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Author Topic: The [Blank] Was a Lie  (Read 3805 times)

Lyn Farel

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Re: The [Blank] Was a Lie
« Reply #45 on: 27 Nov 2015, 13:00 »

Well, at least SC past the initial crowdfunding goal and is now running at almost 100M, which is hardly the case for Mittens.

Aren't you getting your money back when the stretch goal isn't reached on kickstarter or something?

Morwen Lagann

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Re: The [Blank] Was a Lie
« Reply #46 on: 27 Nov 2015, 13:04 »

You don't pay in the first place unless the goal is reached.
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Silas Vitalia

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Elmund Egivand

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Re: The [Blank] Was a Lie
« Reply #48 on: 03 Dec 2015, 00:41 »

So, a typical war day in Eve Online then? Shitposting, drama and feces-flinging.
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