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The Ishukone corporation is one of the major players in the 'liberal' faction and was the first non-Jovian organization to receive capsule technology from the Jovians?

Author Topic: [Character] Warner Grayson  (Read 65 times)


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[Character] Warner Grayson
« on: 22 Dec 2017, 20:21 »

Caldari State Military Academy Records: File: Warner Grayson

Gender: Male

Race: Deties

Age: Redacted: See classified

GPA: 4.3

Collective Family Networth: 3.2 Trillion ISK

Prior Education: Redacted

Current Enrollment Status: Graduated with Honors.
-Employment Status: Private Military Contractor
Employer: HC Collective

Biographical Information: Redacted: See classified

Psychological Eval: Redacted: See classified

Pilot Status: Cleared

Officers Note: For the last time we are NOT getting into this. I don't care what the other students have said or how many complaints the other families have made, this is the GRAYSON'S we're talking about. With the amount of money this little nut-jobs Father has invested into the Academy we could arm a fleet Dreadnoughts! So NO, the below information is not, and never will be declassified to anyone other than High Ranking Personal within the Academy!! Anymore inquiries into this matter and I'll have your hides! -Raiken

Classified Information Ahead: Biometric identification required before viewing.

Status: Approved. Match found. File unlocked.

Age: Legally speaking...we have no freaking clue, though he posses the genetic makeup of a fit 23 year old. Lab results show signs of extensive Genetic Splicing using unknown bleeding edge technology.

Lab Note: I've seen this kind of genetic engineering before, Raiken. It goes beyond just delaying the aging process, there are signs of extensive structural re-engineering on a cellular level. Bone density, muscle mass, autoimmune systems. This sort of genetic tampering must have cost a fortune. -Dr. Weidegar

A test tube baby?

No. This goes far beyond that. We're talking complete genetic restructuring. It's as if Tanner Grayson tried to "rebuild" his son. If I had to guess, I'd say it's Jove technology.

Good God...I new he was arrogant...but to go that far? Not a word of this to any of the nurses! Understood?

Prior Education: No formal academies listed. Just some records of a few private tutors. Despite not having a formal education, however, his marks on the entrance exams were perfect.

Psych Note: That's putting it mildly. The boys a damned genius! Perfect scores on every test I gave him. It's strange though, he can recite the names of every major trading hub in every High Sec system and can perform advance mathematical algorithms in his head, but when he first got here he barely understood any forms of Military discipline or even basic human interaction. -Dr. Zeidgar

So I've heard. The boy could barely lace up his uniform when he first arrived.

Exactly, Raiken! There's no indication of any formal military training, or even just basic understanding of social interaction. It's as if his head's just been crammed full of knowledge with no clear structure or format.

It didn't take him long to figure it out, and he never made the same mistake twice. He adapts well and his instincts are razor sharp. It's for that reason he was given some leeway when he first arrived.'s odd his father would send him here. This kid thinks like a computer, not a soldier.

I think I know.

What do you mean?

Look at the Psych Report, it'll explain everything.

Biographical Info: This one's no secret. Tanner Grayson is the majority stockholder and CEO of GeneSplice. Whose parent corporation just so happens to be freaking Ishukone!! Every single one of these snobby pricks are filthy stinking rich, but Tanner is the kind of rich that opens doors. Literally and figuratively. There isn't a single thing on this company I can find that isn't classified information of GeneSplice and the bigwigs at Ishukone. But from what I understand they dabble mostly in Biomedical Engineering and Genetic Modification. Extensive stuff too. We're not talking cosmetics, here. There were rumors he had gone off the deep end after his wife was killed in that Terrorist attack on Arcurio. But genetically modify your own son? This is Armani levels of conceded!

Not much available on the kid himself. By all accounts he didn't exist until he joined up with the Academy. No records of attending school. No medical history. Not even a doctors visit. All we really know is what he's told us himself, and from what he's told the other students. Which frankly isn't much. Apparently at one point his father was setting him up to take over the company when he suddenly just...stopped and had him sent here. We've tried multiple times to get in touch with Tanner but he refuses to return any of our messages. I'm beginning to suspect these donations he keeps sending are actually bribes to keep our mouths shut.

Psychological Eval: The student has displayed persistent antisocial behavior consistent with a psychopathic personality disorder. We've had multiple incidents of complaints of assault from other students, including one incident which tragically ended in a young girl going blind in her left eye. Though all of these charges were cleared due to lack of evidence. Off the record, the student has openly admitted in confidence with Dr. Zeidgar to being the culprit behind these violent attacks. Though he shows no signs of remorse or guilt he does not display any fetishistic behavior towards the acts. He doesn't seem to get pleasure out of hurting others, rather he simply finds it necessary. "To cripple the competition." As he put it in his own words.

In addition, the student has displayed almost animalistic prejudice towards the lower class. Going well beyond accepted social norms. Most of the violent incidents involved students coming from poor backgrounds here on scholarships. (Or handouts, as he called them during one of Dr. Zeidgar's sessions.) Where this prejudice comes from is anyone's guess, though the leading theory involves his mother's death. (She was killed in an explosion caused by a known socialist terror cell.) Other theories involve severe childhood trauma and genetic disorders. Though it may very well be a combination of the three.

What do you think, Doc?

Honestly. Part of me wants to ground him here and now and be done with it. We've seen how unstable he is, I think giving him a pod could prove to be disastrous....and yet...

And yet what?

We've seen this pattern of behavior before, in some of our best recruits as I recall. Though a bit unstable they tend to excel at everything they set out to do.

You think that's the case here?

His test scores speak for themselves. And aside from the violent outbursts he's been a model student. Respectful with the teachers, even more so with his drill sergeant. He's even made friends with several of the more affluent recruits. If it wasn't for the video footage we had deleted, I'd say the kid was a saint.

Good thing we had it deleted then before the parents got wind of it. So what's your final verdict?

Honestly, I'm not sure. I doubt anyone in any of the Major Corporations would even know about his...little problem, if we decided to clear him. And assuming his behavior stays in check he could prove to be a real asset. Either that or a time bomb. There's no way to know for sure. I'm leaving this one up to you Raiken.

I'll have to give it more thought. We can discuss this in greater detail after the next board review.

I'm sorry. But Warren's father just offered another donation. This just went above both your pay grades. The boy goes through, no questions asked. If anyone speaks more of this, they lose their jobs. That is all.



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Re: [Character] Warner Grayson
« Reply #1 on: 24 Dec 2017, 13:24 »

Just as a note, on the white theme of this forum most of your post is unreadable.  :D

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