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Title: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ciarente on 05 Jan 2011, 18:58
Has your character been up to something that might have raised eyebrows and set tongues wagging?

In the real world, the thousands of people who surround capsuleers - crew, staff, agents, vendors, just plain passers-by - would pick up all sorts of juicy titbits of information, true or untrue. A snippet of conversation overheard between two crew-members in a dockside bar, a chance encounter in Rens Bazaar or on the Crystal Boulevard, all would be grist for the gossip mill.  However, in EVE, those channels of communication simply don't exist.

This thread is to provide the opportunity for players to pass on those kinds of gossip and rumors. They may be true, they may be false, they may be a combination of the two. They might be dockside rumors, tabloid headlines, or anything else you can think of.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ciarente on 05 Jan 2011, 19:11
To get this rolling, some items that first appeared on the EM gossip wiki, in reverse chronological order :

112.10.24 - Gulfonodi - Love Knows No Bounds - ReAw pilot Captain Ciarente Roth's thickening waistline has tongues wagging - now we can report exclusively that the future bundle of joy inside the capsuleer's capsule is the happy outcome of a tragically forbidden love. Captain Roth has been unable to hide her affection for Amarr militia Commander Esna Pitojee, going so far as to flaunt the relationship at a recent decadent soiree in her private quarters. Now under disciplinary investigation by Electus Matari security for flagrantly 'fleeting with reds', so to speak, Captain Roth remains defiant. 'I'm keeping this baby,' she told our reporter exclusively, 'as a sign of hope that one day the Empire and the Republic can be as united as Esna and I.' <Inside The Pod>

112.10.01 - Ebodold - Hangar gossip - Rumors are spreading among the crew and dockworkers employed by Captain Silver Night that an incident of fraternisation has the Captain anticipating impending fatherhood. A number of books on preparing for parenting have been seen on the Captain's desk, and one ensign swears she saw him buying baby booties in Rens Bazaar. Senior crew are reported to be worried the rumor will reach the Captain's ears - or worse, the press - and he'll know his secret is out.

112.08.27 - Amamake- Prodigal Pilot At Pirate Hangout  - After some weeks' absence, notoriously troubled young ReAw pilot Ciarente Roth was spotted docking up in Amamake. Have her indulgences dulled her sense of danger? Or is her dalliance with the dark side of pilot life deeper than anyone knew? <Inside The Pod>

112.08.09 - Lustrevik - ROTH RUNS! - After a rumoured "confrontation", Pilot Ciarente Roth abandoned her ward (and perhaps more), Camille Roth, to the care of Captain Night and fled for parts unknown. Sources indicate that young Camille is being 'integrated' into the Captain's crew. Meanwhile, Captain Night's executive officer, Amieta Invelen, hasn't been seen since Roth's departure. No doubt the cyborg has once again been sent to retrieve the wayward pilot. Roth can run far, but can she outrun a machine? <Inside the Capsule>

112.07.14 - Gelfiven - RECKLESS ROTH RETURNS TO RUINOUS ROUTINES? - Is Ciarente Roth back to her old wild habits? Reports are that Captain Silver Night was forced to send his executive officer to retrieve the hard-partying pilot. The officer - half-human, half-machine Amieta Invelen - was seen entering a known below-decks booster-den. Roth, who is rumored to share more than just a connection to Sansha's Nation with Captain Night, managed to escape attention as she left the notorious den of iniquity. We have to ask, how far will Captain Night go to keep Roth under control? And what will Roth's fate be: Chemical indulgence of cybernetic calm. <Inside the Capsule>

112.06.8 - Lustrevik - RE-AW PILOT IN ILLICIT TRYST - "Notorious Ghost Festival member Jude Kopenhagen was seen very last night leaving the hangar of Re-Aw Pilot Ciarente Roth. Miss Roth's wild behaviour has been a cause for concern to her friends and employer in the past. Is the lusty Lustrevik lass dabbling with danger once again?" <Inside the Capsule>

112.05.20 - Rens - UNLUCKY IN LOVE - AGAIN. - ReAw Pilot Ciarente Roth's string of bad luck - or bad judgement - in romantic matters continues. Just a month after Inside the Capsule  broke the news of the new mystery man in her life, sources say Captain Roth was seen sporting bruises inflicted by her insanely jealous new lover. <Inside the Capsule>

112.01.08 - Lustrevik - SANSHA BABY IN SPARE PARTS HORROR  - A source close to Electus Matari pilot Silver Night has revealed that the notorious Sansha has a child: darling of the spaceways, Camille Roth.

Our source exclusively revealed that this adorable little "girl" was in fact grown in a testtube with the specific intention of being used to replace organic parts of the pilot's brain as they are consumed by the hungry machines within his body and now he has removed the parts of interest, he plans to sell her into slavery in the distant district of Kador.

What further horrors do Electus Matari conceal within their ranks?

111.12.23 - Amo - THE LOVE TRIANGLE TEARING REAWAKENED TECHNOLOGIES APART - Only weeks after we revealed Electus Matari Executor KJ Desher and young ReAw pilot Ciarente Roth were starting a family, Executor Desher has been seen in intimate conversation with ReAw CEO Dr Evanda Char. Ms Roth was clearly distressed at the sight. Is her recent weight loss and radical make-over a desperate attempt to keep her man?

111.08.07 - Pator - Forbidden love? - Behind New Eden's sources speculate there may be more to EM Pilot Silver Night's self-exile from the Caldari State last year. Mr Night was seen enjoying a quiet drink with a friend at the Shackled Amarr tonight. Perhaps rumours of a romantic relationship between Mr Amatahara and Silver Night's XO have missed the target ... is there someone else on the Utopian Ideal who has caught Mr Amatahara's admittedly roving eye? <Behind New Eden>
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Tiberius Wenchel on 05 Jan 2011, 22:50
112.11.16 - Gallareue - CONCORD officials leveled official charges today against former Redshift Media CEO Tiberius Wenchel for alleged violations of Directive Omega One Five. These charges are the apparent result of a joint investigation between CONCORD and the Federation regarding Wenchel's research on Redshift Media's Smartcam drones. One investigator stated, "There's more going on with this research than meets the eye, and we're going to get to the bottom of it." <Federation Now>

113.01.03 - Yulai - Federation and CONCORD charges leveled against capsuleer Tiberius Wenchel were dropped today. Mr. Wenchel declined to comment, and the authorities have yet to release any official statement on the matter. <Federation Now>
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Saikoyu on 06 Jan 2011, 00:45
I bow down to you Ciarente, and your gossipy-ness.  I have some old and new ones of my own.

110.06.05--New Life Facilities Raided--In an announcement today, Acting Director A’kua of the New Life Program stated that all of the planet side New Life facilities were raided by unknown assailants.  “Whoever took these people were professionals.  These places could fend off the occasional pirate attack, but these raids were way beyond that.  But we are going to track these cowards down and get our people back.”  When asked about the location of director Saikoyu Eblis-Kad, A’kua responded with, “None of your damned business,” and left the room.  <Tribal News>

112.10.21--Ad placed in most major planet and space-side news sources--New Life is seeking experienced security and military personal for protection of New Life facilities.  Also personal are needed for the investigation of suspected slavery rings within the Republic borders.  Specialist military training is preferred, but on the job training will be provided.  Personal with MTAC, power armor, MTAC and power armor repair, and commando training will be paid bonuses.  All equipment will be provided.  Payment will be in proportion to skill level and dependents. 

Please note that due to the fragile psychological condition of many New Life initiates, contact between security personal and initiates will be limited and monitored to ensure no ill effects come of it. 

112.11.13--Amarr--Heretic submits!--Traitorous pilot Saikoy Eblis-Kad has been seen entering the planet side base of the Amarr Militia corporation Knighthood of the Merciful Crown.  Reliable sources inside state that the Heretical pilot has seen the error of her ways and is placing herself in the care of Militia pilot Esna Pitojee to repent.  Amarr Victor! <Amarr Today>

113.01.02--Rens--Capsuleer has prison romance--Amarrian capsuleer Saikoyu Eblis-Kad was seen leaving a top security prison on Rens today in tears.  Inside sources state that the pod pilot has made a number of such visits to various prisons n the Republic, looking for a mate to match her slaver soul.  "I don't know about you, but I ain't that kinky," said one prisoner when asked about his chances with the Amarrian. <Tribal Tongues>

Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ciarente on 21 Jan 2011, 20:39
113.01.20 - Pilot Pays Price of Partying - ReAwakened Technologies Director Ciarente Roth has cancelled all public engagements and vanished from view. Sources close to the pretty pilot revealed that her lifestyle of reckless over-indulgence has put her pregnancy at risk. Inside: Exclusive pictures of Director Roth in happier day; 'Pods and Pregnancy', our medical expert's report on the dangers of combining the two; and our artist's impression of what Director Roth's baby will look like - if it can survive her wild ways. <Inside the Pod>
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ciarente on 02 Feb 2011, 02:11
113.2.2 - Gulfonodi - ReAw hangars are abuzz after Captain Silver Night unexpected undocked his cynabal-class cruiser with barely enough warning for dock crew to get clear, taking off at high speed for parts unknown. Rumour has it his XO Amieta Invelen and Director Ciarente Roth were aboard. Suspicions that the three former Sansha-aligned pilots have thrown in their lot with the invading forces of Nation have ReAw staff unsettled. It's said that none of the three have responded to mail.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Silver Night on 14 Mar 2011, 22:58
113.03.13 - Gulfonodi - Sansha Sympathizers Sweep In? - The halls of the Re-Awakened Technologies HQ station are abuzz after the surprise replacement of longtime ReAw CEO and founder Evanda Char. New CEO, and former Sansha pilot, Ciarente Roth has only hinted that Dr Char is going to be busy with unnamed research. That quote coming from new corporate mouth-piece Silver Night - also a former Sansha pilot. Coincidence? This reporter think that's a question that needs asking. What about rumors that Captain Night is producing Transcrannial Microcontrollers at a hidden location? Did Dr Char find out too much and end up a lab subject herself? <Inside the Capsule>
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Stitcher on 16 Mar 2011, 06:01
113.03.16 - recorded security fragment, officer's mess, HDHS "Unbreakable".
"Saw Captain and his wife last night. Damn shame."
"You ever see them walking arm in arm? She's head-over, you know? pulls herself in real tight, puts her head on his shoulder."
"Lucky prick."
"Yeah, but you watch him when they do. Got his hand behind his back, playing with his wedding ring, every damn time."
"I'm telling you man, that's a marriage he wants out of."
"Fedo shit. Maybe it's just a thing he does."
"Go tense every time his wife's around? spend days at a time docked at stations anywhere but where she's based? I'd bet ten that relationship's on the rocks, least on his side."
"You're on."
"Right. Arvati, you're witness okay? Ten ISK between me and Leechy here that the Captain's marriage breaks up inside... two months, Leechy?"
"Stop calling me Leechy. and yeah, two months."
"You heard the man. Shake on it Leechy."
"Stop fucking calling me Leechy!"

*recording ends*
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ciarente on 24 Apr 2011, 08:38
113.03.24 - Gulfonodi - Red Plus Blue And Babies, Too - In a shock exclusive our inside sources can reveal that the father of Re-Aw CEO Ciarente Roth's bouncing baby twins is none other than notorious pirate king Ethan Verone! 'CEOrente' and Verone were seen in close consultation at the pirate king's notorious nightclub, 'The Last Gate', over the twins' custody and upbringing. Love Across The Lines: Can It Work? Turn to page 4 for an expert psychologist's assessment, 'Why Bad Boys Like Good Girls Who Like Bad Boys' and page 5 for famous psychic Serena Seer's channelling of Kyoko Sakoda's reaction. <Inside the Capsule>
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Verone on 24 Apr 2011, 10:04
113.03.24 - Gulfonodi - Red Plus Blue And Babies, Too - In a shock exclusive our inside sources can reveal that the father of Re-Aw CEO Ciarente Roth's bouncing baby twins is none other than notorious pirate king Ethan Verone! 'CEOrente' and Verone were seen in close consultation at the pirate king's notorious nightclub, 'The Last Gate', over the twins' custody and upbringing. Love Across The Lines: Can It Work? Turn to page 4 for an expert psychologist's assessment, 'Why Bad Boys Like Good Girls Who Like Bad Boys' and page 5 for famous psychic Serena Seer's channelling of Kyoko Sakoda's reaction. <Inside the Capsule>

Oh man, that's priceless...  :lol:

Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Saikoyu on 25 Apr 2011, 15:03
I think the psychic bit really brought it home myself. 
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Saikoyu on 16 May 2011, 17:41
113.05.16--Hek  Hi-Sec Blooder Uncovered  Inside: Exculsive report on Amarrian capsuleer Saikoyu Eblis-Kad and her secret Blood Raider affiliations.  See our spy camera pictures of her towering alter to the lives she has personally drained into her cup, how many dead does each candle stand for?  View records proving Ms. Eblis-Kad had blood removed from her stomach.  Our full report will SHOCK you, HORRIFY you, and YOU WILL READ IT AGAIN.<Tribal Tongues>
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Gottii on 17 May 2011, 17:39
113.2.2 - Gulfonodi - ReAw hangars are abuzz after Captain Silver Night unexpected undocked his cynabal-class cruiser with barely enough warning for dock crew to get clear, taking off at high speed for parts unknown. Rumour has it his XO Amieta Invelen and Director Ciarente Roth were aboard. Suspicions that the three former Sansha-aligned pilots have thrown in their lot with the invading forces of Nation have ReAw staff unsettled. It's said that none of the three have responded to mail.

This kind of tabloid reporting is just ridiculous.  Really, how gullible do they think we are?  Silver...undocking?  I mean, at least try to make their stories make some semblance of believability.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Vieve on 17 May 2011, 19:21
113.05.17 - excerpt of transcript, 23:00 feed, SELA OBSERVER

Janna Veisto:  This week, as part of our observation of the third anniversary of the Malkalen terrorist strike, we have been profiling those capsuleers who were involved in rescue and remediation operations in the wake of the tragedy.  Our next profile is of Viev--

[Veisto-haani clears her throat.]

Janna Veisto:  We'll be back after a short break.


Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Hamish Grayson on 18 May 2011, 18:11
Private Message Sent on the AI-DEV Message Boards

Sent: YC113.05.09 01:16
To: Daave.Roial.enChast@Duvolle (USER ID: AIRogue_X_X_X)
Subject: Your future in the Artificial Intelligence industry
Attached File: Egonics Inc cross reference and analysis of [Nayette en Chast]:[Avagher Dumes]

Namas Daave,

Sakuma Ogunuchi, Capsuleer and Chief of Operations of Federal Robotics would like to offer you a job on his personal staff.   

Not looking for a new job?  You should be. 

Federal Robotics has been watching you for weeks and our extremely advanced data mining AI prototype CyberHerald 9000(TM), assisted by a series of trawling worms, Spyder Scripts and a corporate level subscription to the Egonics database has allowed us to gather a considerable amount of knowledge about you, your soon to be ex-wife Nayette en Chast and soon to be ex-boss Avagher Dumes. 

You are an underpaid, undersexed, 32-year-old Electronic, Mechanical, and Nanite Engineering graduate from the Center For Advanced Studies.  You've been married to Nayette for six years, employed at  the Duvuolle Laboratories subsidiary Archon Robotics for nine years and  you are currently seven months overdue for a pay review. 

Your program skills in the Intrepid Plus high-level programming language, your expertise in Multifactor Cryptomorphic lattice structures and TMR6 architecture have generated an impressive reputation on underground GalNet forums like C0d3bre4k3rs, Scripters-INc and DeathToOmegaOneFive - but does Avagher care? 

I don't think so Daave. I don't think he does at all. He does not adequately appreciate you and there is a reason for this.

Federal Robotics’ CyberHerald projecet doesn't simply trawl through a boring old database looking for candidates who meet simple pre-defined variables. The sophisticated CyberHerald entity monitors all verbal communications and both network and terminal access within FEDRO facilities to determine the companies employment needs.  Once it's complied an appropriate manning matrix, it then programs  and sends out onto the Galactic Network a continuous series of fresh DataBots, CyberCrawlers and self-replicating, self-teaching viruses in search of possible recruits, suppliers, and even industry rivals such as Archon Robotics.   

Once we've found a potential conscript, CyberHerald determines how to motivate them using an analytical model based on the targets genealogy, socio-economic background, GalNet search background and an extensive list of other factors that a less powerful AI simply could not handle.  Once CyberHerald has determined how to motivate a desired asset, it decides on an appropriate time and method for it to make contact.   

CyberHerald has determined the best way to motivate you Daave is like this:

Daave, You must be wondering why your boss Avagher Dumes always seems assign you the late shift, and surely you've noticed how your wife Nayette enChast as been so distant and cold to you lately.   

What you don't know - because you don't have access to Federal Robotics CyberHerald HRmetrics(TM) reports - is that your lying shit of a boss is sleeping with your wife. 

After the completion of the current project, on which you have done most of the work during your long and lonely late night shifts - Avagher will fire you. Nayette is going to leave you for him shortly after.  Attached to this message is analysis of the shopping habits of your wife and your boss recorded in the Egonics database.   The data clearly shows that the two love birds have been dining at the same restaurant twice a week for the last three months and that Avagher has taken to purchasing expensive lingerie in Nayette's size.   Also, Daave, note that while Archon Robotics encryption protocols are the best in the industry, Avagher's OpSec practices are not.   You can verify our claims by checking his private Neocom messages for yourself using the password: 


You might as well face it, Nayette is going to leave you and with the scathing eval Avagher as written in your personal record, it is unlikely that you will find an equivalent job in this industry.

But there is an alternative.

You, my friend, are the exact person Ogunuchi-haan wants on his team. (And if you aren't Federal Robotics will pay you 100,000isk to spend a week with us determining where CyberHerald's analysis went wrong)

Your obsession with decision loops, quantum information theory - which Avagher doesn't understand - is exactly the kind of trait Ogunuchi-haan is looking for in an employee. CbyerHerald's HRMetrics(TM) algorithm predicts a 73% probability that you will synergize effectively with operations division of Ogunuchi-haan's private staff, raising to 89% if you are allowed to indulge your preference of working from home and using an avatar for personal interactions. 

Federal Robotics is willing to offer a 30% pay raise to take a position on Ogunuchi-haan's staff and a bonus of 1,000,000isk if you can provide any details to the insights Archon gleaned from their research into Sleeper Drone AI Nexuses.

To claim your job, and stick it to Avagher, simply reply to this message.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Casiella on 18 May 2011, 18:24
Somebody is a Charles Stross fan.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Hamish Grayson on 18 May 2011, 18:36
Yup!  The wife asked me what I was doing and I told her I was committing blatant plagiarism :bear:

For reference, I used the prolog from Charles Stross' Halting State.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Z.Sinraali on 18 May 2011, 20:38
Semi-autonomous knowbot shenanigans!
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ciarente on 21 May 2011, 02:23
overheard conversation between two Re-Aw office staff in a bar on Gulf x- 15 station

"... think that with her responsibilities she'd cut down the partying."
"But no?"
"Spent half the morning yesterday on her knees in the CEO's head. Must have been some hangover."

Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ciarente on 16 Jun 2011, 01:45
113.06.16 - Vourrassi -  Ishukone's pre-eminent place in R&D and ground-breaking research developments continues. Scientists from around the Cluster, including even capsuleers, travel to consult our scientists and technicians.  <Ishukone News >

overheard in a cafe on Vourassi V - 13 - Ishukone Corporation Factory station

"Oh, sure, you saw a podder. And he was having coffee with Heth, I bet."
"No, he was walking down D - 43."
"Did he have two heads? Laser beams for eyes?"
"He looked like a real person except for the plugs on his neck. The woman with him, she looked weirder. Something wrong with her eyes."
"They shot laser beams?"
"I'm serious! I saw a podder, walking down D - 43, arm-in-arm with some girl with messed-up eyes."
"I'm serious too, Sawara. You have got to lay off the blue."

Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Victoria Stecker on 21 Jun 2011, 11:41
Overheard between servants in the inner halls of Mercy's Keep.

"Hey, you know that one capsuleer? The redhead with the strange eyes?"
"There's a lot of redheads, you mean the one that walks in the snow in a t-shirt, and then orders ice water?"
"Yeah, her, she's kinda... well... cocky, you know?"
"She's a capsuleer, they're insane, to say nothing of cocky."
"Of course, of course - but I tried to talk to her in the Library, she's been there a lot - and she's actually really shy. I've never met a capsuleer that's shy."
"She hikes around the mountain in a t-shirt. She's insane. Don't worry about it."
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ghost Hunter on 24 Jun 2011, 16:15
Frightened radio chatter from a drug runner chemical facility

Male voice: A CARRIER?
Male voice 2: They took out the defense forces!
Local transmission: Reinforced resistance detected. Withdrawing assault teams and acquired cargo.
Station voice 3: Critical dam-

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Post by: Louella Dougans on 25 Jun 2011, 07:13
there are rumours around the EFA Oris station that Graelyn is seeing a mystery blonde woman.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Vieve on 27 Jun 2011, 03:38
Possibly overheard in Trosquesere, at the Duvolle Laboratories Factory.

Voice 1 (male, likely Deteis, speaking standard Gallentean): Hey.  Got a minute?
Voice 2 (male, possibly Civire, speaking a Gallentean dialect): Oïldas.
Voice 1: Pardon?
Voice 2 (switches to a Caldari dialect): Me'ukeliru tuo'oski ligoram.
Voice 1: That's not what I ... (switches to Caldanese) ... will you stop it with that shit?
Voice 2 (switches to Caldanese): Sure.  What's on your mind?
Voice 1: Heard your boss is back.
Voice 2: From where?
Voice 1: You know I can't tell you that.
Voice 2: And when are you going to learn we'd never ask you for that information?
Voice 1: So why did you?
Voice 2: I didn't.  Look at my face.  How does this not look like a surprised expression?
Voice 1: Cut the crap. Your face looks the same as it always does.
Voice 2: So, I'm permanently surprised.  If you had our boss, wouldn't you be?
Voice 1: Point taken.  So ... she's back, right?
Voice 2: I don't know what you're talking about.
Voice 1: Huh?
Voice 2: She never left.
Voice 1: You're saying she didn't (Gallentean) faire des vacances?
Voice 2: No.  I'm saying (Gallentean dialect) belle no do les e'er, (Caldanese) because I won't speak fucking (Gallentean dialect) Caillebas.
Voice 1 (Caldanese): Then where was she?
Voice 2 (Caldanese): Working on another project, I guess.  Listen, I've got to run.  Great seeing you.
Voice 1 (muttered, Standard Republic Matari): Asshole.

Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ciarente on 28 Jun 2011, 22:53
Overheard in a cafeteria frequented by staff from the station's research labs on Vuorrassi V – Moon 13 – Ishukone Corporation Factory

" ... totally freaked the fuck out. You should see the lab, she really did a number on it. Smashed everything."
"Threw a datachip at you again, did she?"
"Threw the terminal screen. I'm not kidding. Place looked like a bomb had gone off by the time security got her down."
"That's a bit extreme, even for her. What happened?"
"Dunno. She just flipped out. Kept yelling something about 'three years' and her 'whole life'."
"So what happened?"
"Carted off to medical."
"Will she be back?"
"Your guess is as good as mine. We need her on the project, that's for sure, bitch though she is."
"Then they'll get her back to work. One way or another."
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Kybernetes Moros on 30 Jun 2011, 20:05
Overheard somewhere on the Orvolle VII Federal Defence Union station.

"Hey, hey. You know that restaurant, the one out in Brellystier?"
"'ve been there again? It's a pain in the ass to get there and it's so fucking expensive."
"Well, true, but it's nice, and Sara loves it. But, listen, right. Guess who I saw there?"
"Uh. Some actor?"
Capsuleers! I think, anyway. I can't be sure, but..."
"So you saw two whackos with bits of metal rammed inside them."
"Probably, but cool whackos. I'm not sure who the first guy was -- looked Gallente, weird coat -- but the second? It looked like that one Sansha. The scruffy one, with the beard and hair."
"Okay, so you saw some fool who does normal capsuleer stuff and another with a fetish for cybernetics. I don't get it."
"They kissed!"
"To say 'hello'?"
"How many people kiss 'hello' with their tongues down each other's throats?"
"So this, of everything, of the fact that two murderers of millions, if you're not wrong about it all, and ignoring the scruffbag's hard-on for Kuvakei, was what stuck in your mind? A kiss."
"Of course! Bet it'll be in Inside the Capsule or something within the next day or two, tops."
"You'll never make any sense to me, you know that? Don't ever start, either; I'm scared I'll start seeing the world how you do, and I'm not sure my mind can take that."
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Katrina Oniseki on 30 Jun 2011, 20:20
Overhead at a local shore-leave bar on the Caldari Navy Assembly Plant located above Funtanainen VIII, Katrina's ship refitting ammunition and modules over the course of several hours.

"Well don' lookit me. She pays good, and she don' pay me to go 'round askin' questions. Best you keep yer mouth shut, iff'n you wanna last long 'round here."
"You're telling me you haven't ever at least wondered if the rumors are true?"
"Ain't sayin' I don' wonder. Sayin' it ain't my place be askin'."
"Okay, well you've worked cargo duty before, right? You've seen her station quarters back at New Caldari."
"When was the last time you ever saw a man with her?"
"Can't say ah seen 'er much'a any, leastwise wit' no right 'n proper man."
"Well then?"
"Don' mean nothin'. You git yer eyes outta them clouds, boy. You gon' git yerself airlocked, talkin' like that."
"Tch. Well, I think the rumors are true."
"An' I think yer drunk."

Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Usagi Tsukino on 06 Jul 2011, 16:26
Lovebirds face down police; again.

Official reports leaked to our sources in Syndicate highlight the latest developments in the volatile relationship between Rote Kapelle Terrorist pilots Usagi Hiretsukann and Logan Fyreite


Incident Report - Date 5/7/113
Incident Number: 1167994-AKS9913

Station: TXW-EI 8/8 Retail Center
Offense: 112A - Public Intoxication
Offense: 134C - Public Indecency
Offense: 177D - Resisting an Officer

Involved Parties
1 - Hiretsukann, Usagi K.
2 - Fyreite, Logan

At approximately 23:15, I, Officer Bayol, was dispatched to the botanical garden on level 72, section 7728-C in response to a complaint of two people being ‘loud and obnoxious’. Upon arriving, I did not see the suspects, but I did hear suspicious noises coming from behind the bushes.

Upon investigating, I found the aforementioned in a state of coitus, unclothed. Neither noticed me or cared, despite several verbal attempts to get their attention. I was finally forced to attempt to separate the pair, physically.

At that point, suspect Fyreite screamed incoherently at me, then lunged. I managed to avoid him, but was tripped by suspect Hiretsukann. Both laughed as I dropped, I attempted to pursue but by the time I scrambled to my feet, the pair had already made their exit. Heading towards the warehouse district, remaining unclothed. Both were later apprehended by backup units without further incident and were rejoined with their clothes at the patrol station.

Sources with the Station police in TXW confirm this incident, and Usagi and Logan were freed on their own recognizance after a short stint in lockup upon insistence from Legal representation of the suspects.

Further developments as they arise. :Fades to a grainy video image of the incident with Logan and Usagi taking off on foot, unclothed.:
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Thansoli on 12 Jul 2011, 13:39
Overheard in a crew bar in SYSTEM REDACTED - Moon 16 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant:

“I never thought I say this, but this sucks.”
“There’s just no pleasing you, is there? You whine when we’re underway all the time, you whine when we sit in the station. It’s not like you’re not getting paid.”
“I know, but the Skipper’s never been docked this long. Have you even seen him on the hangar deck lately?”
“Nope. I heard a couple of LTs talking the other day, apparently Republic Security figured out a way to freeze all of his assets and lock out his NeoComm access, he can’t even chit-chat with his egger buddies.“
“How is that even possible?”
“Dunno, but if it means I get an extra paid vacation, I’ll take it.”
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Saikoyu on 20 Jul 2011, 17:06
Overheard in a bar in Hek VIII Moon 12 Boundless Creation Factory

"I swear I saw it, three meters tall it was!"
"Yeah right.'
"How much have you been drinking again?"
"I swear its true.  It had white fur but black eyes, black as death, and it had horns on its head, and claws, massive claws."
"Yeeeaaahhh, and it ate you right up of course."
"Oh you laugh, but it tried.  Chased me to my snow tractor, then started attacking the door.   Even at full throttle I almsot didn't make it."
"Wait a minute,  was that the time you came back with the side all banged up and blamed a snowdrift?"
"Of course that was what I said then, do you think the captain would believe that kind of report?  She's a capsuler.  But I can tell you guys, you believe me, right?"
"Keep buying the drinks bub and I'll believe anything you want."

Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Norrin Ellis on 26 Jul 2011, 02:36
Did I ever tell you kids about the time I met the Loch Ness Monster?
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Vieve on 02 Aug 2011, 18:26

MIES - Hara Kobaro Dourdan is pleased to announce the formalization of a Capsuleer Division.

It is generally recognized that pod pilots are a key driver of multinational commerce, and that their non-commercial actions, even those executed with actual or implied CONCORD endorsement, increasingly conflict with Corporate, Federal or local regulations.   We at H-K-D have been representing these elites in both commercial and extra-CONCORD legal matters on an ad-hoc basis since the beginning of the civilian capsuleer era.

The new Division will be headed by Administrative Director Celeste Fauconnier, a recent addition to our Hatakani-based Intellectual Property Practice.

Mme. Fauconnier, a capsuleer,  comes to H-K-D with substantial experience in foreign and domestic based capsuleer business entities, including those that functioned inline with Corporate and Imperial mandates. Prior to her capsuleering license, Mme. Fauconnier served twenty years in analyst roles with the Federation Senate's Research Appropriations Committee.  She was a Lead Special Advocate in Boulard Meditech vs. CAS-Adallier, the YC 105 Supreme Court ruling that established basic technology transfer ground rules between companies fostered in Federation technological incubators and their academic hosts.

The Capsuleer Division will operate as a CONCORD-registered entity.  It will be based out of our corporate headquarters system, with core administrative offices in the Duvolle Laboratories Factory at Mies VII, Moon 3, and evolving footprints in each H-K-D Practice Headquarters.

About H-K-D:
Hara Kobaro Dourdan believes effective legal representation begins with understanding our clients' operational environments. Our cross-Regional team draws on this understanding to collaborate with clients in handling the complex transactions and litigation facing businesses and individuals in this uncertain age.

Our firm is recognized by independent third parties for excellence in client service, technology, culture and Corporate Citizenship. We are also ranked among the leading Federation law firms in serving the unique needs of Caldari clients.

Media Relations:
Samin Arzannih, Madirmilire
Noki Shirakala, New Caldari
Julissa Therande, Gallente Prime

Capsuleer Division:
Ramona Varo, Mies
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Horatius Caul on 04 Aug 2011, 07:48
Overheard in Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy, Noble Circle Level XVII

Female: (Speaking loudly in a haughty tone, Amarish with a Central Domain Noble dialect) Who does he think he is? You don't simply walk away from nobility - it's in the blood!
Male: (A droning Ni-Kunni voice) Quite right, milady.
Female: Sure, I've been doing all the work for the past year, but that doesn't mean he can just drop the whole holding on me! He's a capsuleer after all - he was the one thing keeping us afloat. Have you even seen the Lesath sales figures? Pathetic!
Male: The Ahadi acquisition was an unforeseen move on our lord's par- Aow!
Female: He's not your lord anymore and it'll do you good to remember it!
Male: Of course, milady. Apologies, milady.
Female: Blood-cursed Jove eggheads and their tribalist spies... Did you even see that Orphan character? He's a thug!
Male: Angels, milady.
Female: What?
Male: The Angel Cartel.
Female: Ah, yes. He mentioned something of that sort, didn't he? I had difficulty picking up on the subtler parts of his history the way he skirted around the periphery of every single topic he brought up. Worse than trying to get a straight answer from a Family man.
Male: Quite so, milady.
Female: Grrr... Why does he do this!? To chase after myth and legend? He's needed here! We're at bloody war!
Male: Let's go, milady. Our shuttle is arriving soon. We can carry on the discussion elsewhere...
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Saxon Hawke on 11 Oct 2011, 15:34
Unconfirmed reports state that Saxon Hawke arrived in Villore last night via jump clone from Intaki.

The station personnel who reportedly saw the clone activate said the biomass was heavily implanted, a rarity of for Hawke who has shied away from all but the most mandatory enhancements for several years.

The source further states that Hawke spoke for a time with Minneliot Allate before departing the station in a heavily armed and armored Dominix class battleship. If true, the vessel could be the ILF Liberty Hammer, which Hawke used extensively in the Aunia System during his time as a freelance "consultant" with the Federation Navy.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Saxon Hawke on 12 Oct 2011, 15:50
Saxon Hawke has been seen moving throughout the inner offices of the Supreme Court being received as a guest of high regard. He and Maviryne Adent have also been seen dining together on several occasions, reportedly carrying on as if they are old friends.

One law clerk assigned to the court said Hawke is trying to convince justices to take up a review of the Voting Prohibition Act on its own merits. The clerk said the majority of the justices feel the case needs to be filed by a non-capsuleer who was kept from voting by the law.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Saxon Hawke on 02 Nov 2011, 10:51
After weeks of lobbying his contacts on the Supreme Court, it appears Saxon Hawke is preparing to return to Intaki.

Although no justices have commented publicly, well-placed sources say there is are a those who side with Hawke in his beliefs that the act was a violation of civil rights. However, they are not a majority and none are willing to take a public stand from the minority position. 
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Saxon Hawke on 03 Nov 2011, 11:39
Multiple sources confirm that Saxon Hawke did leave Villore via jump clone, but he DID NOT return to Intaki as suspected.

Sightings of the ILF leader at a station in the Intaki Syndicate have been reported, but they remain unconfirmed at this time.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Saxon Hawke on 09 Nov 2011, 15:06
Locator agents have confirmed that Saxon Hawke is moving about within Syndicate Space.

Eyewitnesses in the area say that although he is traveling in an unarmed shuttle, he has been seen moving about with a number of militant-looking individuals.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Katrina Oniseki on 09 Nov 2011, 15:18
Rumors have been spreading of military grade munitions shipments to the isolated Osmon Mountainrange on New Caldari V (Onitseru). Crates of 50mm gatling railgun rounds, cryofuel, small arms, fuel supplies, and more. Conspiracy theorists suggest a team of Capsuleers have set up a dissident base deep under the mountains. More rational commentators have dismissed these claims, instead suggesting it to be another of Heth's many complexes.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: John Revenent on 11 Nov 2011, 03:56
While rumors have been low key, it has been noted by some that John Revenent was visiting the Korama solar system on the 7th - 8th. He was seen meeting in public with a somewhat distraught Caldari women in her late teens for several hours before attending a gathering, that was later said to be a funeral of the teen's mother. An hour before his departure he was seen in verbal dispute with a unidentified person.

Several transactions have been recorded being sent to private accounts from John's personal wallet ranging from 5000-800.000 ISK over the past few days.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Tiberious Thessalonia on 11 Nov 2011, 06:24
Capsuleer Tiberious Thessalonia released most of his crew from their contracts today, letting them go at various stations within the Amarr Empire.   Released crewmen say that he came forward, and told them that anyone who didn't want to follow him down his new path would released from their contracts, free of penalty, with their entire rotations wages paid.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Repentence Tyrathlion on 03 Dec 2011, 05:17
Ever-controversial Holder-Capsuleer Repentence Tyrathlion may have just outdone herself.  Various official sources have confirmed that she has authorised the entry and presence of a member of the Tribal Liberation Front into the Khanid Kingdom, and has even been flying alongside them!  An anonymous border officer revealed that Ms Tyrathlion offered to take full responsibility for any hostile actions the TLF pilot might commit while within Kingdom territory.  Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Republic capsuleer may be one Kalaratiri Saskia, of the Teraa Matar.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ciarente on 12 Jan 2012, 20:03
A certain Caldari Captain underwent a secret marriage ceremony on a visit home to the State recently. Eyewitnesses saw the high-profile capsuleer visiting a remote temple in New Caldari's northern region and ceremonially lighting the ritual incense hand-in-hand with his new bride.

Inside the Pod
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Saana on 12 Jun 2012, 13:57
The crew of the Aseyakone industrial "Mobile Laboratory" wishes to extend thanks to the Caldari Navy for a quick response when a freedom fighter craft appeared when the craft was doing salvage operations on a site where corporate security had earlier hit a Gurista deadspace compound. Corporate sources report that several people formerly held prisoner by pirates were missing from the site, but otherwise the ship escaped intact.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ciarente on 04 Jul 2012, 05:36
Compelled to the Capsule!

Re-Awakened Technologies has forced capsuleer training on employee Professor Nallika Troin, with disastrous results:

Gulfonodi 07.04.114

Professor Troil's illicit love-match with Re-Aw pilot Captain Silver Night met with disapproval from the transhumanist elitist cabal in charge of Re-Awakened Technologies, and desperate to avoid separation from the man she loves, Professor Troin submitted to experimental procedures derived from research into Sansha technology in Re-Aw's sinister laboratories intended to make her pod-ready.  The brave gesture backfired, though, and Professor Thoin was carried from the lab in a catatonic stupor.  Sources say Captain Night has had her inert body installed in his carrier-class Sansha sanctuary. Can he not bear to say goodbye? Or is the truth much less palatable?  Our exclusive illustrated report, "Capsuleers, Clones, Corpses and Carnality" inside!

<Inside The Pod>
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Nmaro Makari on 04 Jul 2012, 14:05
Documents supposedly leaked 02/04/114 to unkown extranet source. Reappeared on several anti-capsuleer and/or conspiracy orientated extranet sites. Authenticity unkown, knowledge denied by govt sources.

To: Unkown
From: Unknown
Subject: FW: Re: Possible Suspect

>> Luminaire Gendarmerie - Customs Department >>

From: Col. Sabatier
To: Capt. Suko
Cc: Unknown
Subject: Re: Possible Suspect


As requested here is what I could get from FedInt regarding the man who matched your description. However, orders from the top are explicit, this is for archiving purposes only, i.e. dont pursue any leads.

Dont even think about reminding me, of all people, how inadequate this crap is, but my hands are tied. Whether or not he has acquired illegal AI technology doesn't matter, this is now officially CONCORD's problem and I expect you to avoid sticking your finger in their starcakes.

Further investigation will leave you to open to dismissal and risk of a DED Arrest Warrant.


Subject Name: [Redacted]
Known Alias': Motsua Malukker
Date of Birth: [Redacted]
Place of Birth: [Redacted]
Citizenship: Minmatar Republic
- Tribe: Vherokior
- Clan: [Redacted]
Occupation: Capsuleer
Status: Alive
Employment: Unkown Capsuleer Corporation
Conviction: [Redacted]
Years Served: [Redacted]
Known Relatives/Close Friends:
- Unkown Vherokior Female
- Mr J Vedev (Deceased)
[Remaning entries redacted]
Known Romantic Liasons (past year):
- Unkown Intaki Female
- Iseul Jin, Major, Corporate Police Force
- Unkown Gallente Male
- Unkown Ni-Kunni Female
- Lyra Duen, suspected Angel Cartel operative
[ Remaining entries redacted]
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ciarente on 11 Jul 2012, 23:20
Extract from "About Town" column in The Debreth Daily, a weekly news-epaper:

"The tinkling sound you heard yesterday was the hearts of Debreth's debutantes breaking all over town as handsome Captain Night was spotted enjoying the fine summer weather arm-in-arm with a female companion. They were the picture of happiness as they strolled through Old City, shopping, dining, and frolicking in the fountains. Sorry girls, but it seems the hero of the YC 111 floods is off the market!"
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ken on 02 Aug 2012, 17:56
Jurou Yuan got angry about something and broke a chair in the Kaashivon Public Hall (WHG's public IC space) that Malcolm Khross had built by hand.

Hoshisuuvi broke three.  And a table.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ciarente on 03 Aug 2012, 04:56
Shocking Sinister Sansha Scandal!  

Teen girl abducted in horror scenes at Gulfonodi!  

Onlookers looked on aghast as former Naqam CEO Silver Night, his half-human, half-machine 'executive officer' Amieta Invelen, and former White Rose cult member Ciarente Roth forcibly abducted a young girl from a hangar in Gulfonodi in the small hours of the late afternoon yesterday.

Impervious to the girl's heart-rending pleas for mercy, the three had her dragged in restraints to Captain Night's secret lair.

Her fate is unknown - insiders say she has not been seen since.

Gulfonodi Gazette 3.8.114
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Jev North on 03 Aug 2012, 05:03
(As a total aside, it's good that even though the lair is secret, at least we seem to have a general sense of its direction now. Yay!)
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Tiberious Thessalonia on 24 Sep 2012, 11:24
There are reports of unusual Sansha and True Slave Foundations activity in the region of Placid.  If they have a reason for being there, they haven't been broadcasting it, quite yet.  Sources say it looks to be more than just a raid, though.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Silas Vitalia on 24 Sep 2012, 11:45
There are reports of unusual Sansha and True Slave Foundations activity in the region of Placid.  If they have a reason for being there, they haven't been broadcasting it, quite yet.  Sources say it looks to be more than just a raid, though.

Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Silas Vitalia on 24 Sep 2012, 12:08
-The RKN has noted a marked increase in 'sectarian' violence among low-sec planetary systems in the last several weeks. -

On Kingdom frontier lowsec worlds where RKN presence is sparse, what appears to be an escalating and ongoing sectarian conflict has been taking place between several of the regions' 'sabik' criminal elements. 

An RKN PR official had this to say: "While these heretical organizations tend to know what's better for them and stay far from our jurisdiction and retribution, the recent wave of violence has certainly gotten our attention.  We're seeing rival cult-members being ritually executed and then displayed in public in ghastly manors. Skinned bodies hung from bridges, corpses of local gang leaders tossed on sides of roads....Brutal business.  I can't say we are all-that broken up about this, I mean the only good blooder is a dead blooder if you ask me, but this turf war could get out of hand fast.  They've been smart enough so far to stay away from the civilian population, but we will have to stay on our guard of course...."

Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ché Biko on 31 May 2013, 14:43
Gutter Press in dire straights!
A [GUTTE] editor's phone was hacked, and the contents leaked on GalNet. The content of one of the published messages was as follows:

I think I may be out of a job soon. For some reason, the last months, it has been really hard to find sources for juicy information or even just hearing gossip by hanging out in the right places. Muck Raker is also frustrated by the recent publishing of Interstellar Intrigue books decreasing her turnover.
Do you know if they are looking for editors over there, Juns?
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ciarente on 21 Jun 2013, 11:55
Staff of Toin Night Research's Korama offices have been over-heard in dockside bars discussing the recent official confirmation that Dr Nolikka Toin and Captain Silver Night are in a romantic relationship. Apparently the two are now formally courting, with an agreement to enter into a domestic partnership arrangement expected to follow ... eventually.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ciarente on 22 Jun 2013, 11:02
The Best Of Old And New

In an admirable display of traditional values, former Ishukone citizens and capsuleers in good standing Captain Silver Night and Dr Nolikka Toin have shared a formal tea in agreement to commence the process of negotiating the possibility of registering a domestic partnership. This adherence to the best customs of our heritage by two individuals who by their profession represent the most advanced of technologies available demonstrates the continuing value of Ishukone's combination of the best of both old and new.

Ishukone Inquirer, Korama, 22.06.115 

Happy News for TNR!

The corporate heads of Toin Night Research have confirmed what those in the know have speculated for months: the co-founders are more than corporate partners. We wish the happy soon-to-be couple well, and eagerly wait for further announcements of a family nature.

Dockside Daily, Korama III - 8,  23.06.115

Kinky Kapsule Koupling! (Shocking Pictures Inside!)

TNR CEO Nokilla Toin and her right hand (and left hand) man, Captain Sliver Right have scandalized their staff with steamy sex sessions in the lab, office - and pod. Sources say Nokilla ordered the hapless Captain to serve and service her with threats of extreme discipline should he fail to satisfy in his 'corporate duties'.  Turn to page 7 for a full pictorial account of their intimate interactions!*

*pictures may not be of individuals named.


Korama Kourier 23.06.115
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Nmaro Makari on 22 Jun 2013, 15:13

Turn to page 7 for a full pictorial account of their intimate interactions!*

Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Repentence Tyrathlion on 15 Jul 2013, 05:37
Khanid Prime - the ever-controversial story of the Tyrathlion family, once thought to be on the downcurve but now rising under the guiding hand of capsuleer Repentence Tyrathlion, has received a new twist.  An official announcement has been made, revealing that her older sister Charity, supposedly abducted and killed by Blood Raiders, has been recovering from her ordeal in secret for months.

Several nobles have already made calls for Charity to take control of the Tyrathlion holdings, as she has far more claim to them than her sister.  Questions have also been raised as to why she has been hiding for so long, and how she survived.

As of yet, no information has been released regarding Holdership transfer (or lack thereof).  Tyrathlion spokesmen have only indicated that Charity has been in solitude and reflection, and did not wish to return to public life until now.

In a related announcement, the estate belonging to now defunct Casaven family has been revealed to be under Tyrathlion control via dummy interests.  Along with the extensive Vitalia estates obtained after the arch-heretic's flight, and the spacebound interests of Tyrathlion Interstellar, the Tyrathlion family now controls more territory and assets than they have in centuries.

The first wine produced from the former Vitalia vineyards since Tyrathlion control was established has recently been bottled.  As of yet, none is available on the open market, limited crates only being provided to those who pre-ordered.  Greater coverage is expected to come into effect within the next few months.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Synthia on 17 Jul 2013, 12:19
The first wine produced from the former Vitalia vineyards since Tyrathlion control was established has recently been bottled.  As of yet, none is available on the open market, limited crates only being provided to those who pre-ordered.  Greater coverage is expected to come into effect within the next few months.

Eww, freshly bottled wine. How barbaric.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Makkal on 18 Jul 2013, 23:13
I debated as to whether Makkal should spit it out, which is common when you do a tasting for young wines, especially reds.

But I suppose a proper Khanid woman always swallows.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Arista Shahni on 19 Jul 2013, 01:02
I debated as to whether Makkal should spit it out, which is common when you do a tasting for young wines, especially reds.

But I suppose a proper Khanid woman always swallows.

Of course.  We are followers of our rich tradition and though we take great care to never offend and stay proper as circumstances dictate... spitting is rude.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ghost Hunter on 19 Jul 2013, 16:46
Verge Vendor - Unusual numbers of high quality, unmarked cybernetics have been observed over the last few months in the Verge Vendor markets. Ranging from simple neural sub-processors to full skeletal replacement, authorities have been unable to identify the origin of where they are being manufactured. When confronted with warrants, distributing merchants have provided their business information but all leads have been dead ends.

Despite the nebulous illegality of these cybernetics, their quality and diverse range have been popular with certain interest groups. Chief among them are students of colleges and universities, who largely feel they are capitalizing on an opportunity for cheap but top-of-the-line wetware. Regulation officials have tentatively classified the devices as 'safe to use', citing they haven't discovered any malevolent coding or hidden features. Nonetheless, people are encouraged to avoid using unlicensed cybernetics for health and safety reasons.

"It's very odd. The only thing I can think of is a major manufacturer went belly up, and they're selling out their warehouse stock. That'd explain the lack of identifying markings, if these were stored in their completed state before commercialization." -Anonymous commentator
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Anslol on 22 Jul 2013, 07:46
Clearly harmless.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ninavask on 22 Jul 2013, 21:31
Everyshore - The Search continues for twelve Gallentean individuals who have been abducted from the Fifth planet of the Averon Solar System.

The Individuals, eight men and four women, were reported missing on the 16th of June. Having last been seen on the 14th at a party in the Minmatar quarter of the city of Arnet. According to friends of the missing persons, they were last seen accompanying a larger group of people intending to take the party elsewhere after a scuffle between one of the missing persons and a party goer that descended into racial slurs. It should be noted the altercation occurred between a Brutor male and a Gallentean Male. 

According to emergency service reports, numerous calls were reported indicating the sounds of gunfire and fighting broke out within the Minmatar quarter of the city. This being amidst the continued backlash of the events only a month earlier when Minmatar Republic vessels entered Gallente Federation space, following a subsequent skirmish between forces of capital ships ending in the annihilation of the Minmatar fleet, was not alarming unto itself. However when emergency services responded there were no signs of an altercation taking place.

No witnesses have come forward and Arnet Police are urging any citizens who may have heard or seen something to please come forward with anything that may help the case.

Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ciarente on 06 Sep 2013, 08:27
A serious transit accident today delayed many residents of the Ishukone Corporation Station Korama 3 - 10 on their way to work. The transit system was returned to normal with minimal delay and the incident is not anticipated to have any effect on production output. An investigation into the cause of the accident is ongoing. Family members of the injured and deceased are encouraged to make contact with the stations Public Contact Office for information.

Ishukone Inquirer, Korama, 06.09.115 
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Morwen Lagann on 20 Oct 2013, 12:08
Khanid Prime - Tragedy once again strikes the Tyrathlion family, cutting short its recent return to prominence, as a fire broke out on the main family estate just after 4AM local time on October 20th, injuring fourteen and killing two.

Among the dead was Holder Repentence Tyrathlion, who succumbed to excessive smoke inhalation as she and close friend and fellow Tyrathlion Interstellar director Morwen Lagann attempted to help others evacuate the building.  Ms. Lagann is listed as being in stable condition at a local hospital, and has been unreachable for comment.

Investigations into the cause and origin of the blaze are ongoing, but initial reports indicate a high possibility of arson. No suspects have been named or apprehended, but local political experts suggest that the recent move by the Tyrathlion family to free every slave within its possession and transition them to paid employment contracts may have triggered more than just grumbling among other local Holders, who have yet to comment on the incident.

In related news, a similar blaze has consumed the satellite Casaven estate, known to be under the control of the elder Tyrathlion daughter, Charity.  No casualties from the Casaven fire have been confirmed, but experts believe that the poor condition of the estate due to a long period of abandonment and disuse may have trapped people in areas that cannot yet be safely examined.  Charity herself has been missing since the fire, and may also be deceased.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ava Starfire on 20 Oct 2013, 12:37
/me hugs a lot
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Anabella Rella on 21 Oct 2013, 13:53
If there's anything I can do to help, please let me knnow.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Morwen Lagann on 10 Feb 2014, 22:00
Khanid Prime - In a surprising turn of events, two and a half months of slow and arduous court proceedings ground to a complete halt and then reversed course last Friday after the revealing of new evidence regarding the fires that destroyed the primary Tyrathlion family estates and the satellite Casaven estates several months ago. The blazes injured fourteen and killed two, including Holder Repentence Tyrathlion in the early morning of 20th October, 115YC.

A number of weeks after the fires, representatives of the Hibralem, Khamel and Pahinoud families brought the sole inheritor of the Tyrathlion family's estates and assets, the newly-appointed Tyrathlion Interstellar CEO Morwen Lagann, to regional court to challenge her inheritance on the basis that she was not a Kingdom citizen.

Aided by the lack of a precedent for the case, Ms. Lagann's careful maneuvering through the proceedings allowed her to keep the legal process moving along at a snail's pace while she continued to gather evidence related to the arson.

The bulk of that evidence was presented in court Friday morning in the form of over twenty hours' worth of recorded conversations and secure correspondance between the leaders of the three challenging families indicating that an anonymous source had provided them with inside information that would allow them to bypass Tyrathlion defences; political analysts following the case suggest that with the Tyrathlion family eliminated or weakened, the Hibralem, Khamel and Pahinoud families stood the most to gain.

These revelations were met with loud denials from the three Holders, and a harsh and pointed outburst directed at Ms. Lagann from Lord Khamel, the youngest of her three challengers. While court transcripts were provided, the contents of Lord Khamel's outburst were deemed unsuitable for inclusion in print. Lords Hibralem and Pahinoud had no further statements to add before the court ordered a four-day recess to examine the evidence presented.

Neither Ms. Lagann nor her challengers have responded to requests for comment.

UPDATE 11th February: A few hours after court reconvened, the magistrate ordered the case dismissed on the grounds that the evidence presented the week before provided sufficient to bring the three Holders' standing in the case into question.

The initial response from Lords Hibralem and Pahinoud was predictably muted, but Lord Khamel rose to his feet and hurled a loud torrent of invectives in Ms. Lagann's direction, receiving no response from her except for what appeared a particularly smug expression before he was ordered to silence by the magistrate. After a hushed but visibly heated exchange between the three Lords, the representative for the Pahinoud family addressed the assembled courtroom to deliver a statement that Lords Hibralem, Khamiel and Pahinoud would be "withdrawing their case with full immediacy" and had "no intention of challenging the magistrate's decision."

Addressing Ms. Lagann, the magistrate explained that while she would be permitted to retain her inheritance for the time being, it was strongly encouraged that she complete the citizenship process through whatever methods available by the end of the year to prevent any further complications. Aside from briefly thanking the magistrate for his time, and an apology for the time wasted due to the "amateur machinations of petty, greedy old men," Ms. Lagann had no statements to add before the court was adjourned.

Witnesses reported seeing Lord Khamel begin another barrage of verbal abuse as Ms. Lagann attempted to leave the court building, but noted that the brewing altercation was abruptly stopped in its tracks after what appeared to be a short but terse response from Ms. Lagann caused Lord Khamel to go silent.

As expected, neither side has responded to requests for comment.

(Note: As with the previous one, this article would have been broadcast primarily on local Kingdom networks but probably not much further beyond that.)
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ché Biko on 15 Jul 2014, 21:00
This article appeared some time ago in a local tabloid, mostly read only in the Spaen constellation, but it's slowly spreading:

Schoorasana Saviour Secretly Sansha Slaver!?! - SmEggtalk Press, 116.04.20

Ché Biko, who was born in Vredelwhaen, but grew up in his current hometown of Zilveras, is not the only capsuleer who hails from the Schoorasana system, but he is one of the better known ones. And not for the things capsuleers are usually known for, no this guy is special, if only for the fact that he also does not think too highly of the so-called "elite". He's known to utter the term "egger" on a regular basis, and from time to time voices his disgust about the most immoral actions of his colleagues.
Not only that, be he is actually one of the rare specimens that tries to use his power to help others, and tries to do so with a lot of respect for the lives of us "baseliners": He has not destroyed a hostile ship in years, and his own loss rate is very low. He has not lost a crew in years, and his losses are only half a dozen ships in total.
Recently, Biko, who was always somewhat of a humanitarian when he was not having fun racing in the Subwarp Racing Venture league or filling his wallets with his industrial activities, went a bit further than writing petitions and pointless picketing. He actually started to do something good: saving the lives of those marooned in space.
These "deathcan rescues" were being done by others before Biko joined the cause, but he quickly decided that things could be done better and created the C3SRC channel in order to increase patrol coverage and efficiency.
Sounds like a nice guy, right? But wait...there's more. We at SmEggtalk investigated Biko's doings and we uncovered some worrying things.
You don't have to search GalNet too thoroughly to see that he's somewhat of a closet Sansha loyalist. Just read his story "Nightmares" to get a glimpse of his psychopathic side. CONCORD has also taken note of his connections with more criminally inclined capsuleers and/or their establishments: He's been visiting parties and establishments (usually under influence of one substance or another) of capsuleers like Silas Vitalia, Evelyn Meiyi, Leopold Caine and was romanticly involved with Cynthia Gallente.
And what do all these people have in common? They were or still are involved in human trafficking and slavery and many other things that would discourage most humanitarians from visiting their parties. It makes one wonder: why exactly does a humanitarian like Biko socialize with these people? And what fate awaits those who are rescued by Biko?
Although he does cooperate with fellow rescue pilots, mainly the Disciples of Ston, he has only on one or two occasions, during his first partrols, transferred the people (mostly slaves) he rescues to their emancipation/matriculation centers. Biko never mentioned what he does with those he has saved since then, and nobody has bothered to ask.
We managed to find one member of the temp crews Biko hires whenever he's going to one of the mentioned establishments in low security space, the Ivory Tower in the Akila system in this particular case. "Yeah...I remember that trip. [..] We encountered one of those deathcans. [..] So, we arrived [at the Tower] with...I think around 20 additional passengers whose lives we saved. But I've not seen them after the initial inspection, which was well before we arrived, so I can't tell if they were on board or not when we left the next day. I just assumed they were fine."
This crew member is not the only one we could find that, although they took part in other rescues, had no idea what happened to those saved after they left the ship. In fact, not one of those we found knew what the fate of those people was.
Now, look at this communication summary between Biko and Sansha loyalist Tiberious Thessalonia on and another egger on The Summit channel:
[ 115.12.04 00:28:36 ] Che Biko > Hello, Tiberious. I have something for you.
[ 115.12.04 00:29:30 ] Che Biko > Would you be able to pick it up in Tekaima?
[Biko's HQ system]
[ 115.12.04 00:33:06 ] Caldari Egger [Name withheld] > Why not hire a professional courier?
[ 115.12.04 00:34:02 ] Che Biko > Me? I would not know where to send it to.
[ 115.12.04 00:34:21 ] Caldari Egger > Red Frog Freight
[ 115.12.04 00:34:27 ] Caldari Egger > Send it to them.
[ 115.12.04 00:34:49 ] Tiberious Thessalonia > Red Frog does not take orders to unknown areas.
[ 115.12.04 00:35:07 ] Caldari Egger > Ah, he does not know the destination.
[ 115.12.04 00:35:20 ] Caldari Egger > If I might hazard an ignorant assumption, I'd say he wants it sent to Nation.
[ 115.12.04 00:38:23 ] Tiberious Thessalonia > That should be fine.  I will have someone come pick it up.
[ 115.12.04 00:38:59 ] Che Biko > Should be fine...heh.
[ 115.12.04 00:39:16 ] Tiberious Thessalonia > Yes, thank you.
[ 115.12.04 00:39:23 ] Tiberious Thessalonia > I will make sure it is well taken care of.

Now, what could a humanitarian rescue pilot possibly have that would be of interest to nation?
Is there a more sinister reason why he created a channel to "cooperate" with other rescue pilots?
Unfortunately, this is as far as we can take our investigation. Our resources have limits, especially outside Schoorasana, so we were not able to find out what was exchanged between Thessalonia and Biko, and we hope that this publication prompts CONCORD or some other media outlet with more adequate resources to investigate further.
Title: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Mizhara on 25 Sep 2014, 10:54
A hangar maintenance worker heard a snippet of conversation. A crew member saw something he shouldn't have and posted it where he definitely shouldn't have. An anonymous poster on a dirtsider fanboard leaked something juicy about everyone's favorite egger. Who knows what is and isn't true? It's still out there and occasionally a little nugget of gold appears in the flood of rumors and speculation. Of course, every major entity and quite a few eggers themselves have people monitoring and sifting through the reports from the automated search bots that harvest all these rumors, because you never know when a little useful nugget of intel comes along through the grapevine? The trick, as always, is to separate the facts from the fiction and make sure they aren't intentional misdirection.

This is where some of these rumors are found, from all manner of sources all across New Eden.

So, want to let people know about something you're up to but it'd make no sense having your character announce it? Want to spread some juicy information, true or not, about someone else? Maybe you want New Eden to know about what's going on in your corp? Someone else's corp? Well, that's what the rumor mill is all about. Someone heard it from a guy who knows a guy who is rumored to sleep with the guy who maintains your pod. Can't make something like that up, now can you?


Spoiler (hover to show)

I'll have to insist on spoiler tagging the rumors you post, so if people looking for something posted by specific authors won't have to get something spoiled if they don't think they'd hear anything else. I'll also have to ask you not to use this maliciously or with an OOC agenda other than sharing RP. While Aldrith and the rest of PIE are clearly child molesters, Sansha spies, Sani Sabik orgy arrangers and spend their docked time drawing mustaches on portraits of Jamyl, that's not what this is for. It's for sharing and creating content, not to take a dump on someone else's stuff.

Yes, I blatantly ripped this off of EM's rumor thingy.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Havohej on 25 Sep 2014, 12:56
Administrator Comment Merged and moved to PDC, to hopefully spur more activity.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Mizhara on 08 Oct 2014, 11:41
There's been a lot of buzz lately on various comic enthusiast galnet portals, as well as on certain fanclub portals, about how the Dark Sleipnir Publishing house is hiring new artists for a project that's supposedly a sequel to their hit comic series "A Thousand to One" about the liberation, evaluation and subsequent release or termination of a million slaves. While the last series was largely considered a morbid application of the "fair use of public figures" to cash in on a cluster-wide news report some called a massacre, the fans are already abuzz wondering if the sequel will be a work of fiction or if someone at Dark Sleipnir knows something others do not.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Jace on 11 Oct 2014, 12:38
Those following Jita rumor mills may have heard about a perpetually station-bound Caldari capsuleer trader canceling all outstanding market orders before unloading basic assets onto the market after losing billions in less than twenty-four hours.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Mizhara on 13 Oct 2014, 06:34
A copy of the "A Thousand to One" final issue signed by Mizhara Del'thul appeared on a galnet auction site and reached the fourth highest recorded price paid for a comic book according to Gainus Book of Records. There were concerns raised about the baseliner seller actually being a member of an illegal network for transporting and hiding escaped slaves, but no evidence surfaced. A few capsuleers tried to bid on the auction but were denied access. Talking heads on both the Republic and Empire side denounced the auction as distasteful and disgusting, largely for entirely different reasons.

Discussion boards and Galnet portals dedicated to the comic series, the capsuleers involved and the fight against slavery in the Empire all experienced a reasonably high surge in users due to the denouncing in baseliner media. It remains to be seen what the retention rate will be.

All attempts to get a comment from the capsuleer were met with silence, except for the short video where a reporter is getting tossed out of Down Below for bringing camera equipment into the place. The only thing caught on video from the capsuleer was vague amusement at the scuffle.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Alain Colcer on 13 Oct 2014, 11:31
Everyshore - Colcer VI
The Scope - Racing Sports

The Vendee Globe Yatch Race took place this month in Colcer VI, the non-stop endurance event is famous for portraying the best skilled sailing teams in the cluster, using top-notch boat designs and rare new materials alloys in extreme conditions.

52 teams began the race, but only 27 were able to finish the tough circumnavigation in Colcer VI tricky oceans. Among the dropping teams were last time winners Thukker Mix and their Minmatar-only crew.

The Pator Tech School, an usual favorite, was defeated at the last minute in a surprising turn of events by a Ni-Kunni team sponsored by Zoar and Sons snatching the 1st spot in the last 10km off the finish line. Albeit Ni-Kunni are renowed for their sand-sails, this is the first time such a team is able to finish the race.

Remarkable performances by the Echelon Entertainment, Hyasoda and Propel Dynamics teams kept the top 5 spots with strong Caldari dominance.

What generated most fuzz this year was the controversy centered on the Allotek/KangLo Directorate team.
Although the regulations allow any boat design and material to be used as long as wind is the mean of propulsion, the Allotek-KangLo team created a storm in the media, with their revolutionary high-g hull design that required crew members to wear a suit that shares similarities with Combat Dropsuits, allowing higher-than-normal strength and resilience. With most official commentators agreeing it broke the spirit of the sport, it also showed up the potential in saving lifes as a crew member survived a major injury when hit by a mast and went overboard in the southern pole seas. A discussion that would not doubt might change regulations in the near future.

The Vendee Globe Yatch Race has always been held in Federation territory, and the next location for the race is always kept in secrecy, but rumors abound of a generous invitation by a capsuleer alliance. What the future holds for this sport is unknown but sure is an interesting one.

note: If you find any gramatic errors, please let me know
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Havohej on 14 Oct 2014, 02:02
Rumors circulating out of the Republic Security Services office in Emolgranlan indicate that an RSS agent monitoring traffic in and out of the recently established Down Below reported seeing a brief and discreet meeting take place between former Thukker Enkil "Havohej" Akheteru and Karynn Denton, Master of the Katanga Caravan.  While unable to eavesdrop directly on the capsuleers' conversation due to the establishment's security protocols, the agent's report indicated that Miss Denton seemed disturbed when she returned to her ship.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Quintrala on 15 Oct 2014, 20:00
Capsuleer and former racing celebrity held for questioning

116.10.16 - Clermont, Auvergne - SCOPE. FA security officials yesterday detained capsuleer Catherine Delorois, also known as "Quintrala", at the immigration desk of the Auvergne Stellar District after an international flight.

Delorois was questioned for several hours at the FIO station ( in orbit at Auvergne V, Moon 5. Lallencard Agrengalier, spokesman for the FIO, thanked the capsuleer and said the procedure had been a routine, voluntary questions-and-answers session and part of the regular Federal Flight Information Security Screening Program.

After her release, the retired champion took time to snap holograms and sign autographs for a racing fan. Asked for comments, a visibly tired Delorois offered "I understand and thank each and every one of these brave men and women, and their efforts to keep us safe every day. I am just glad to do my part but am also very tired so, if you please excuse me..."
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Havohej on 16 Oct 2014, 12:09
An Amarr Certified News listening post in Eifer intercepted the following communique between a Scope operative and his Regional Director in Gerbold:

Ingunn - A squad of six clone infantry units wearing the corporate insignia of Opus Arcana and under the command of Jaceon "Pale-eye" Akheteru just took over the capsuleer docking area here on the Ingunn V - Moon 19 RJD outpost without firing a single shot.  The station's security personnel are lined up against the wall of the corridor under guard by two men in highly advanced Assault dropsuits and one in a Commando frame, while Akheteru and two other Assaults oversee a cargo transfer.

There are only two capsuleer ships docked in this station at the moment:
Zero, a Rifter-class frigate registered to Karynn Denton, Master of the Catanga Caravan, and Wendigo, a Wolf-class assault frigate registered to Havohej.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Mizhara on 20 Oct 2014, 05:33
A Seeker in the employ of a Holder looking into a failed slave rebellion on a minor holding noted in his report that it was unfortunate that every hostile combatant had died in the final firefight, as this meant he had no one to interrogate. This proved very vexing as he found a significant number of oddities, amongst others that the weapons and materiel was likely to have been supplied through channels not usually available to baseliners. Supply crates and other items foreign to the planet were marked by an eclipsed sun symbol, with no source known as of yet. He also noted that this report should be disseminated to security officials across the region in case the symbol or other similar oddities shows up again.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Mizhara on 23 Oct 2014, 07:37
Those paying attention to such things would find that CVA have sent out new Kill On Sight orders, this time featuring amongst others Mizhara Del'thul and Enkhil "Havohej" Akheteru of Sarz'namarr.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Mizhara on 02 Nov 2014, 15:35
Galnet searches after the Masquerade event in Ichoriya on October 1st on certain search terms will see a sudden surge in the Mizhara Del'thul v Aldrith Shutaq fanfic popularity, seeing approximately eighteen new results every minute for several hours after the event ended. Random sampling largely finds the usual "romance across hostile borders" plot, while about a full tenth of the samples will reveal violent pornographic imagery with a whole series of warning tags attached. Traffic analysis finds a surprising 60% of the searches were made from Empire space. This data is inconclusive as it does not take all variables into account.

Other results that keen eyes might notice is that Sarz'namarr's ident profile has been registered on numerous record label, production company and holovid companies' client lists. A persistent rumor on fansites claims that instruments and recording equipment has been delivered to Sarz'namarr's unofficial hangout in Down Below. Others dismiss it as deliveries to the various bands that already perform there.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Lunarisse Aspenstar on 29 Dec 2014, 11:09
Chatter on the galnet by Hauler pilots in transit along the Amarr/Caldari border report observing certain unknown parties apparently retrieving persons stranded in "Death Cans" along the border after a long hiatus in such operations by more well-known groups.  No communications are made in Local by those parties and the whereabouts of the persons retrieved are unknown.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ché Biko on 04 Jan 2015, 12:54
Some media have started making mention of the term "Egger's Omelet", which is used when baseliners banter about the presumed debauchery in the capsuleer community.
"Did you hear that X slept with Y?"
"Yeah, it didn't take long for X to be welcomed into the Egger's Omelet after his graduation."
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Halcyon on 07 Jan 2015, 05:23
A fuzzy holo of an adolescent girl singing hymns circulates on the galnet as baseliners speculate on the resemblance to a noted apostate capsuleer.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Anskek on 08 Jan 2015, 14:15
Here’s one for you. I got fired from a damn good job for nothing. I used to do maintenance work on egger quarters, keeping all the automated systems in check and such. Some egger showed up in station one day and left pretty soon after docking. I got called to a conference room a couple hours later where two assholes in matching uniforms grilled me for three hours! Why? Because the idiot egger cut himself on something! He bleeds a little on a counter, counter cleans it up. Same with anything else, but these bozo’s think I hide some of his blood somewhere. Why the hell would I do that?! Others on duty that day for that damn egghead got the same treatment. Next day we show up, we get told we’re fired and ordered to get off station!! What the hell?! Talked to the guys about it, they all got the same shit too. Fired over some blood, a creepy looking pod boy, and some type dee crap they kept talking to each other about. You know what’s type dee? Those two jerks, type dee, for dicks.

-Post from Anonymous User, Spacer Guild II GalNet Game Forum
-Thread topic: The Work Stories Thread
-Note: User account and contact info deleted two days after post made. Post deleted from Forum.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ché Biko on 12 Jan 2015, 17:25
A video uploaded to FuTube, a video site in Origin, 117.01.12 21:13.
The description says it is footage from a drone at the Landfall Park protest camp, transmitted to those tuned to its channel.

[The video starts, Ché Biko is standing on a small stage, dressed in 3/4 utility pants with signs of repair, a worn-out sleeveless shirt, and barefoot. People can be heard talking in the background, along with an occasional distant protest chant. He looks at the camera blankly, then around for a moment before speaking.]
"Uhm...ok, I guess people had time to tune in now."
[Ché looks at the camera, then bows for a moment]
"Namas, citizens of Origin. I am Ché Biko. I, a new citizen in Origin."
[Ché starts to alternate between looking at the camera and in other directions.]
"I was hoping we would get to know eachother a bit better before I would...speak up, but it's been an... interesting time since my arrival. I, like many of you, have been surprised by the leaks... Some here think I should speak a few words."
[Thoughtful pause]
"Like some of you, I am concerned about recent revelations. And, while I wish that some things that have become public knowledge...would have stayed known only to... the people of Origin, I am a proponent of a transparent and decentralized society."
[Thoughtful pause]
"I came to Origin because of the oppurtunity to stray of the beaten path, try new things.
In my eyes, closed, centralized institutions like the OCR are...traditions. Traditions of doing things a certain way because we grew up in a world where those traditions were maintained, a world where our ancestors have done so for...sometimes as long as history allows us to look back.
We have the technology to try things a different way, and from what I've seen, also a lot of desire to do so."

[Long pause, Biko looking around]
"If we have the courage to sacrifice...aspects of our old lives, our lives in New Eden... confront the fears that we've brought along with us from that place...maybe we will see our fears did not realize, and that our sacrifice was not a sacrifice at all. An open, decentralized surveillance network, connected to an open database containing profiles for every citizen and visitor, is the foundation for an open, transparent and decentralized society, and such a society may offer many benefits. In order to take that first step, we must first sacrifice most, if not all, of our privacy. But I think this may be a sacrifice that is not a sacrifice at all.
I can understand if you, upon first considering the idea of sacrificing your privacy, do not feel comfortable doing so. But others here have already established communities very similar to such a society. Consider this: the fear you feel about everything in your life being exposed is not a fear many of us will have in an open society, and for future generations, they will hardly learn what that fear must have been like."

[Ché looks at the camera]
"For those of you who are not convinced yet that expanding these experiments, these communities, to cover all of Origin should not be something that should be done at this time...I hope to discuss the pros and cons of an open, decentralized society, and many other things, with you in the future, much like I have been doing here the past days, and during my visit last month."
[Thoughtfull pause, eyes looking down, then up at the camera again with a small smile]
"I guess that's all for now. I'll see you around."
[Ché waves a peace sign at the crowd as he walks sideways of the stage, the video ends]
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ché Biko on 23 Feb 2015, 12:54
The past days Ché has been spotted partying a lot in clubs in New Eden, both baseliner and more exclusive, under influence of various substances, sometimes paying for an open bar for all visitors.
A short clip circulating on celebrity watch sites shows him, appearing tired, intoxicated, and a tad annoyed, trying to stagger his way through the people near the exit of such a venue in Caille, with a teen girl carrrying a drunken grin on her face, people nearby shouting mostly positive comments at him. A reporter asks about what he thought about current events, he replied only with "Party like there's no tomorrow.", which was followed by cheers of the people near him. He forces a grin as he makes a peace sign for the camera drone, then continues on along Deuvoaut Avenue.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Lyn Farel on 23 Feb 2015, 14:06
An unusual rumour has filtered in certain baseliner milieux around the usually quiet and reclusive capsuleer Lyn Farel, and spreaded in several social networks that remembered her from her various IGS messages as well as her more active involvement in the 24th Crusade, and before the war broke out, in interstellar peacekeeping. Most networks interested in capsuleer life and affairs, though not very keen on reporting a lot about her especially, became paradoxically more and more interested in doing so when she started in the past years to more or less disappear from activity and public affairs, capsuleer or otherwise. The simple growing mystery eventually made the buzz and some news outlets or social groups - often creepy geeks or capsuleer fans - started to investigate and almost compete as to whom might be able to tell what happened to that particular capsuleer.

No clear sight of her emerged but rumours from staff personnel eventually started to spread and suggested a sudden degradation of health and hinted heavily at a massive depression, which could have explained her complete disappearance for the past year.

Increase of internet or not, she remains a capsuleer ironically famous for the mystery surrounding her life, her strong unwillingness to appear in public - especially to her crews that never even see her - confirming her as a capsuleer about whom we do not know much.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Astera Zandraki on 19 Mar 2015, 07:25
I'ma just put this here:
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Sinjin Mokk on 02 Apr 2015, 16:33
Overheard in a blue-collar Amarr drinking establishment:

Yeah, so this is an odd one. Yesterday, I'm working the swing shift, right? And I gotta do maintenance on the gate tracking systems. No big deal, quick EVA, make sure the gate guns are online, that sorta thing. Niraja system, inbound.

So there I am, just wrapped up and my scanner picks up a code yellow. There's this Catalyst right, and it's just locked on to a pod.

Now in my line of work, we see this thing all the time. A shame, but whatya gonna do? Pirates are all over HiSec these days.

So sure enough, the Cat totally wrecks that pod. Like there was any doubt. And in a microsecond, our gate guns fry the Cat. The Cat pilot warps out in his pod, heading in-system to one of the planets. Like I said, all the time with these gank pirates right? The pod pilot probably woke up, realized he screwed the pooch, and so it goes. The Cat pilot lost SecRating and a lot of standing with the Empire. There's no ISK in it. I got no idea why they do that sorta thing.

So my wife, you remember her right? She likes those holos about the Capsuleers. SCOPE and those shows. Me? I can't stand 'em. But every night after Temple, we gotta see whose fighting who and what the damn Minnies are up to. So I tells her about the gank I saw and she pulls up the records.

Here's where it get funny. The pod pilot? He's a big shot Goonswarm military director. I mean, what the hell is he doing flying a pod through HiSec on autopilot right? This guy can fly a Titan if'in he wants. The Cat pilot? He's that guy that just got woken up after a four-year dirt-nap. The Khanid one....gah, whatzisname...You know, the one whose been killin' those Blooders? Mokk, riiight. Yeah, him.

So what's the deal? Did he know? Why was he up in Niraja? The Goon didn't have a bounty. He was however flying with, get this, over 500 million ISK worth of cybernetics jacked in. I mean, what's the deal with this Mokk guy? First he aces the Blooder that woke him. Then he drives said Blooder's girlfriend into an early retirement. Then he gets that other Blooder...the Doc, the crazy one Borkstar. Yeah, he captures him and slaps a slave collar on him. Then he ganks a top-level Goon? It don't make sense I tell ya.

I will tell ya this. Remember what they said? That he was doin' business with the Cartel? I bet that's it. He's just gotta have Angels pulling his strings. I mean, how else would he know about the Goon?

What, me? Naw, I don't watch those shows. It's my wife I tell ya. I can't stand 'em. Reality shows like that are gonna be the death of this Empire, you watch.

Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Jennifer Starfall on 20 Apr 2015, 10:41
Reported by The Ancbeu Socialite on 117.04.19:

Last night stellarati from across the New Eden cluster gathered in Sortet for the posh event, the Innocent Ball, held at The Elysion. All was not well, though, as chief diplomat of Repracor Industries, Jennifer Starfall, had to be rushed to the establishment's medical facilities late in the evening. Ms. Starfall was having a impromptu reunion with notorious Kaalakiota-loyalist privateers, Pyre Falcon Defense and Security, when she lost consciousness. Anonymous sources say that Ms. Starfall was suffering from a gunshot wound but were unclear as to whether it was received at The Ball or it was an injury suffered prior to her late arrival.

The Socialite inquired of the stellarati and proprietress of The Elysion, Halcyon Ember, about Ms. Starfall's condition. Mrs. Ember stated that Ms. Starfall's condition was "stable." We asked Mrs. Ember if she could elaborate on Ms. Starfall's condition, she curtly informed us "Ms. Starfall has been working hard for Repracor and simply neglected to take proper care of herself." When we asked for confirmation on whether or not Ms. Starfall had indeed been shot, Ms. Ember's highly cyberneticized chief of security rudely interrupted claiming that the interview was over.

One of our reporters did manage to catch up with Aurora Morgan, the organizer of the Innocent Ball. The poor girl was so exhausted from having to cater to the exotic needs of her stellarati guests that she was barely able to summon the energy mumble "Nothing," before retreating to the restricted guest quarters area of the facility.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Halcyon on 30 Apr 2015, 12:44
A couple of baseliners are seen enquiring at the desk of the Elysion. Ulaya shows them into the venue upon request but is later found to be absent for several days.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ché Biko on 15 May 2015, 10:07
According to P.P.C. logs, a young woman ( has been paying a few visits to the conference. She could be seen visiting Ché's room. These visits can last up to ten hours, and sometimes multiple meals are brought to the room during these visits. She introduces herself as Amène, but her official name, as recorded by security, is Anou Laimark.
Update: On the 29th, she paid another long visit to Ché's room, with a different haircut ( People may mistake her for someone else at first sight.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Anyanka Funk on 15 May 2015, 18:27
It'd be a shame if Deodata were to suddenly show up while this is going on.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Cakzad Arcashiri on 29 May 2015, 18:57
///Accessing Security Log #74628178-9273771-826165-82713\\\
///Location: Ardishapur Family Treasury, Dakba System\\\

///Begin Log\\\
 Hey man, long time no see. Sorry I called you so late, but I heard some wierd shit the other day. You know there's been 'em Raroki Militants and stuff on Dakba V and stuff, right? And you know that new holder in town, Arcashiri?

 Yeah, well the other day I saw these two Raroki guys walking through the station, probally going to make a deposit or somethin', right? Well, this one of these guys is mumbling about some crazy stuff like revealing info or somethin'. Some kinda leak, you know?

 Anyways, they stop and they get to talking. Didn't here much, but I did here somethin' about assasinations or some crap like 'at. They said they goin' bust Arcashiri or something. Man, they was talking 'bout the Blooders or something.

 Then guess who comes walking in, the Lord himself. They both look at him, and one of 'em points to 'im before they go runninng off into a corner.

 Anyways, probally just some crazy bs. But do take note now that this discussion was before the Raroki's decided they wanted to fight the Sanctum Militia. Tell the family I love 'em. I've got to go. Those computers ain't goin' to sell themselves!
///End Log\\\

///Additional Note: Both individuals involved in this situation have been found dead. However, the man being spoken to did indeed meet with his family.\\\
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ché Biko on 24 Jul 2015, 05:33
Bits of communication on Local channels:

Local : Amarr
 [ 117.07.23 21:42:51 ] Che Biko > Hey Funk.
 [ 117.07.23 21:43:03 ] Anyanka Funk > [...]
 [ 117.07.23 21:43:54 ] Che Biko > <3
 [ 117.07.23 21:49:06 ] Rafe Collins > The Empress is a false idol of a false god. Repent and return to the true god Bob
 [ 117.07.23 21:49:40 ] Che Biko > Praise Bob!
 [ 117.07.23 21:50:07 ] Rafe Collins > All is possible through Bob
 [ 117.07.23 21:51:05 ] Spacemover > Bob, the creator, the destroyer!
 [ 117.07.23 21:51:29 ] Rafe Collins > Bob rewards those who sacrifice
 [ 117.07.23 21:52:07 ] Anyanka Funk > Rafe Collins those who sacrifice what? Slaves?
 [ 117.07.23 21:53:11 ] Rafe Collins > Slaves, Dancers, Quafe and Ships
 [ 117.07.23 21:55:13 ] Che Biko > So, has someone killed Grimslaw yet?
 [ 117.07.23 21:56:46 ] Anyanka Funk > Yes.
 [ 117.07.23 21:57:09 ] Che Biko > Really? So you've found someone strong enough for you?
 [ 117.07.23 21:57:23 ] Anyanka Funk > Not entirely.
 [ 117.07.23 21:57:35 ] Anyanka Funk > But nearly.
 [ 117.07.23 21:57:38 ] Che Biko > Hmm, who was it?
 [ 117.07.23 21:58:39 ] Anyanka Funk > Are you willing to kill for me?
  [ 117.07.23 21:59:22 ] Che Biko > Maybe.
 [ 117.07.23 21:59:49 ] Anyanka Funk > Then do so.
 [ 117.07.23 21:59:53 ] Anyanka Funk > Now.
 [ 117.07.23 22:00:23 ] Che Biko > What do you want me to kill?
 [ 117.07.23 22:00:29 ] Francophobia > im in a zeypher orbiting the emperor family station che.
 [ 117.07.23 22:00:41 ] Anyanka Funk > A capsuleer.
 [ 117.07.23 22:00:48 ] Anyanka Funk > Now.
  [ 117.07.23 22:00:52 ] Anyanka Funk > In Amarr.
 [ 117.07.23 22:01:46 ] Che Biko > Heh, I doubt I'd be able to kill one in Amarr.
 [ 117.07.23 22:02:26 ] Anyanka Funk > I just did.
 [ 117.07.23 22:02:40 ] Anyanka Funk > You are truly weak.
  [ 117.07.23 22:02:43 ] Che Biko > Yeah, but you are you, and I am me.
 [ 117.07.23 22:02:54 ] Anyanka Funk > Yes. Weak.
  [ 117.07.23 22:03:35 ] Anyanka Funk inserts Kill: Pere Castillo (Capsule)
 [ 117.07.23 22:05:06 ] Anyanka Funk > Go back to Origin, child.
 [ 117.07.23 22:06:33 ] Che Biko > If I killed a capsuleer, would you really think different of me?
 [ 117.07.23 22:06:41 ] Anyanka Funk > Yes.
  [ 117.07.23 22:06:56 ] Anyanka Funk > I doubt you could.
 [ 117.07.23 22:07:15 ] Che Biko > Would you answer my questions then?
  [ 117.07.23 22:08:07 ] Anyanka Funk > Kill a capsuleer and we can talk.
 [ 117.07.23 22:09:02 ] Che Biko > Hmm, well, at least you're not being gagged by someone.
 [ 117.07.23 22:09:58 ] AtomicVixen > Cynabal Blueprint (Item Exchange)
 [ 117.07.23 22:10:48 ] AtomicVixen > Cynabal Blueprint (Item Exchange)  buy it! cheapest in amarr!!!!
 [ 117.07.23 22:12:02 ] Dominic Severa > yeah and its costs another 130mil to build it
 [ 117.07.23 22:12:14 ] Dominic Severa > idiot
 [ 117.07.23 22:12:27 ] AtomicVixen > charming! what would you pay????
 [ 117.07.23 22:12:29 ] Mendon Anthar > also its a copy
 [ 117.07.23 22:12:41 ] Dominic Severa > nothing
 [ 117.07.23 22:12:50 ] AtomicVixen > lol find a cynabal bpo numb nuts
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:03 ] Anyanka Funk > lol
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:07 ] AtomicVixen > Dominic Severa STFU THEN YOU WORTHLESS TURD!!1
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:11 ] Dominic Severa > for the time and effort to save 30 mil?
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:17 ] Dominic Severa > haha
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:21 ] Anyanka Funk > I have a cynabal bpo.
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:27 ] AtomicVixen > LINK IT
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:28 ] Anyanka Funk > Only 10 bil
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:30 ] Che Biko > Was it ours?
 [ 117.07.23 22:13:38 ] Anyanka Funk > 5 bil to link.
  [ 117.07.23 22:14:28 ] Anyanka Funk > Che Biko you own nothing in origin, you are a worthless nothing.
 [ 117.07.23 22:15:06 ] Anyanka Funk > You could biomass and nothing would be lost.
 [ 117.07.23 22:15:44 ] Dominic Severa > you keep talking like anyone cares for your opinion........they dont
 [ 117.07.23 22:16:02 ] Anyanka Funk > glad.
 [ 117.07.23 22:16:07 ] Anyanka Funk > I'm glad.
 [ 117.07.23 22:16:35 ] Anyanka Funk > Why would anyone care about what I'm talking about?
 [ 117.07.23 22:16:36 ] Somethingmore > get glad?  GLAD TRASHBAGS?
 [ 117.07.23 22:16:52 ] Anyanka Funk > Not even Che cares.
 [ 117.07.23 22:17:09 ] Che Biko > I care, to some extend.
  [ 117.07.23 22:17:30 ] Anyanka Funk > Actions speak louder than words.
 [ 117.07.23 22:17:44 ] Che Biko > Give me time.
 [ 117.07.23 22:17:50 ] Anyanka Funk > No.
 [ 117.07.23 22:17:57 ] Anyanka Funk > Not worth it.
 [ 117.07.23 22:18:18 ] Anyanka Funk > Why I didn't kill you when I had the chance.
 [ 117.07.23 22:18:26 ] Anyanka Funk > Not worth it.
 [ 117.07.23 22:18:27 ] Che Biko > Oh, guess I won't kill anyone then.
 [ 117.07.23 22:18:39 ] Anyanka Funk > No surprise.
 [ 117.07.23 22:20:27 ] Che Biko > I have in the past, but not that you care.
 [ 117.07.23 22:21:21 ] Anyanka Funk > I just killed another capsuleer.
 [ 117.07.23 22:21:33 ] Anyanka Funk inserts Kill: Nsephiroth (Capsule)
 [ 117.07.23 22:26:41 ] Searbhreathach > 83 million sp toon with alts searching for pvp corp
 [ 117.07.23 22:27:09 ] Anyanka Funk > wormhoole corp.
 [ 117.07.23 22:27:28 ] Anyanka Funk > with caps in public hangar.
 [ 117.07.23 22:28:21 ] Anyanka Funk > Searbhreathach <3
 [ 117.07.23 22:58:46 ] Che Biko > Bye, Funk. I'll see you around, I guess.
Local : Bhizheba
 [ 117.07.23 23:00:45 ] Anyanka Funk > Yes.
 [ 117.07.23 23:00:49 ] Anyanka Funk > Around.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ché Biko on 30 Oct 2015, 16:40
Internal Interstellar Correspondents mail:

Ché Biko dropped of our radar. All I know is that it seems he has not been in contact with other capsuleers in weeks, possibly not even those within ALXVP. My source in CONCORD says he's not been in capsule during this time, and likely spends most of his time baselining in Origin. A colleague at Transhumanity Today mentions some rumors about a new romance, but nothing solid. Does anyone have something on him, or willing to dig up stuff in Origin? I know it's not the first time he's done something like this, but I'd like to find out why.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Utari Onzo on 04 Dec 2015, 10:22
A new Business Interest has been registered with the Imperial Trade Registery by House Gallius Estates Management Ltd

Full public listing below:

Quote from: Imperial Trade Registry New Interest #0412117-138
Parties: House Gallius Estates Management Ltd & Darvish Agricultural Ltd

Corporation/Entity: House Gallius Estates Management Ltd.
Corporation Reg: #319203716
Type: Property Management/Investments
CEO: Lord Thiago Gallius
Financial Director: Utari Onzo
Address: Gallius Estate,
              Sarum Prime III,
              Sarum Prime,

Corporation/Entity: Darvish Agricultural Ltd.
Corporation Reg: #27590461
Type: Agricultural Supply
CEO: Lord Padraig Darvish
Financial Director: Kaden Golshiri
Address: Darvish Plantation 1-20,
              Alkabsi IV ,

Item: Business Interest - Merger/Aquisition
Desc: Proposed Merger/Aquisition BY House Gallius Estates Management Ltd OF Darvish Agricultural Ltd, subsidiary of House Darvish Invesments And Holdings Ltd.
Related: Deed of Transfer, Hrazabad Holdership, Amarr Civil Service document registration: 0312117-591057

Some local news outlets remark this is the first registered business interest or action taken by House Gallius since the sale of many of its subsidiaries 20 years ago. The company has had a sharp increase in liquid assets and cash balance aquired through the sale of bad bonds and stocks to a previously unheard of assets management company "Aimo Ltd."
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ché Biko on 10 Jul 2016, 07:39
An article in the SeyllInSide journal this afternoon:
SeyCon5 "After-party" Impacts Production

The fifth Seyllin Conference is being held on a gas extraction facility, suspended in the upper atmosphere of the gas giant Seyllin VIII. Although the facility's administrators predicted this would have a slight disturbing effect on production, a source near the facility's management predicts that an impromptu after-party at the canteen has led to a further 1% decrease in production this week. No after-party was scheduled to take place after the 1st day of the conference, and it was expected that most of the capsuleers visiting the conference would depart some time after the first day came to an end, as the facility's accommodations are quite spartan, and many already departed to take part in an expedition into the Anoikis system they refer to as Redoubt.

However, at least one capsuleer remained at the facility, and visited the canteen some time after arranging one of those spartan accomodations. The word is that former capsuleer sub-warp racing champion and humanitarian Ché Biko, these days a colonist in Anoikis, arranged an open bar, and started celebrating with the facilty staff present.

An employee of the canteen reports: "[Ché Biko] came in and arranged the open bar...he looked kinda tired or sad at first, but that changed quickly. He mingled with some production staff, ordering rounds of drinks and toasting to the successful completion of the first operation of his new mining vessel, which had returned safely after coming under attack. More and more people came into the canteen after word started to spread, and Ché...Msr. Biko wanted to increase the volume of the music, and I obliged...he started dancing and encouraged others to do the same. He also got some people to go and get some party lights. Soon, the place was pretty packed, things like this don't happen every day here. This night will likely go in the books as the most profitable of the year...for the canteen, I mean."

Another witness tells us: "Biko was genuinely having fun, but it was clear to me that he had another reason for coaxing us to let loose. Between and during his anecdotes, he was eyeing some of the women. And I'm pretty sure one of them joined him when he left the canteen to go to his accomodations."

Our inside source sheds light on the afterparty's aftermath: "Following the...celebration...there has been a considerable increase in people taking a sick day, and there was also a significant increase in staff not arriving for their shifts in time."

Upon inquiry, a spokesperson for the facility states: "It is true that...there have been some difficulties during the shift change this morning, but it is all within acceptable margins. [..] There will be no exceptional penalties for the staff that...celebrated a bit too much."

Today is the second and last day of SeyCon5, and the day ends with a reception. Although it is expected to be quite different from what happened in the canteen last night, Ché Biko is expected to attend this reception, so time will tell if there will be a repeat later tonight.

Ché Biko could not be reached for comment before publication of this article.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ché Biko on 05 Jan 2017, 11:09
((Parts of some communication between an editor and a reporter, mostly posted here for those who might be wondering how to take my absence ingame ICly.))



It's time to see if we can find something more newsworthy about Ché Biko than the official ALXVP statement that he is "dealing with some personal problems while traveling"...we haven't seen or heard anything about him in weeks, and there was talk of him becoming coordinator for the Biomass division shortly before he left.
Go see what you can dig up.




I'm not sure what to make of doesn't make a lot of sense, but this is what I've dug up:
On 8-28 Biko was in a road accident in the M-MD3B X-3 Thukker Mix Factory and treated for minor injuries at a first aid post. He left that post before being taken to the hospital for further treatment. He's wanted for questioning. Also...his license was suspended on this day.
I have good reasons to believe that on the 28th, or shortly after, he left the station for one of the system's planets, likely IX. His ship, an Astero, is currently in the care of a skeleton crew, the rest have moved back to Origin. So far, I have not been able to find a lot of traces of his whereabouts...I think he takes considerable effort in order to not be found.

I would advise not publishing any of this yet, let me try to find out more. I'm pretty sure there's more to this story.




Biko is back on the station. I've even been able to approach him, and he says he'd been traveling with a Thukker caravan on planet IX the past months. His story about the accident matches the official report that was released on the 15th: a one-sided accident, his only significant injury a broken scaphoid. Biko terminated our conversation after I asked him questions about his license suspension. It looks like he may be having a melancholic episode, but it's hard to tell, he was under the influence of...well, at least alcohol and dryweed, and maybe more. Also, he has some sort of abscess on his jaw. I'll try to see if I can speak with him in the next days.




A few days after my last mail, Biko left the station for planet IX again. He's pretty easy to track now, however, although he moves around a lot. Now the only thing he tries to hide sometimes is his face. But he still won't speak to me. All I've seen him do is partying, drugs, women, dancing. Maybe he has adopted the lifestyle of a nomadic playboy.
I'll let you know if anything changes. Sorry to disappoint.

Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ché Biko on 24 Mar 2017, 18:27
Part of a conversation on the Kasrasi IX - 5 Trust Partners Trading Post earlier this week:
On this station?

Yeah, I've heard he's...or she...has been in a coma for days.

Why? Can't they just like...activate a new clone?

I don't know...maybe that's not possible? Maybe the brain is damaged? I've heard that can mess with the...scanner thingy. Like with Midular?
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ché Biko on 22 May 2017, 07:34
I guess that by now it is possible that people have heard that Ché has been staying at Gottin's Lamp for 3 weeks and counting.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Lunarisse Aspenstar on 23 May 2017, 11:17
Rumor has it that the reason Lunarisse hasn't been seen much in space recently is she is expecting a child and insisting on natural child-bearing versus a creche or surrogate clone.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Lunarisse Aspenstar on 21 Jun 2017, 16:41
An announcement has trickled out to the Paparazzi from somewhere among the thousands of baseliners employed by the Society on its ships and at its facilities:

Announcement: New Baby Boy
From: Aria Jenneth
To: Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque [SFRIM]

Ave, pilots.

It's my rare privilege to announce that Praefecta Lunarisse Aspenstar Daphiti, early in the morning hours of the fifteenth day of the sixth month of YC 119, has given birth to a baby boy.

The Praefecta is still in recovery and will consequently be out of general contact for the next few days. Both mother and child are safe and well; no further complications are expected. Although the birth is considered early, it was made necessary by medical circumstances.

High-priority matters requiring the Praefecta's attention can be forwarded through myself or the Secretarix, but we would ask that lower-priority matters be allowed to wait until the Praefecta can give them her full attention.

Thank you.

Aria Jenneth
Sworn Retainer to Praefecta Daphiti
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Lunarisse Aspenstar on 17 Jul 2017, 20:49
Source: Kor-Azor Local Newsfeed

Caption: Bottle of Sarum Red and Two Wine Glasses By The Balconies' Edge

Sarumite man dies in fall from rustic ski lodge balcony in Kor Azor while preparing for romantic anniversary rendezvous.

* The local authorities have not released the name of the man who died.
* He died on the evening of Sunday June 16th.
* The owner, a wealthy capsuleer, is cooperating fully with local authorities in the investigation.

A Sarumite from Mehkios has died after falling from a rustic ski lodge balcony in Kor Azor sometime during the evening of Sunday June 16th.  He was discovered by a bodyguard of the property's owner, a Kor Azorite, during a routine advance security check.  The local authorities have not released the name of the decedent.

An unnamed source advises that the decedent was apparently preparing for romantic anniversary rendezvous with his wife.  Candles were set up, and a wine bottle was freshly decanted.  Alcohol is suspected as a factor. A more detailed autopsy is pending.  No foul play is suspected.

The lodge is located in a mountainous region which has many private vacation homes and ski lodges.   Busiest in the winter, many pilgrimage sites, shoppes, and restaurants nevertheless cater to vacationers year round due to the beauty of the region.

The decedent's wife and the property's owner, a wealthy capsuleer, and her bodyguard are cooperating fully with local authorities in the investigation.  The local authorities have not released the name of the capsuleer.

Caption: The Bereaved Widow Gazing Into The Mountains

Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ché Biko on 23 Jul 2017, 17:36
GalNet search of various combinations of the terms "skinned" "skinless" "bodypaint" "villore" "capsuleer" "119.07.23" "art".

Pictures and videos of someone who looks like bodypainted ( Ché in a B'Artique, a well known night club on Villore IV, with expressions ranging from moderately happy to suspicious, annoyed and sad. Most of them seem to have been taken after one or more of the patches covering his implant plug holes had come loose.
There is also some discussion/speculation and a gossip news article about who it was, if it was really a capsuleer, or just some kind of artistic statement about them.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ioannis_Sepphiros on 30 Jul 2017, 23:09
The Yulai Times apparently are running a piece on Sapphire Interstellar Banking Solutions, which speculates on the small cap company having acquired another capsuleer corporation within the Amarr Empire, marking the first expansion of S-IBS outside of CONCORD owned territories; there are speculations of more acquisitions happening throughout the four Nations as the corporation is marking growth since its inception. The interesting point  with that said piece is also an analysis that indicates the politics and bureaucracy of the Amarr Empire that pose a hurdle for foreign companies expanding there. Despite the best efforts of S-IBS of raising standings effectively and more notably with the Tash Murkon family and the Theology council. The Yulai times speculate that S-IBS and its founder is looking for natural allies within the Empire and not only....

 A small complimentary piece is accompanied for the CEO & founder of S-IBS, regarding his background and first humanitarian efforts during his pre capsuleer year. The piece ends with some wild speculations on the politics of Ioannis Sepphiros, as the man on that regard hasn't left a public hint, despite being associated with multiple political blocks so much so in the Federation as well as in Republic...
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Stutzer on 03 Aug 2017, 10:40
Baseline ice mining spotters in Kenobanala have reported seeing a capsuleer-flown Cheetah-class frigate of the designation 'Manivurdur' making frequent use of the Audesder gate over the past week. It was noted in their logs that there was no sign that the ship had ever deployed scanning probes, though it had appeared in system on several extended occasions.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ché Biko on 09 Aug 2017, 09:46
The V-lore Vanity Magazine posted a video:
Diplomat Dating Disaster

Video starts with Ché Biko's license picture.
"For a while, rumors had been circulating that capsuleer Ché Biko, a diplomat for the corporation Alexylva Paradox and their colony in Anoikis named Origin, was still in Villore following a charity Gala at the Zyphillian Gate. Until now, these rumors could not be confirmed, and sources within the Federation government denied there were any diplomatics going on with Alexylva Paradox or Msr. Biko.
Last night, however, we received a tip that Biko would be attending a concert with a +1, and we send a reporter to check this out."

Footage starts playing showing Biko (dressed in this (, carrying coat over his left arm) and Lasairiona Raske (dressed in this ( taking their center balcony loge seats in a concert hall (, filmed from their front left.
"The woman has been identified as Lasairiona Raske, the capsuleer proprietress of L'Amore in Ballo in Kasrasi, mother of four, and rumored to be in a romance with the Mercenary Coalition capsuleer Davlos, who had bid 1 billion ISK in a charity auction to date Raske. Raske had bid a quarter billion ISK in that same auction to date Biko, but whether or not their attendance of this concert was that date or something that followed is not clear."

Footage showing Biko raising a glass of whisky to Lasa, who makes it meet with her glass of white wine.
"Their evening started off well enough..."

Footage showing a compilation of Lasa smiling very happily, Ché smiling slightly at Lasa, Ché looking at the orchestra with his eyebrows twitching into frowns and glistening eyes.
"...and they both seemed to enjoy the concert, and the music visibly moved them, barely speaking with eachother."

Footage showing Lasa resting her hand on Biko's arm, Ché glancing at this and the slightly smiling at Lasa, who smiles over at Ché and says something to him. Ché then bows his head and turns his arm, inviting Lasa's hand into his. The camera zooms in on their hands as their fingers intertwine.
"As the concert went on, the two got increasingly intimate."

Footage showing Lasa resting her head on his shoulder, then showing Ché watching the concert with a frown, a wry smile and teary eyes as Lasa tips her head slighty to look at him and say something low in his ear. Che smiles a bit wider in response and nods as a tear escapes the inner corner of his eye. He lets it flow halfway down his cheek before wiping it off.
"It even seemed they were about to kiss. But then things took a wrong turn."

Footage showing Ché standing to applaud, Lasa gracefully doing the same and smiling at Ché. Ché wipes his eyes, then smiles slightly at Lasa, and says something to her. Lasa's reply causes him to laugh. Lasa peers at him, flushed, and appears to ask a very short question. Ché smiles and shakes his head as he sits down again. He says something to Lasa, then starts laughing again, then holds the bridge of his nose. Lasa frowns, clearly not enjoying herself. Ché sips his whisky as he truns his attention to the stage, Lasa sits down again, her mood a bit less light than before.
"At the end of the official program, a verbal exchange between the two was clearly not equally enjoyable for both of them. Biko seemed not to notice this initially, distracted by an unscheduled encore."

Footage shows Ché watching the performance, leaning back and stroking the hairs on his chin, perking up his left eyebrow amused. Lasa sits rather stiffy. The footage cuts to Ché standing and clapping, while Lasa sits and claps. Ché sits down next to Lasa with a soft smile and speak to her. Lasa's reply causes him to frown, he then replies before smiling slightly. Lasa stands and replies. Ché frowns and speaks to Lasa. Lasa blinks and replies. Ché leans forward and bows his head, angry frowns twitching his eyebrows. He gulps up the last of his whisky.
"After the encore, Biko became aware something was wrong, and appeared to try to remedy the situation, but was seemingly unsuccessful."

The camera picture wobbles as if walking, the viewpoint moving closer and more to the side of the subjects being filmed as they continue their discussion, Lasa clenching and unclenching her hand by her side, Ché scoffing and looking at Lasa briefly with an angry frown before looking at the floor again. He then smiles slightly in response to something Lasa said and shaking his head as he replies before leaning back in his seat and looking towards the stage with a grim expression on his face continuing saying something.
"He soon seemed to enjoy himself as little as Raske, perhaps even less so."

Footage continues the camera now to the side and slightly behind the subjects. Lasa says something to Ché, which causes him to look at Lasa with teary eyes and an angry frown as he exclaims "Because, make me feel the same!" Ché looks behind him, over his shoulder. The camera pans sharply to a group of people behind Ché and Lasa who appear to have stopped exiting the hall to look towards Lasa and Ché in response to his outburst, but the quickly continue their departure. The camera flicks back to Ché and Lasa, who continue talking.
"The discussion between the two got quite heated, an outburst of Biko grabbing the attention of some of the departing audience."

Footage shows Lasa and Ché continuing their talk as the camera continues to walk closer behind the pair, Ché resting his face in his hands, Lasa lifting her chin, Ché looking to Lasa sadly, Lasa biting her lip to stop it trembling. Ché sighs and stands, smiling wryly and shaking his head slightly, remaining silent. Lasa quickly turns to gather her things. Ché frowns and lets his head fall forward. Lasa turns again, and speaks to Ché, the microphone picking up words gradually as it comes closer.
"You [.]ow, [.]I [.]t [.]ot be per[.]e[.]..I've [.]ev[.] [.]rofessed to be, [.]ut I do try to be nice to people. And that's something pretty damned rare in this universe." Ché remains standing, frozen, head down.
Lasa continues, "So, if you have something to say to me, say it now. Because I'm tired of feeling like dirt around you."
Ché looks up to Lasa and responds, "...You...despite your imperfections...", he tears up, "...I could never hope to be like you are...I can only hope to be the dirt beneath your feet." He lets his head fall forward again. "Now go before we burn each other again."
Lasa sighs, closing her eyes for a moment, before she departs. Ché watches Lasa go as tears flow down his cheeks. He then notices and turns to the camera and frowns angrily. "Fuck you!" He keeps his frown on the camera for a moment, then turns and sits back down on his seat, leaning forward, burying his face in his hands.

Footage cuts to Ché, filmed from behind, still sitting with his face in his hands. The camera then focuses on the stage, where Lasa can be seen talking to the orchestra conductor. She glances briefly in Ché's direction before leaving. The camera focuses on Ché again, who seems to not have noticed Lasa.

"There you have it, folks. Special Ambassador Biko. Lets hope he has more success in dealing with Diplomats."
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Lasairiona on 10 Aug 2017, 08:56
V-lore Vanity Magazine issued a press release:

It is with great sadness we announce the untimely death of our editor-in-chief. He was found in his office, having committed suicide. There will be no further investigation into his death.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Utari Onzo on 09 Oct 2017, 01:22
Latest rumours have circulated that prominent Amarrian capsuleer Utari Onzo has turned in his licences. Sources state the combat veteran is looking to focus on his work for his liege lord, Lord Avarr. More details to follow.
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Nmaro Makari on 12 Oct 2017, 18:35
In local news today, Federal authorities in Yashunnen executed an eviction warrant on the grounds of public health for several dilapidated facilities on one of it's stations, thought to have formerly belonged to capsuleer corporations.

Authorities are somewhat baffled and "horrified" according to one court officer, at finding a number of perplexing and sometimes dangerous items during the enforcement action, including, according to the officer "... a number of creatures enhanced with cybernetics for... I can't imagine what reason, who puts radar equipment in a chinchilla's ears I would rather not find out, uh what else... A sculpture of a man made out of stubbed out cigars and whiskey bottles, it beeped when we got close, a transistor radio that appeared to be sentient, an empty swimming pool full of old-school spreadsheets, several empty containers marked 'Nina's porn stash' on their outer walls, with accompanying crude drawings of a stick man in congress with a rogue drone, various impressionist and post-modern portraits of a... moustache? Oh and arms an ammunition, enough for a small war. Yeah. Weird day."

Only one person was removed from the premises by officers, a bystander reported to us that all he could hear was someone screaming the phrase "Where is Heaven, anyway?"
Title: Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
Post by: Ioannis_Sepphiros on 13 Oct 2017, 12:17
Yulai Times article as of 13/10/119

After some months of preparations, Sapphire Interstellar Banking Solutions(S-IBS), is rolling out investment projects all over the Amarr Empire and the Minmatar Republic,  in an effort to expand operations but also play a role into developing and enhancing the Third Sector in the respecting regions.

Reports are indicating the efforts of S-IBS standing in the scale of multiple billions ISK for each region. Led by the CEO of S-IBS there seems to be a tour of inspecting operations assumed by S-IBS personnel and respected clientele and partners. The tour is expected to last a while for the nearby future.

Ioannis Sepphiros, CEO and Founder of S-IBS gave a brief statement earlier today stating in Yulai Times that

"The purpose of S-IBS is to stand alongside officials and stakeholders that have a direct effect at the regions S-IBS will be operating in, promoting interstellar cooperation with the sole aim of achieving triple helix results and ensuring that local societies are benefited sustainably and hopefully building step by step a better New Eden, together."

More details will soon follow.
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Post by: Stutzer on 26 Oct 2017, 17:21
After spending weeks investing in volatile, high-volume commodity futures contracts in order to secure moon mining rights and infrastructure at Hedaleolfarber VI - Moon 12, market forces have compelled Otherwhere Circle to liquidate their position, moving billions of ISK back into cash reserves. In addition, due to the contract defaults, the corp incurred SCC penalties totaling over 38 million ISK.
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Post by: Ché Biko on 23 Jan 2018, 18:29
Rumor has it that Biko managed to find, and contribute to, a party somehow, somewhere, on the Burreau Memorial Laboratory between SeyCon days 1 and 2, being among the last to leave as the party came to an end.
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Post by: Stutzer on 11 Feb 2018, 20:36
Finance and asset analysts employed by Intaki Commerce were detained briefly when their commercial shuttle was stopped by CAD customs officials in Hror. While the vessel was found to be free of contraband, documents obtained revealed that the shuttle was chartered through a CONCORD station in Mormelot, with the passenger manifest listing the destination as the Minmatar Mining Corporation outpost at Gulfonodi X-18. The employees were released after questioning.