you sell armor self defense packages?"
Byron Teacup > Surely you want the NEW speech features? You want Spot to say: I RUV YOU SIMCA!
Byron Teacup > Surely!
Byron Teacup > Yes, we do sell armour plating and the Customised MISSILEFACE weapons system
Byron Teacup > But those are quite pricey!
Katrina Oniseki > "Please tell me that doesn't mean his face is a missile."
Byron Teacup > The missile is inside the face
Byron Teacup > It opens up, see.
Byron Teacup > /emote grins.
Katrina Oniseki > That's only mildly creepy, but okay.
Byron Teacup > So is that a yes to MISSILEFACE?
Byron Teacup > /emote ticks the clipboard
Katrina Oniseki > I'm... not sure I want a hyperactive dog with high explosives. How much for the armor plating? Maybe some electroshock device?
 Simca Develon > /emote looks at Kat for a moment. "Armor would be good if you have it. I don't know that he needs weapons, but some extra protection would be nice. Other than that no changes. I just want his tinny little bark he had his own way of showing he loved us."
Katrina Oniseki > Woah woah, what are you ticking there?
Byron Teacup > So, no MISSILEFACE?
Byron Teacup > /emote sighs and scribbles out his tick
Katrina Oniseki > I... no. No missileface. You really don't know what kind of mischief is in that AI core. He'd fire it just to see what the hell it does.
Byron Teacup > Well, the standard plating for a PupDrone with this kind of propulsion... You sure you don't want an upgrade to the propulsion?
 Katrina Oniseki > /emote sighs, "How much is the upgrade?"
Byron Teacup > How about the CreoDron standard Hobgoblin engine inside the 250g
Byron Teacup > ?
Byron Teacup > He will be able to carry a nice thick plate, then.
Byron Teacup > I suppose all up - let me tally.
 Byron Teacup > /emote makes a few ticks and mumbles.
Simca Develon > /emote leans down pressing her nose to the holophone. "I just want Spot with extra armor. Keep him somehwat mobile and not too big. He was..really cute when he was small."
 [ 2012.06.17 02:57:20 ] Katrina Oniseki > /emote looks at Simca and shrugs, "Can't be too bad for us."
Byron Teacup > So, Hobgoblin Engine, Plate, Electroshock teeth, Core Installation.... and no MISSILEFACE.
Byron Teacup > /emote sighs
Simca Develon > /emote nods. "Yeah. Just hope he doesnt get too heavy that he breaks the bed. You know how he likes sleeping at my feet."
Byron Teacup > I'll round it down to ten grand, for you lovely ladies.
Byron Teacup > Sold?
 [ 2012.06.17 02:58:24 ] Katrina Oniseki > /emote puts up a hand, "How much will this armor wei-- WHAT?!"
Byron Teacup > Sold!
Byron Teacup > Sold!
Byron Teacup > Sold!
Byron Teacup > /emote claps.
Byron Teacup > Sold!
Katrina Oniseki > ...
Simca Develon > /emote loks at Kat. "Sold."
Byron Teacup > Sold!
Katrina Oniseki > /emote sighs, "Yes, sold. This armor is lightweight, right?"
Byron Teacup > Pleasure doing business with you ladies and remember to bring all your Drone needs to a licensed CreoDron sales representative.
Byron Teacup > Lightweight, yes. Of course.
Katrina Oniseki > /emote smiles, "Good."
Byron Teacup > I mean, you won't be lifting him or anything, right?
 Byron Teacup > So, fine.
Katrina Oniseki > ...
Byron Teacup > Can I help you fine ladies with anything else?
 Byron Teacup > You can expect delivery of your drone in 3-4 working days.
Katrina Oniseki > /emote throws her hands up in surrendur, "Nope. I'm done. I'm just glad he's okay, even if he's fat now."
 Simca Develon > /emote smiles at Byron giving Kat a hug. "Rikaato. That will be all."
Byron Teacup > Bonsoir then ladies.
Katrina Oniseki > /emote smiles geniunely, "Yes, Rikaato. Really."
Byron Teacup > /emote's image fizzles out

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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #12 on: 23 Jan 2013, 05:00 »

+1 for Kor

Kat's psychological breakdown slowly continuing, fractures in her personality splitting wider apart. John was so disappointed in her. :(

More concern then anything else  ;)


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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #13 on: 23 Jan 2013, 08:01 »


If we can hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate!


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Re: The Good RP Logs Thread!
« Reply #14 on: 24 Jan 2013, 20:03 »

Private Chat convo that was spawned by the Summit.  Was good stuff.


  Channel ID:      -31479953
  Channel Name:    Private Chat (Malcolm Khross)
  Listener:        Gottii
  Session started: 2012.06.19 22:52:37

 [ 2012.06.19 22:53:25 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote nods once with a smile. > Saisa, thank you.
 [ 2012.06.19 22:54:49 ] Gottii > /emote nods his head, his expression neutral>  You're welcome, though Ive done you no flavors.
 [ 2012.06.19 22:54:52 ] Gottii > favors*
 [ 2012.06.19 22:55:05 ] Malcolm Khross > You have proven that you are willing to listen and that is more than many.
 [ 2012.06.19 22:55:20 ] Malcolm Khross > Even if you do not agree.
 [ 2012.06.19 22:55:26 ] Gottii > /emote nods slightly at that>
 [ 2012.06.19 22:56:21 ] Malcolm Khross > The principles that I speak of when I say that I fight for them are the principles that once governed our people, those being the idea of personal and communal honor, strength of character and integrity and the philosophy of serving one another...
 [ 2012.06.19 22:56:28 ] Malcolm Khross > ....sacrificially so that all benefit.
 [ 2012.06.19 22:57:06 ] Malcolm Khross > Principles that have been sadly lost through the years and, more recently, used as political tools by our current "executor."
 [ 2012.06.19 22:57:23 ] Gottii > /emote nods slowly, frowning slightly>
 [ 2012.06.19 22:58:24 ] Malcolm Khross > Have I said something that troubles you?
 [ 2012.06.19 22:58:43 ] Gottii > No.  Merely listening.
 [ 2012.06.19 22:59:43 ] Malcolm Khross > I fight in the Protectorate simply because I wish to try and create a strong defensive border to the State so that the constant changing of occupmancy will cease throwing the lives of...
 [ 2012.06.19 23:00:07 ] Malcolm Khross > ..those living in the border systems into turmoil. It is...unjust that they should suffer in this way and they are often neglected.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:00:29 ] Gottii > /emote nods>  It is.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:00:54 ] Malcolm Khross > It is my hope that by defending instead of conquering, a focus on internal affairs can be brought to bear and maybe we can see abotu developing some manner of stability and security for them.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:01:43 ] Malcolm Khross > And maybe, if we can sour the war enough, Heth will lose the stranglehold over the corporations that he has becuase his platform will no longer be considered prudent.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:02:14 ] Gottii > to undermine State offensive actions?
 [ 2012.06.19 23:02:47 ] Malcolm Khross > No, that would make me a traitor. The Honor Guard does not participate in them and does not offer intel for them, we operate entirely defensively.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:03:14 ] Malcolm Khross > It is my hope that by forcing the Federation to reconsider its own offensive actions, they will form a strong defense to keep the State's at bay. A forceful truce, as it were.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:05:14 ] Gottii > Hmm.  Thats a fine line, Captain.  Your peoples have been in a civil war for generations.  It seems a fragile peace plan.  Though one, for what its worth, I hope works.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:05:42 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote takes a deep breath. > It is worth fighting for...and that is all I am doing.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:06:13 ] Malcolm Khross > I do not have the power or authority to negotiate peace or put an end to war, I only have the power to fight for a cause I believe in and this is my cause.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:06:47 ] Malcolm Khross > There are many in the STate that support a similar ideal, but they are overshadowed.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:06:59 ] Gottii > I assume you were a soldier before you entered into a pod.  Every soldier knows that half-measures often cause much suffering.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:07:25 ] Malcolm Khross > Actually...I wasn't.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:07:43 ] Gottii > No?  May I ask what you did?
 [ 2012.06.19 23:07:50 ] Malcolm Khross > I was a wanderer, to put it most accurately. I was born to dissenters and nomadic pirates.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:08:20 ] Gottii > Gurista aligned then?
 [ 2012.06.19 23:09:06 ] Malcolm Khross > I do not know, to be honest. I was taken from that world when I was very young, as my parents were arrested and repatriated.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:09:37 ] Malcolm Khross > I became a capsuleer shortly after graduating from planetside academcis with a degree in mechanical engineering.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:10:01 ] Gottii > There are many dissidents and dispossed within the State.  It is hard to rise from their ranks to the peak of Caldari society.  You must have done well for yourself.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:10:10 ] Malcolm Khross > I chose the path I walk now after a great deal of time spent in careful though, self-reflection and...a good measure of blind hope.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:10:44 ] Malcolm Khross > I dedicate myself wholly to whatever task is at hand, that tends to award one merit in the State.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:11:47 ] Gottii > /emote snorts>  Well, my "rise" such as it is, had little to do with merit.  Often its opposite.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:12:05 ] Malcolm Khross > I would be honored to learn more of you, if you will share it.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:12:42 ] Gottii > /emote sits very still>  What would you wish to know?
 [ 2012.06.19 23:13:52 ] Malcolm Khross > Am I correct in understanding that you are what many carelessly label a "freedom fighter?"
 [ 2012.06.19 23:14:49 ] Gottii > /emote laughs>  No.  At least, not in the way Outsiders think of such things.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:15:01 ] Malcolm Khross > Hence the term "carelessly."
 [ 2012.06.19 23:15:16 ] Gottii > I am no Ushra-khan radicial or Defiant.  I am too old for such things.  That is a young man's fancy.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:15:33 ] Malcolm Khross > How would you describe yourself, then?
 [ 2012.06.19 23:16:07 ] Gottii > There was a time that the Kre'al'tor burned within me, but that was long ago.  I grew wiser, or perhaps simply grew tired.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:16:29 ] Gottii > I am a Matar, I am a Brutor, of Clan Avenar, the Vrek'shar Sept, of the Lodge of the Snow Leopard.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:16:39 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote blinks. > Kre'al'tor...define this term, please?
 [ 2012.06.19 23:17:06 ] Gottii > /emote shrugs>  Uhh..."self-consuming fire"....kind of.  Anger.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:17:15 ] Malcolm Khross > Ah, thank you.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:17:24 ] Malcolm Khross > The passion that your people show vibrantly.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:17:44 ] Gottii > We have many passions.  We simply have little chance to show others.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:17:58 ] Malcolm Khross > That is unfortunate.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:18:29 ] Gottii > Yes, it is.  That is what I wish most.  I do not wish to hate those who enslaved us.  I wish to care nothing for them anymore.  And for the People to do the same.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:18:57 ] Malcolm Khross > That is an honorable viewpoint.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:19:27 ] Malcolm Khross > So you fight to remove them from your territory and keep them out?
 [ 2012.06.19 23:20:19 ] Gottii > I was a slave Malcolm.  I was born to a slave family.  I want my family back.  As would anyone, I would think.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:20:59 ] Gottii > Amarrian apologists say this means I wish "offensive action".  But the Empire declared war on my kin long ago.  I simply wish to defend them.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:21:56 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote furrows his brow a moment before nodding slowly afterward. > This is something I cannot pretend to fully relate to, but I can understand it.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:23:34 ] Gottii > /emote stares a moment>  I was born on a high-gravity mining colony.  I left when I was a child of maybe 12 winters.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:23:49 ] Gottii > It took me....a long "feel" Matari.  Sometimes I still dont.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:25:08 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote frowns heavily.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:25:31 ] Gottii > I'm going to ask you a question, Captain Khross.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:25:34 ] Malcolm Khross > This is something you do not wish for future generations to suffer through?
 [ 2012.06.19 23:25:38 ] Malcolm Khross > Very well.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:26:50 ] Gottii > I will give you a choice.  You have two choices, you must either kill some of your family, or all of your family suffers and lives at the whims of overseers.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:26:54 ] Gottii > Which do you chose?
 [ 2012.06.19 23:27:28 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote blinks, startling back a bit in his chair, clearly surprised by the question.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:28:44 ] Malcolm Khross > I...
 [ 2012.06.19 23:29:03 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote frowns. > I would choose the former and pray they could forgive me.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:29:17 ] Gottii > /emote sniffs, then mutters>  As did I.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:29:49 ] Gottii > Every time I open fire upon an Amarrian warship, Captain Khross, I know that there are thousands of Amarrian slaves crewing it.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:29:55 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote nods somberly.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:29:57 ] Gottii > Thousands...for just one battleship.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:30:28 ] Gottii > Ive the blood of my family on my hands.  My kin.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:30:51 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote clenches his jaw briefly.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:31:10 ] Gottii > You ask me what drives me?  To make that sacrifice worth it.  And visit war and death upon the people who forced me to make such a choice.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:31:38 ] Gottii > Im here not because of my "merit", as you are.  Im here....<snorts> more ways than you know...because I am without merit.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:31:51 ] Gottii > I am a murderer.  And I have to be.  And every day I mourn that.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:32:01 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote interjects pointedly. > I disagree with you.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:32:16 ] Malcolm Khross > You say you are without merit.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:32:29 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote shakes his head slowly. > I would say you are wrong.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:33:23 ] Malcolm Khross > You have conviction and it drives you, you have determination and it sustains you, you have passion and it fuels you. You have made an impossible choice and you are doing all you can to make it worth the cost.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:33:38 ] Malcolm Khross > This gives you merit, a great deal of it.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:34:05 ] Gottii > Well, thank you for your words.  But I am a kinslayer.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:34:16 ] Gottii > Thats why we Matari hate the Empire cross.  Not just for enslavement.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:34:36 ] Gottii > But...for making us take up arms against our brothers and sisters, to save our sons and daughters.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:35:27 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote nods slowly. > I do not know what spiritual beliefs you hold to, if any...but I believe those that are lost in your fight would count it an honor to you even through your grief, and theirs.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:36:00 ] Malcolm Khross > not think your ancestors disfavor you for this.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:36:34 ] Gottii > /emote shrugs>  Perhaps not.  But its too far along now.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:36:37 ] Malcolm Khross > Though, I understand now, much more completely, the bitterness of your struggle...
 [ 2012.06.19 23:37:33 ] Gottii > So...that is why Im against the Empire, the State, and everyone who supports this....this system...who made me make these choices.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:37:43 ] Gottii > I did not wish to be...this.  I had finally found a home...a clan...a place.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:37:56 ] Gottii > I just wished to be Matari.  To belong to the People.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:38:33 ] Gottii > That is no small thing when youre born outside of the Tribes, and come to the Republic on the cusp of adolescence.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:38:35 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote nods slowly, his tone apologetic. > You do not believe me when I tell you that the State does not support the "system" you are referring to but has little choice in the matter.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:39:22 ] Gottii > I understand you feel that way.  But I will not allow the State to sacrifice my kin to save their way of life.  Nor would you, if our positions were reversed.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:40:23 ] Malcolm Khross > You are right, I would not. But...the State doesn't sacrifice your kin. It doesn't use slave labor, it arrests slavers that venture into its borders and it staffs its own stations and ships....
 [ 2012.06.19 23:40:37 ] Malcolm Khross > We don't make use of slave labor and never will.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:41:32 ] Gottii > It buys the goods produced from slave hands.  The Caldari are too savvy economically to know that if you purchase a drive up the drive up the demand, you encourage others to increase the supply.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:41:40 ] Gottii > to not know*
 [ 2012.06.19 23:42:44 ] Malcolm Khross > Again, we have very little choice in the matter. We are constantly beset by the Federation who placed us in a very similar position to you, though not exactly the same position.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:42:55 ] Gottii > /emote raises a hand>  I do not wish to argue this Khross, I doubt I will convince you of the State's culpability.  And I know you will not be able to convince me of its innocence.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:42:58 ] Malcolm Khross > We have to purchase supplies and materials from somewhere...
 [ 2012.06.19 23:43:26 ] Malcolm Khross > I know the State's hands are stained with blood, Gotti...
 [ 2012.06.19 23:43:31 ] Malcolm Khross > Believe me...I know it.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:43:54 ] Malcolm Khross > I know that is far from innocent, in a great...great many things.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:44:10 ] Gottii > The Federation never whiipped you Khross.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:44:28 ] Gottii > The Fedearation never tinkered with your DNA, tested your ability to withstand pain.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:44:35 ] Malcolm Khross > No, it did not. It struck us in a much different way.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:45:27 ] Malcolm Khross > not attempting to downplay the suffering of your past, or to claim that we are equal in such a way. Please understand that.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:45:52 ] Malcolm Khross > Well, suffering of your past and present.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:46:09 ] Gottii > /emote shrugs> We all have our burdens we must carry in our Walks.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:46:25 ] Malcolm Khross > Yes...
 [ 2012.06.19 23:47:07 ] Malcolm Khross > I would rather not see the tension between the Matari and the Caldari get worse. I know we have wronged you as a people, I know that we have contributed to your current suffering.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:47:41 ] Malcolm Khross > We are fighting our own battles and it is a bitter thing that doing so requires us to also carry burdens and make choices we do not wish to make.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:47:51 ] Gottii > Keep in mind, many of the Federation soldiers are Matari themselves, fighting for their adoptive home.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:48:26 ] Gottii > The traditionists among the Tribes view "nationality" through kinship, not borders.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:49:00 ] Gottii > I know you do not wish conflict with the People.  We did not wish it either.  But it is here.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:50:11 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote sighs. > So because I defend my people from yours fighting for their adopted home, I am an enemy to you and your people.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:51:54 ] Gottii > War is many things.  Fair it is not.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:52:26 ] Malcolm Khross > A painful wisdom.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:52:47 ] Malcolm Khross > You may view me your enemy, Gotti and I will understand though it will be a pain to me.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:53:53 ] Malcolm Khross > I do not consider you an enemy, nor the ones living in the Federation. But, as choices go, I have few. It is my people or yours when they are in State space.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:54:56 ] Gottii > /emote stares for a long moment, then speaks softly>  You would do well to think of me as an evil man Khross.  For as your people are concerned, I probably am.  I wish ill upon them.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:55:20 ] Gottii > I am perhaps an evil man who mourns, but the unsaid truth is most evil men mourn, in one way or another.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:55:30 ] Gottii > Thank you for this talk, Captain Khross.
 [ 2012.06.19 23:55:43 ] Malcolm Khross > /emote simply nods quietly and disconnects.

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