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The Serpentis stole one of the six Soltueur-class Titans from the Gallente Federation?

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Author Topic: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!  (Read 15961 times)

Sinjin Mokk

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #90 on: 02 Apr 2015, 16:33 »

Overheard in a blue-collar Amarr drinking establishment:

Yeah, so this is an odd one. Yesterday, I'm working the swing shift, right? And I gotta do maintenance on the gate tracking systems. No big deal, quick EVA, make sure the gate guns are online, that sorta thing. Niraja system, inbound.

So there I am, just wrapped up and my scanner picks up a code yellow. There's this Catalyst right, and it's just locked on to a pod.

Now in my line of work, we see this thing all the time. A shame, but whatya gonna do? Pirates are all over HiSec these days.

So sure enough, the Cat totally wrecks that pod. Like there was any doubt. And in a microsecond, our gate guns fry the Cat. The Cat pilot warps out in his pod, heading in-system to one of the planets. Like I said, all the time with these gank pirates right? The pod pilot probably woke up, realized he screwed the pooch, and so it goes. The Cat pilot lost SecRating and a lot of standing with the Empire. There's no ISK in it. I got no idea why they do that sorta thing.

So my wife, you remember her right? She likes those holos about the Capsuleers. SCOPE and those shows. Me? I can't stand 'em. But every night after Temple, we gotta see whose fighting who and what the damn Minnies are up to. So I tells her about the gank I saw and she pulls up the records.

Here's where it get funny. The pod pilot? He's a big shot Goonswarm military director. I mean, what the hell is he doing flying a pod through HiSec on autopilot right? This guy can fly a Titan if'in he wants. The Cat pilot? He's that guy that just got woken up after a four-year dirt-nap. The Khanid one....gah, whatzisname...You know, the one whose been killin' those Blooders? Mokk, riiight. Yeah, him.

So what's the deal? Did he know? Why was he up in Niraja? The Goon didn't have a bounty. He was however flying with, get this, over 500 million ISK worth of cybernetics jacked in. I mean, what's the deal with this Mokk guy? First he aces the Blooder that woke him. Then he drives said Blooder's girlfriend into an early retirement. Then he gets that other Blooder...the Doc, the crazy one Borkstar. Yeah, he captures him and slaps a slave collar on him. Then he ganks a top-level Goon? It don't make sense I tell ya.

I will tell ya this. Remember what they said? That he was doin' business with the Cartel? I bet that's it. He's just gotta have Angels pulling his strings. I mean, how else would he know about the Goon?

What, me? Naw, I don't watch those shows. It's my wife I tell ya. I can't stand 'em. Reality shows like that are gonna be the death of this Empire, you watch.

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Jennifer Starfall

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #91 on: 20 Apr 2015, 10:41 »

Reported by The Ancbeu Socialite on 117.04.19:

Last night stellarati from across the New Eden cluster gathered in Sortet for the posh event, the Innocent Ball, held at The Elysion. All was not well, though, as chief diplomat of Repracor Industries, Jennifer Starfall, had to be rushed to the establishment's medical facilities late in the evening. Ms. Starfall was having a impromptu reunion with notorious Kaalakiota-loyalist privateers, Pyre Falcon Defense and Security, when she lost consciousness. Anonymous sources say that Ms. Starfall was suffering from a gunshot wound but were unclear as to whether it was received at The Ball or it was an injury suffered prior to her late arrival.

The Socialite inquired of the stellarati and proprietress of The Elysion, Halcyon Ember, about Ms. Starfall's condition. Mrs. Ember stated that Ms. Starfall's condition was "stable." We asked Mrs. Ember if she could elaborate on Ms. Starfall's condition, she curtly informed us "Ms. Starfall has been working hard for Repracor and simply neglected to take proper care of herself." When we asked for confirmation on whether or not Ms. Starfall had indeed been shot, Ms. Ember's highly cyberneticized chief of security rudely interrupted claiming that the interview was over.

One of our reporters did manage to catch up with Aurora Morgan, the organizer of the Innocent Ball. The poor girl was so exhausted from having to cater to the exotic needs of her stellarati guests that she was barely able to summon the energy mumble "Nothing," before retreating to the restricted guest quarters area of the facility.


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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #92 on: 30 Apr 2015, 12:44 »

A couple of baseliners are seen enquiring at the desk of the Elysion. Ulaya shows them into the venue upon request but is later found to be absent for several days.

Ché Biko

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #93 on: 15 May 2015, 10:07 »

According to P.P.C. logs, a young woman has been paying a few visits to the conference. She could be seen visiting Ché's room. These visits can last up to ten hours, and sometimes multiple meals are brought to the room during these visits. She introduces herself as Amène, but her official name, as recorded by security, is Anou Laimark.
Update: On the 29th, she paid another long visit to Ché's room, with a different haircut. People may mistake her for someone else at first sight.
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Anyanka Funk

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #94 on: 15 May 2015, 18:27 »

It'd be a shame if Deodata were to suddenly show up while this is going on.

Cakzad Arcashiri

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #95 on: 29 May 2015, 18:57 »

///Accessing Security Log #74628178-9273771-826165-82713\\\
///Location: Ardishapur Family Treasury, Dakba System\\\

///Begin Log\\\
 Hey man, long time no see. Sorry I called you so late, but I heard some wierd shit the other day. You know there's been 'em Raroki Militants and stuff on Dakba V and stuff, right? And you know that new holder in town, Arcashiri?

 Yeah, well the other day I saw these two Raroki guys walking through the station, probally going to make a deposit or somethin', right? Well, this one of these guys is mumbling about some crazy stuff like revealing info or somethin'. Some kinda leak, you know?

 Anyways, they stop and they get to talking. Didn't here much, but I did here somethin' about assasinations or some crap like 'at. They said they goin' bust Arcashiri or something. Man, they was talking 'bout the Blooders or something.

 Then guess who comes walking in, the Lord himself. They both look at him, and one of 'em points to 'im before they go runninng off into a corner.

 Anyways, probally just some crazy bs. But do take note now that this discussion was before the Raroki's decided they wanted to fight the Sanctum Militia. Tell the family I love 'em. I've got to go. Those computers ain't goin' to sell themselves!
///End Log\\\

///Additional Note: Both individuals involved in this situation have been found dead. However, the man being spoken to did indeed meet with his family.\\\
"I hope that War is quick, violent, and forceful. But not this, never this."
 - Cakzad Arcashiri discussing the Militia Wars.

Ché Biko

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #96 on: 24 Jul 2015, 05:33 »

Bits of communication on Local channels:

Local : Amarr
 [ 117.07.23 21:42:51 ] Che Biko > Hey Funk.
 [ 117.07.23 21:43:03 ] Anyanka Funk > [...]
 [ 117.07.23 21:43:54 ] Che Biko > <3
 [ 117.07.23 21:49:06 ] Rafe Collins > The Empress is a false idol of a false god. Repent and return to the true god Bob
 [ 117.07.23 21:49:40 ] Che Biko > Praise Bob!
 [ 117.07.23 21:50:07 ] Rafe Collins > All is possible through Bob
 [ 117.07.23 21:51:05 ] Spacemover > Bob, the creator, the destroyer!
 [ 117.07.23 21:51:29 ] Rafe Collins > Bob rewards those who sacrifice
 [ 117.07.23 21:52:07 ] Anyanka Funk > Rafe Collins those who sacrifice what? Slaves?
 [ 117.07.23 21:53:11 ] Rafe Collins > Slaves, Dancers, Quafe and Ships
 [ 117.07.23 21:55:13 ] Che Biko > So, has someone killed Grimslaw yet?
 [ 117.07.23 21:56:46 ] Anyanka Funk > Yes.
 [ 117.07.23 21:57:09 ] Che Biko > Really? So you've found someone strong enough for you?
 [ 117.07.23 21:57:23 ] Anyanka Funk > Not entirely.
 [ 117.07.23 21:57:35 ] Anyanka Funk > But nearly.
 [ 117.07.23 21:57:38 ] Che Biko > Hmm, who was it?
 [ 117.07.23 21:58:39 ] Anyanka Funk > Are you willing to kill for me?
  [ 117.07.23 21:59:22 ] Che Biko > Maybe.
 [ 117.07.23 21:59:49 ] Anyanka Funk > Then do so.
 [ 117.07.23 21:59:53 ] Anyanka Funk > Now.
 [ 117.07.23 22:00:23 ] Che Biko > What do you want me to kill?
 [ 117.07.23 22:00:29 ] Francophobia > im in a zeypher orbiting the emperor family station che.
 [ 117.07.23 22:00:41 ] Anyanka Funk > A capsuleer.
 [ 117.07.23 22:00:48 ] Anyanka Funk > Now.
  [ 117.07.23 22:00:52 ] Anyanka Funk > In Amarr.
 [ 117.07.23 22:01:46 ] Che Biko > Heh, I doubt I'd be able to kill one in Amarr.
 [ 117.07.23 22:02:26 ] Anyanka Funk > I just did.
 [ 117.07.23 22:02:40 ] Anyanka Funk > You are truly weak.
  [ 117.07.23 22:02:43 ] Che Biko > Yeah, but you are you, and I am me.
 [ 117.07.23 22:02:54 ] Anyanka Funk > Yes. Weak.
  [ 117.07.23 22:03:35 ] Anyanka Funk inserts Kill: Pere Castillo (Capsule)
 [ 117.07.23 22:05:06 ] Anyanka Funk > Go back to Origin, child.
 [ 117.07.23 22:06:33 ] Che Biko > If I killed a capsuleer, would you really think different of me?
 [ 117.07.23 22:06:41 ] Anyanka Funk > Yes.
  [ 117.07.23 22:06:56 ] Anyanka Funk > I doubt you could.
 [ 117.07.23 22:07:15 ] Che Biko > Would you answer my questions then?
  [ 117.07.23 22:08:07 ] Anyanka Funk > Kill a capsuleer and we can talk.
 [ 117.07.23 22:09:02 ] Che Biko > Hmm, well, at least you're not being gagged by someone.
 [ 117.07.23 22:09:58 ] AtomicVixen > Cynabal Blueprint (Item Exchange)
 [ 117.07.23 22:10:48 ] AtomicVixen > Cynabal Blueprint (Item Exchange)  buy it! cheapest in amarr!!!!
 [ 117.07.23 22:12:02 ] Dominic Severa > yeah and its costs another 130mil to build it
 [ 117.07.23 22:12:14 ] Dominic Severa > idiot
 [ 117.07.23 22:12:27 ] AtomicVixen > charming! what would you pay????
 [ 117.07.23 22:12:29 ] Mendon Anthar > also its a copy
 [ 117.07.23 22:12:41 ] Dominic Severa > nothing
 [ 117.07.23 22:12:50 ] AtomicVixen > lol find a cynabal bpo numb nuts
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:03 ] Anyanka Funk > lol
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:07 ] AtomicVixen > Dominic Severa STFU THEN YOU WORTHLESS TURD!!1
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:11 ] Dominic Severa > for the time and effort to save 30 mil?
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:17 ] Dominic Severa > haha
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:21 ] Anyanka Funk > I have a cynabal bpo.
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:27 ] AtomicVixen > LINK IT
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:28 ] Anyanka Funk > Only 10 bil
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:30 ] Che Biko > Was it ours?
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:38 ] Anyanka Funk > 5 bil to link.
  [ 117.07.23 22:14:28 ] Anyanka Funk > Che Biko you own nothing in origin, you are a worthless nothing.
 [ 117.07.23 22:15:06 ] Anyanka Funk > You could biomass and nothing would be lost.
 [ 117.07.23 22:15:44 ] Dominic Severa > you keep talking like anyone cares for your opinion........they dont
 [ 117.07.23 22:16:02 ] Anyanka Funk > glad.
 [ 117.07.23 22:16:07 ] Anyanka Funk > I'm glad.
 [ 117.07.23 22:16:35 ] Anyanka Funk > Why would anyone care about what I'm talking about?
 [ 117.07.23 22:16:36 ] Somethingmore > get glad?  GLAD TRASHBAGS?
 [ 117.07.23 22:16:52 ] Anyanka Funk > Not even Che cares.
 [ 117.07.23 22:17:09 ] Che Biko > I care, to some extend.
  [ 117.07.23 22:17:30 ] Anyanka Funk > Actions speak louder than words.
 [ 117.07.23 22:17:44 ] Che Biko > Give me time.
 [ 117.07.23 22:17:50 ] Anyanka Funk > No.
 [ 117.07.23 22:17:57 ] Anyanka Funk > Not worth it.
 [ 117.07.23 22:18:18 ] Anyanka Funk > Why I didn't kill you when I had the chance.
 [ 117.07.23 22:18:26 ] Anyanka Funk > Not worth it.
 [ 117.07.23 22:18:27 ] Che Biko > Oh, guess I won't kill anyone then.
 [ 117.07.23 22:18:39 ] Anyanka Funk > No surprise.
 [ 117.07.23 22:20:27 ] Che Biko > I have in the past, but not that you care.
 [ 117.07.23 22:21:21 ] Anyanka Funk > I just killed another capsuleer.
 [ 117.07.23 22:21:33 ] Anyanka Funk inserts Kill: Nsephiroth (Capsule)
 [ 117.07.23 22:26:41 ] Searbhreathach > 83 million sp toon with alts searching for pvp corp
 [ 117.07.23 22:27:09 ] Anyanka Funk > wormhoole corp.
 [ 117.07.23 22:27:28 ] Anyanka Funk > with caps in public hangar.
 [ 117.07.23 22:28:21 ] Anyanka Funk > Searbhreathach <3
 [ 117.07.23 22:58:46 ] Che Biko > Bye, Funk. I'll see you around, I guess.
Local : Bhizheba
 [ 117.07.23 23:00:45 ] Anyanka Funk > Yes.
 [ 117.07.23 23:00:49 ] Anyanka Funk > Around.

Ché Biko

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #97 on: 30 Oct 2015, 16:40 »

Internal Interstellar Correspondents mail:

Ché Biko dropped of our radar. All I know is that it seems he has not been in contact with other capsuleers in weeks, possibly not even those within ALXVP. My source in CONCORD says he's not been in capsule during this time, and likely spends most of his time baselining in Origin. A colleague at Transhumanity Today mentions some rumors about a new romance, but nothing solid. Does anyone have something on him, or willing to dig up stuff in Origin? I know it's not the first time he's done something like this, but I'd like to find out why.

Utari Onzo

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #98 on: 04 Dec 2015, 10:22 »

A new Business Interest has been registered with the Imperial Trade Registery by House Gallius Estates Management Ltd

Full public listing below:

Quote from: Imperial Trade Registry New Interest #0412117-138
Parties: House Gallius Estates Management Ltd & Darvish Agricultural Ltd

Corporation/Entity: House Gallius Estates Management Ltd.
Corporation Reg: #319203716
Type: Property Management/Investments
CEO: Lord Thiago Gallius
Financial Director: Utari Onzo
Address: Gallius Estate,
              Sarum Prime III,
              Sarum Prime,

Corporation/Entity: Darvish Agricultural Ltd.
Corporation Reg: #27590461
Type: Agricultural Supply
CEO: Lord Padraig Darvish
Financial Director: Kaden Golshiri
Address: Darvish Plantation 1-20,
              Alkabsi IV ,

Item: Business Interest - Merger/Aquisition
Desc: Proposed Merger/Aquisition BY House Gallius Estates Management Ltd OF Darvish Agricultural Ltd, subsidiary of House Darvish Invesments And Holdings Ltd.
Related: Deed of Transfer, Hrazabad Holdership, Amarr Civil Service document registration: 0312117-591057

Some local news outlets remark this is the first registered business interest or action taken by House Gallius since the sale of many of its subsidiaries 20 years ago. The company has had a sharp increase in liquid assets and cash balance aquired through the sale of bad bonds and stocks to a previously unheard of assets management company "Aimo Ltd."
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PTB is recruiting

Ché Biko

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #99 on: 10 Jul 2016, 07:39 »

An article in the SeyllInSide journal this afternoon:
SeyCon5 "After-party" Impacts Production

The fifth Seyllin Conference is being held on a gas extraction facility, suspended in the upper atmosphere of the gas giant Seyllin VIII. Although the facility's administrators predicted this would have a slight disturbing effect on production, a source near the facility's management predicts that an impromptu after-party at the canteen has led to a further 1% decrease in production this week. No after-party was scheduled to take place after the 1st day of the conference, and it was expected that most of the capsuleers visiting the conference would depart some time after the first day came to an end, as the facility's accommodations are quite spartan, and many already departed to take part in an expedition into the Anoikis system they refer to as Redoubt.

However, at least one capsuleer remained at the facility, and visited the canteen some time after arranging one of those spartan accomodations. The word is that former capsuleer sub-warp racing champion and humanitarian Ché Biko, these days a colonist in Anoikis, arranged an open bar, and started celebrating with the facilty staff present.

An employee of the canteen reports: "[Ché Biko] came in and arranged the open bar...he looked kinda tired or sad at first, but that changed quickly. He mingled with some production staff, ordering rounds of drinks and toasting to the successful completion of the first operation of his new mining vessel, which had returned safely after coming under attack. More and more people came into the canteen after word started to spread, and Ché...Msr. Biko wanted to increase the volume of the music, and I obliged...he started dancing and encouraged others to do the same. He also got some people to go and get some party lights. Soon, the place was pretty packed, things like this don't happen every day here. This night will likely go in the books as the most profitable of the year...for the canteen, I mean."

Another witness tells us: "Biko was genuinely having fun, but it was clear to me that he had another reason for coaxing us to let loose. Between and during his anecdotes, he was eyeing some of the women. And I'm pretty sure one of them joined him when he left the canteen to go to his accomodations."

Our inside source sheds light on the afterparty's aftermath: "Following the...celebration...there has been a considerable increase in people taking a sick day, and there was also a significant increase in staff not arriving for their shifts in time."

Upon inquiry, a spokesperson for the facility states: "It is true that...there have been some difficulties during the shift change this morning, but it is all within acceptable margins. [..] There will be no exceptional penalties for the staff that...celebrated a bit too much."

Today is the second and last day of SeyCon5, and the day ends with a reception. Although it is expected to be quite different from what happened in the canteen last night, Ché Biko is expected to attend this reception, so time will tell if there will be a repeat later tonight.

Ché Biko could not be reached for comment before publication of this article.
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Ché Biko

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #100 on: 05 Jan 2017, 11:09 »

((Parts of some communication between an editor and a reporter, mostly posted here for those who might be wondering how to take my absence ingame ICly.))



It's time to see if we can find something more newsworthy about Ché Biko than the official ALXVP statement that he is "dealing with some personal problems while traveling"...we haven't seen or heard anything about him in weeks, and there was talk of him becoming coordinator for the Biomass division shortly before he left.
Go see what you can dig up.




I'm not sure what to make of doesn't make a lot of sense, but this is what I've dug up:
On 8-28 Biko was in a road accident in the M-MD3B X-3 Thukker Mix Factory and treated for minor injuries at a first aid post. He left that post before being taken to the hospital for further treatment. He's wanted for questioning. Also...his license was suspended on this day.
I have good reasons to believe that on the 28th, or shortly after, he left the station for one of the system's planets, likely IX. His ship, an Astero, is currently in the care of a skeleton crew, the rest have moved back to Origin. So far, I have not been able to find a lot of traces of his whereabouts...I think he takes considerable effort in order to not be found.

I would advise not publishing any of this yet, let me try to find out more. I'm pretty sure there's more to this story.




Biko is back on the station. I've even been able to approach him, and he says he'd been traveling with a Thukker caravan on planet IX the past months. His story about the accident matches the official report that was released on the 15th: a one-sided accident, his only significant injury a broken scaphoid. Biko terminated our conversation after I asked him questions about his license suspension. It looks like he may be having a melancholic episode, but it's hard to tell, he was under the influence of...well, at least alcohol and dryweed, and maybe more. Also, he has some sort of abscess on his jaw. I'll try to see if I can speak with him in the next days.




A few days after my last mail, Biko left the station for planet IX again. He's pretty easy to track now, however, although he moves around a lot. Now the only thing he tries to hide sometimes is his face. But he still won't speak to me. All I've seen him do is partying, drugs, women, dancing. Maybe he has adopted the lifestyle of a nomadic playboy.
I'll let you know if anything changes. Sorry to disappoint.


Ché Biko

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #101 on: 24 Mar 2017, 18:27 »

Part of a conversation on the Kasrasi IX - 5 Trust Partners Trading Post earlier this week:
On this station?

Yeah, I've heard he's...or she...has been in a coma for days.

Why? Can't they just like...activate a new clone?

I don't know...maybe that's not possible? Maybe the brain is damaged? I've heard that can mess with the...scanner thingy. Like with Midular?
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