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That "gods and spirits" is a popular Achura and Minmatar expression of disbelief?

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Author Topic: The Adventures of Vikarion the Red, vampire sorcerer in Skyrim.  (Read 6767 times)


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Just as a note: I haven't forgotten about this, but I've sort of over-skyrim-ed myself for a bit. I intend to continue this at some future point, but for now I'm taking a two or three month break.

However, I did enjoy this, and I'm planning to do one for a single-player 7 Days to Die game.

Morwen Lagann

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I know how you feel. I've been playing (and streaming) a lot of Skyrim lately myself.
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I'll just leave this semi-related tale here:

So, I was roleplaying in Oblivion some time ago, and I had just been Jedi mindtricked into bringing the Amulet of Kings to Weynon Priory. But night was falling, and I did not want to travel the possibly dangerous roads in the dark. So I hired a room in some inn, and prepared to go to bed. I took of my clothes and stored my stuff in a chest or something until I was just standing in my underwear with the amulet in my hands. The amulet refused to be stored in the chest, it would also not be placed on the table. When I tried to put it around my neck, it slipped off, yet strangely did not fall to the floor. Not knowing what else to do with it, I shoved the Amulet of Kings down my underwear and went to bed.
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