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That Blood Raiders as a faction are motivated principally by the desire to draw closer to the Red God? (The Burning Life, p. 56)

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Author Topic: [Character] Nauplius  (Read 9419 times)

Trii Seo

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Re: [Character] Nauplius
« Reply #120 on: 20 Dec 2015, 17:31 »

Got to admit, conversations with Nauplius are a highlights of The Summit for me.


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Re: [Character] Nauplius
« Reply #121 on: 21 Dec 2015, 02:12 »

Got to admit, conversations with Nauplius are a highlights of The Summit for me.
Watching these is entertaining; I've only engaged with him once in direct conversation and it was fun.

As someone who's played an extremely despicable villain, I fully understand how difficult it can be sometimes to stay consistent, to not break character no matter how funny a thing would be to say, or how good an argument is available just because the character would not say that thing.

This is a forum on steroids tbh. The rate at which content worth reading is being generated could get you pregnant.

Casserina Leshrac

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Re: [Character] Nauplius
« Reply #122 on: 15 Mar 2017, 08:46 »

  • Up front, Nauplius is not intended as an OOC Troll at you people, none of whom I even know, except perhaps for any ex-1PG members who might be lurking out there.
  • There is, of course, hardly much of a line between Successful Troll and Evil Character who just happens to have OP'ed several of the most read and replied-to threads on the IGS lately, and I don't expect to convince everyone on this point.
  • I have tried to avoid some of the mistakes of more outlandish characters, foremost by actually performing operations in space as appropriate — those "rescues" on the DSTON thread really are taken from jetcans in Niarja and Jark and sold to NPC buy orders; I really did buy all 1,000,000 of those slaves and went threw the extra expense of blowing some of them up in a freighter so I'd have an API-verified KM.  That I had represented this character as a Khanid commoner since I started has afforded me some leeway as to what I can "do" versus a properly educated Holder, though I believe I have been mostly careful in observing IC-respect towards those who claim rank as well as long standing Amarr loyalist organization, even as I IC-disagree with them.
  • I'm vaguely aware that most of you guys don't like the author of "Theodicy" and two of the novels.  Despite that, I'm using 100% canon "Theodicy" as  a primary source, what with the slave collars I mention every other sentence and the dumping of worked-to-near-death slaves in a cave and such.  One questionable thing I've done is obliquely linked to "Theodicy" in a few of my IGS posts; while this could be intepreted as an OOC "you're doing it wrong" directed at the Amarr characters, my actual intent was to buttress my very much minority IGS opinion and let readers know that I'm not just making !@#$ up despite being heavily outnumbered.
  • I fully understand your OOC rejection of the most grimdark forms of Amarr RP; I suspect that it would be hard to build much in-game on such a foundation.  I did the Providence NRDS thing a while back and am OOC-fine with all that.
  • It goes almost without saying that I expect nearly everyone to oppose Nauplius on a purely IC basis.
  • When I started posting a few months back I was making a study of Youtube street preachers and some of that comes through in my earlier IGS posts (more so in my IC "preaching" to the Minmatar Milita in Local at that time).  I've cranked up the nutjobbery from there.  No offense is intended to Christians; I'm a (grumpy old) Presbyterian myself but allow myself to say things about Amarr religion that are both consistent with and not consistent with what I believe.
  • All that said, this character is probably reaching the end of a road in terms of development — I always knew that there's not much left to "do" after blowing away a million slaves.  Some possible changes include going Blood Raider; going Caldari militia;  repenting and going into some self-imposed exile/punishment in Ammatar lowsec or something.  I might make use of other player activity in directing this course;  I have already started to turn my alt Calyce Io away from the "dark side" based on some IC interaction she had in space with the Disciples of Ston.

I am really glad that I found this post.

Because I do get what you are going with it. Trust me I am having fun being the "real" Sani Sabik in the vein of Silas, Revan and Verjigorm. So good old Cass sees Nauplius as a heretic regardless of your use of Sani philosophy.

In fact your character gives Casserina a great opportunity to say, "See I'm not the crazy one... he's the crazy one!"

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