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Author Topic: Character names: History, reasons, etc.  (Read 24024 times)


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Character names: History, reasons, etc.
« on: 17 Apr 2010, 09:20 »

There was a thread about this elsewhere that had a lot of cool responses. Figure it is worth having one here as well. Interesting to see the basis for everyone's character names.

To start, Misan is the name I've used for years for my female mains in various MMOs (DAoC, SWG, WoW, etc). I got it after people started shortening Misanthropite (used as an ironic name for a Healer in DAoC) to Misan. It just kind of stuck from there and because I generally suck at coming up with character names I kept using it.  :roll:

The last name, Pal'taek was suggested by the guy who invited me to play EVE, after I had discovered that the first name was taken. No idea where he got it. Worked out fine as it seems Minmatar players love their apostrophes.
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Re: Character names: History, background, reasons, etc.
« Reply #1 on: 17 Apr 2010, 09:27 »

"Casiella" makes more sense to those who read Spanish... "almost her". Mostly because this was the first female character I played seriously in any RPG, MMO or otherwise.

"Truza" seemed to match it, though I started with "truco" ("trick" in Spanish).

I generally think of her as "Casi" for a nickname.


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Re: Character names: History, reasons, etc.
« Reply #2 on: 17 Apr 2010, 09:34 »

Since Casiella asked before, I'd already posted this in my bio thread thing so I'll just copy what I wrote there regarding Havo's callsign :)

It's Jehovah backwards, of course, but not really a particular OOC significance - I'm not a Satanist, for example.  When I played WoW there was this warlock named Havohej in the guild I was in (Cult of Luukos guild, Lightninghoof RPPvP server, Horde) and I thought the name was cool as hell.  So when I came to EVE, I jacked it!

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Natalcya Katla

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Re: Character names: History, reasons, etc.
« Reply #3 on: 18 Apr 2010, 21:14 »

Katla is named after a dragon in Astrid Lindgren's book "The Brothers Lionheart" (who may in turn have been named after the Icelandic volcano Katla). The name just always struck me as cool. I chose "Natalcya" to go along with it because I fancied giving her a Slavic-sounding name, and it fit.

The character has always been simply "Katla" to me, though. I rarely refer to her by her first name.
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Re: Character names: History, reasons, etc.
« Reply #4 on: 18 Apr 2010, 21:26 »

Vykos is form a V:TM character named Sasha Vykos(Myka when he was a he). I loved the name so I decided to use it especially since it sounded pretty cool coupled with Ember. Ember came about when I was brainstorming with a friend of mine about names for her daughter. I moslty came up with not so common ones Ember, Rune, Arika. She didnt use any of em so I been using them for various characters ever since with Ember Vykos being my favorite and always reserved for my main.
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Re: Character names: History, reasons, etc.
« Reply #5 on: 19 Apr 2010, 15:24 »

Zu's name:

It's a mix-

Zu - is from Zoey in Firefly.
Anna - a reference to the name of my holy priest from WoW.  She was a "sweet natured" person that everyone said could never hurt a fly.  But what no one knew was that she a leader in an assassian's guild sponsered by some overly zealous folks - I figured it fit with what I read about Eve. I've used Anna as part of the name for several charaters where they had a sweet demeanor.

Alondra - The last name of the charater Zu gets her body build from.  My druid also had the tendency to flip emotions and thoughts quickly.  One moment she might be ready to kill, the next playing with some trinket and perfectly happy.

Mix the three personalites together - add a fun little backstory to match the name and you have Zu.


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Re: Character names: History, reasons, etc.
« Reply #6 on: 21 Apr 2010, 16:05 »

I could not get the name I wanted (can't even remember what) back in the days of Legend of Mir and so in frustration....

It's been with me ever since in every MMO and I was extremely pleased when a few years ago the name became available in eve.  I rerolled instantly after paying some russian guy 100m to delete his char.

There is a nice IC story developed to support this name but that's private corp fiction ;)


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Re: Character names: History, reasons, etc.
« Reply #7 on: 25 Apr 2010, 04:58 »

Many, many years ago, in a town far, far away, I was a lonely, bored bachelor with a typewriter (thanks Mom!).  I wrote "hundreds" of short stories (the longest broke 100 pages before I grew bored with it).  In one of those stories an interstellar drifter was born:  Orion Core.

The name 'Orion' is simply a reference to the constellation that shines brightly in the winter months of the northern hemisphere.  The surname, 'Core,' isn't his real surname, but the dual focus of the original character:  to understand himself (his core) and to 'discover' the galactic core ("It's hard to discover something everybody can see from thousands of parsecs out, Orion").  The Original Orion Core (from hereon out referred to as OOC) was never given a surname.

In EVE, I've not given much thought to the name as I've used it in other games (right along with a host of other main and secondary characters from those long ago stories).
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Re: Character names: History, reasons, etc.
« Reply #8 on: 25 Apr 2010, 07:01 »

Many years ago I started writing my own Sci-fi book, and still am. As works in progress go it's a monster. But two of the main characters had the following names which followed me to MMO's.

Shamsara D'Morenta
Victoria Ballentyne

Shamsara D'Morenta was left on the pvp field in SWG when teh game turned shite (RIP) so I created a new one, Carmilla D'Morenta. I kept the surname and took Carmilla because I was watching a Hammer House of Horror movie when creating the toon.

Victoria Ballentyne was the main character in my book, and she was the first toon I created in Eve, now sold. Shortly after I created her, I think about a month later I gave her a sister, Angelina. Angelina being the name of the murderous wife of Jim D'Griz, the Stainless Steel rat.


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Re: Character names: History, reasons, etc.
« Reply #9 on: 28 Apr 2010, 15:22 »

When I signed up I asked the friend that persuaded me to do so what Matari names where like. She said a mix of Nordic and African. So Arnulf should be obvious enough. Ogunkoya is a Nigerian name.

Then after I joined I realised that the Sebiestors had the Nordic names & the Brutors most of the African ones. Hence Arn's mixed tribe heritage.
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Re: Character names: History, reasons, etc.
« Reply #10 on: 28 Apr 2010, 15:43 »

Back when I played Starcraft many years ago, I hated Terran Ghosts.

I made the name Ghost Hunter because of how much I hated them.

I have since given his name a much more appropriate meaning for EVE but that was what spawned it,  :lol:
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Ghost > Wait what?
Ashar > Ghosts husband.
Ghost > No she was - Oh god damnit.

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Re: Character names: History, reasons, etc.
« Reply #11 on: 01 May 2010, 13:19 »

Seriphyn is my generic Internet handle. Google him, you'll find him everywhere (except that bloody imposter, Seriphyn Knight).

Seriphyn is derived from Seraphim...bit shit I know.

Inhonores is Latin for "in honour" or "without honour". Also shit.


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Re: Character names: History, reasons, etc.
« Reply #12 on: 03 May 2010, 00:28 »

Sun is from a little joke I had with the player who brought me to EVE. She had a little mining corp of herself and an alt named Rising Sun Mining, Inc., and all of the ships were named "Sun <insert verb here>". "It would be funny if you used Sun as your last name." So, I did.

Kohiko was from a fit of inspired uninspiration.  (Don't tell me "uninspiration" isn't a word, little spell checker. It is now.)
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Re: Character names: History, reasons, etc.
« Reply #13 on: 03 May 2010, 10:44 »

Eva was a break from my norm in that I was dared to actually play a good guy for once. The name has two possible stories.

The first: "Evanda" means something along the lines of "light-bringer." It also draws on the character of "Evie" from V for Vendetta - the women who rebuilds after V tears the system down. And "Eve," the first mother (according to the Bible) and the woman who brought intelligence to mankind. While Char is a reference to rising from the ashes of destruction.

The second: Well I was playing "Eve" and she's my "Char"acter.

The first sounds much more intelligent and thought out, so please believe that one.

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Re: Character names: History, reasons, etc.
« Reply #14 on: 04 May 2010, 19:21 »

If you Google my character's name, you will see why I wish CCP let you change names.

It's one of those things where had I known that a) I would have been playing this game for 6+ years b) I would have been involved in any kind of role playing and c) had to confess why I chose it, I wouldn't have.

Usagi was one of three characters I rolled when I started. Usagi was one of two combat oriented ones, I kept her because she was cuter (and at the time looked like her namesake; they do allow portrait swaps, so at least there is that...).

At this point I have no interest in tossing away 60m skill points (should be more, but I've walked away a couple of times) over something silly like her name.  :P

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