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Ship crews either spend most of their journey in their escape pods, and are awoken with adrenaline only as needed?(Source: The Burning Life novel by CCP Abraxas.) or live aboard ship much like ship's crews today? (Source)

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Author Topic: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!  (Read 19461 times)


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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #15 on: 18 May 2011, 18:24 »

Somebody is a Charles Stross fan.

Hamish Grayson

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #16 on: 18 May 2011, 18:36 »

Yup!  The wife asked me what I was doing and I told her I was committing blatant plagiarism :bear:

For reference, I used the prolog from Charles Stross' Halting State.
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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #17 on: 18 May 2011, 20:38 »

Semi-autonomous knowbot shenanigans!
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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #18 on: 21 May 2011, 02:23 »

overheard conversation between two Re-Aw office staff in a bar on Gulf x- 15 station

"... think that with her responsibilities she'd cut down the partying."
"But no?"
"Spent half the morning yesterday on her knees in the CEO's head. Must have been some hangover."

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #19 on: 16 Jun 2011, 01:45 »

113.06.16 - Vourrassi -  Ishukone's pre-eminent place in R&D and ground-breaking research developments continues. Scientists from around the Cluster, including even capsuleers, travel to consult our scientists and technicians.  <Ishukone News >

overheard in a cafe on Vourassi V - 13 - Ishukone Corporation Factory station

"Oh, sure, you saw a podder. And he was having coffee with Heth, I bet."
"No, he was walking down D - 43."
"Did he have two heads? Laser beams for eyes?"
"He looked like a real person except for the plugs on his neck. The woman with him, she looked weirder. Something wrong with her eyes."
"They shot laser beams?"
"I'm serious! I saw a podder, walking down D - 43, arm-in-arm with some girl with messed-up eyes."
"I'm serious too, Sawara. You have got to lay off the blue."

Silver Night > I feel like we should keep Cia in reserve. A little bit for Cia's sanity, but mostly because her putting on her mod hat is like calling in Rommel to deal with a paintball game.

Victoria Stecker

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #20 on: 21 Jun 2011, 11:41 »

Overheard between servants in the inner halls of Mercy's Keep.

"Hey, you know that one capsuleer? The redhead with the strange eyes?"
"There's a lot of redheads, you mean the one that walks in the snow in a t-shirt, and then orders ice water?"
"Yeah, her, she's kinda... well... cocky, you know?"
"She's a capsuleer, they're insane, to say nothing of cocky."
"Of course, of course - but I tried to talk to her in the Library, she's been there a lot - and she's actually really shy. I've never met a capsuleer that's shy."
"She hikes around the mountain in a t-shirt. She's insane. Don't worry about it."

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #21 on: 24 Jun 2011, 16:15 »

Frightened radio chatter from a drug runner chemical facility

Male voice: A CARRIER?
Male voice 2: They took out the defense forces!
Local transmission: Reinforced resistance detected. Withdrawing assault teams and acquired cargo.
Station voice 3: Critical dam-

Ghost > So yes, she was Ghost's husband-
Ashar > So Ghost was a gay Caldari and she went through tranny surgery
Ghost > Wait what?
Ashar > Ghosts husband.
Ghost > No she was - Oh god damnit.

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #22 on: 25 Jun 2011, 07:13 »

there are rumours around the EFA Oris station that Graelyn is seeing a mystery blonde woman.


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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #23 on: 27 Jun 2011, 03:38 »

Possibly overheard in Trosquesere, at the Duvolle Laboratories Factory.

Voice 1 (male, likely Deteis, speaking standard Gallentean): Hey.  Got a minute?
Voice 2 (male, possibly Civire, speaking a Gallentean dialect): Oïldas.
Voice 1: Pardon?
Voice 2 (switches to a Caldari dialect): Me'ukeliru tuo'oski ligoram.
Voice 1: That's not what I ... (switches to Caldanese) ... will you stop it with that shit?
Voice 2 (switches to Caldanese): Sure.  What's on your mind?
Voice 1: Heard your boss is back.
Voice 2: From where?
Voice 1: You know I can't tell you that.
Voice 2: And when are you going to learn we'd never ask you for that information?
Voice 1: So why did you?
Voice 2: I didn't.  Look at my face.  How does this not look like a surprised expression?
Voice 1: Cut the crap. Your face looks the same as it always does.
Voice 2: So, I'm permanently surprised.  If you had our boss, wouldn't you be?
Voice 1: Point taken.  So ... she's back, right?
Voice 2: I don't know what you're talking about.
Voice 1: Huh?
Voice 2: She never left.
Voice 1: You're saying she didn't (Gallentean) faire des vacances?
Voice 2: No.  I'm saying (Gallentean dialect) belle no do les e'er, (Caldanese) because I won't speak fucking (Gallentean dialect) Caillebas.
Voice 1 (Caldanese): Then where was she?
Voice 2 (Caldanese): Working on another project, I guess.  Listen, I've got to run.  Great seeing you.
Voice 1 (muttered, Standard Republic Matari): Asshole.



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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #24 on: 28 Jun 2011, 22:53 »

Overheard in a cafeteria frequented by staff from the station's research labs on Vuorrassi V – Moon 13 – Ishukone Corporation Factory

" ... totally freaked the fuck out. You should see the lab, she really did a number on it. Smashed everything."
"Threw a datachip at you again, did she?"
"Threw the terminal screen. I'm not kidding. Place looked like a bomb had gone off by the time security got her down."
"That's a bit extreme, even for her. What happened?"
"Dunno. She just flipped out. Kept yelling something about 'three years' and her 'whole life'."
"So what happened?"
"Carted off to medical."
"Will she be back?"
"Your guess is as good as mine. We need her on the project, that's for sure, bitch though she is."
"Then they'll get her back to work. One way or another."
Silver Night > I feel like we should keep Cia in reserve. A little bit for Cia's sanity, but mostly because her putting on her mod hat is like calling in Rommel to deal with a paintball game.

Kybernetes Moros

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #25 on: 30 Jun 2011, 20:05 »

Overheard somewhere on the Orvolle VII Federal Defence Union station.

"Hey, hey. You know that restaurant, the one out in Brellystier?"
"'ve been there again? It's a pain in the ass to get there and it's so fucking expensive."
"Well, true, but it's nice, and Sara loves it. But, listen, right. Guess who I saw there?"
"Uh. Some actor?"
Capsuleers! I think, anyway. I can't be sure, but..."
"So you saw two whackos with bits of metal rammed inside them."
"Probably, but cool whackos. I'm not sure who the first guy was -- looked Gallente, weird coat -- but the second? It looked like that one Sansha. The scruffy one, with the beard and hair."
"Okay, so you saw some fool who does normal capsuleer stuff and another with a fetish for cybernetics. I don't get it."
"They kissed!"
"To say 'hello'?"
"How many people kiss 'hello' with their tongues down each other's throats?"
"So this, of everything, of the fact that two murderers of millions, if you're not wrong about it all, and ignoring the scruffbag's hard-on for Kuvakei, was what stuck in your mind? A kiss."
"Of course! Bet it'll be in Inside the Capsule or something within the next day or two, tops."
"You'll never make any sense to me, you know that? Don't ever start, either; I'm scared I'll start seeing the world how you do, and I'm not sure my mind can take that."
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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #26 on: 30 Jun 2011, 20:20 »

Overhead at a local shore-leave bar on the Caldari Navy Assembly Plant located above Funtanainen VIII, Katrina's ship refitting ammunition and modules over the course of several hours.

"Well don' lookit me. She pays good, and she don' pay me to go 'round askin' questions. Best you keep yer mouth shut, iff'n you wanna last long 'round here."
"You're telling me you haven't ever at least wondered if the rumors are true?"
"Ain't sayin' I don' wonder. Sayin' it ain't my place be askin'."
"Okay, well you've worked cargo duty before, right? You've seen her station quarters back at New Caldari."
"When was the last time you ever saw a man with her?"
"Can't say ah seen 'er much'a any, leastwise wit' no right 'n proper man."
"Well then?"
"Don' mean nothin'. You git yer eyes outta them clouds, boy. You gon' git yerself airlocked, talkin' like that."
"Tch. Well, I think the rumors are true."
"An' I think yer drunk."


Usagi Tsukino

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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #27 on: 06 Jul 2011, 16:26 »

Lovebirds face down police; again.

Official reports leaked to our sources in Syndicate highlight the latest developments in the volatile relationship between Rote Kapelle Terrorist pilots Usagi Hiretsukann and Logan Fyreite


Incident Report - Date 5/7/113
Incident Number: 1167994-AKS9913

Station: TXW-EI 8/8 Retail Center
Offense: 112A - Public Intoxication
Offense: 134C - Public Indecency
Offense: 177D - Resisting an Officer

Involved Parties
1 - Hiretsukann, Usagi K.
2 - Fyreite, Logan

At approximately 23:15, I, Officer Bayol, was dispatched to the botanical garden on level 72, section 7728-C in response to a complaint of two people being ‘loud and obnoxious’. Upon arriving, I did not see the suspects, but I did hear suspicious noises coming from behind the bushes.

Upon investigating, I found the aforementioned in a state of coitus, unclothed. Neither noticed me or cared, despite several verbal attempts to get their attention. I was finally forced to attempt to separate the pair, physically.

At that point, suspect Fyreite screamed incoherently at me, then lunged. I managed to avoid him, but was tripped by suspect Hiretsukann. Both laughed as I dropped, I attempted to pursue but by the time I scrambled to my feet, the pair had already made their exit. Heading towards the warehouse district, remaining unclothed. Both were later apprehended by backup units without further incident and were rejoined with their clothes at the patrol station.

Sources with the Station police in TXW confirm this incident, and Usagi and Logan were freed on their own recognizance after a short stint in lockup upon insistence from Legal representation of the suspects.

Further developments as they arise. :Fades to a grainy video image of the incident with Logan and Usagi taking off on foot, unclothed.:
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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #28 on: 12 Jul 2011, 13:39 »

Overheard in a crew bar in SYSTEM REDACTED - Moon 16 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant:

“I never thought I say this, but this sucks.”
“There’s just no pleasing you, is there? You whine when we’re underway all the time, you whine when we sit in the station. It’s not like you’re not getting paid.”
“I know, but the Skipper’s never been docked this long. Have you even seen him on the hangar deck lately?”
“Nope. I heard a couple of LTs talking the other day, apparently Republic Security figured out a way to freeze all of his assets and lock out his NeoComm access, he can’t even chit-chat with his egger buddies.“
“How is that even possible?”
“Dunno, but if it means I get an extra paid vacation, I’ll take it.”


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Re: Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
« Reply #29 on: 20 Jul 2011, 17:06 »

Overheard in a bar in Hek VIII Moon 12 Boundless Creation Factory

"I swear I saw it, three meters tall it was!"
"Yeah right.'
"How much have you been drinking again?"
"I swear its true.  It had white fur but black eyes, black as death, and it had horns on its head, and claws, massive claws."
"Yeeeaaahhh, and it ate you right up of course."
"Oh you laugh, but it tried.  Chased me to my snow tractor, then started attacking the door.   Even at full throttle I almsot didn't make it."
"Wait a minute,  was that the time you came back with the side all banged up and blamed a snowdrift?"
"Of course that was what I said then, do you think the captain would believe that kind of report?  She's a capsuler.  But I can tell you guys, you believe me, right?"
"Keep buying the drinks bub and I'll believe anything you want."

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