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Author Topic: [Character] Aero Yassavi  (Read 945 times)

Aero Yassavi

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[Character] Aero Yassavi
« on: 09 Feb 2014, 19:52 »

Name: Aero Yassavi
Age: W.I.P.
Height: W.I.P.
Weight: W.I.P.
Hair: W.I.P.
Eyes: W.I.P.
Birth Place: Sarum Prime V
Occupation: PIE Ground Forces - Praetoriani Classiarii Templares [PCLAS].
Languages: Amarrad
Known Affiliations: Kaimera Lodge PIE


Aero Yassavi was born on Sarum Prime V, which is a harsh stormy planet with shielded cities. Despite being in one of the most populated systems in the Empire and the system of one of the royal families, including the current empress, Sarum Prime V isn't very populated at all. Additionally, the wiki states "inhabitants rarely see direct sunlight due to the thick cloud cover." ((These are both sort of themes I want to go for with Aero, or at least with a younger Aero, the idea of being so close yet so far away.))
[Since Sarum Prime V is primarily inhabited for mining purposes, and given that visitors become ill after a few days, I'm taking a bit of liberty and saying it is a very low class society with less than standard infrastructure and up-keeping to traditional Amarr culture. What I mean by this is the Amarr faith here is taught quite loosely and frankly not very well. Residents are all strong supporters of the Empire but aren't necessarily in touch with their spiritual side.]
 A couple years after Aero is born his brother Eirik is born. The Yassavi family is True Amarr, but the parents are poor working class. This is something that nags at Aero as he grows (not public knowledge). Both Aero and Eirik begin working at a young age to help provide income for the family. Aero worked at the ports loading and unloading cargo and resources, whereas his brother Eirik worked with their father in the mines. Most the their days were spent working. There wasn't too much difference between the slaves and the owners, everyone put in their fair share.
At the age of 17 Eirik packs up and leaves, with a note left saying he is searching to bring in more money for the family. This confuses Aero, Eirik was always closer to the parents, while Aero always sort of resented his parents for their low class but honored them noneless (again, not public knowledge). Aero never hears from his brother again until much later. He stays on Sarum Prime V and continues to work and support himself and his parents until eventually they die 3 years later when Aero is 22. As his parents were the only thing keeping him on Sarum Prime V, he takes this as an opportunity to leave. He books a one way ticket to neighboring planet Mekhios, where he enlists in one of the finer educational institutes to further his spirituality with the Amarr faith. This is in fulfillment of deep desires built up within Aero growing up to become a higher class Amarr citizen. Aero continues to do extensive research into theology and empirical history and eventually gets enlisted into the military. Over the years he moves up to a position as an officer leading a battalion Kaimeras, and with the promotion coming with his mandate to the the Templar Program to receive the implant.
Aero later leaves to join PIE as he sees them as a better institution to take full advantage of his capabilities as an immortal while still serving the empire as the primary goal. Seven months after joining PIE Aero reunites with his brother for the first time in several years by coincidence after getting deployed to the same mission. Whatever resentment Aero held towards his brother for leaving has since past, as he has always been traditional and orthodox and his time on Mekhios and serving directly for the empire and with PIE has only increased that. To him, Eirik is his brother and a fellow loyalist to the Amarr Empire and for those reasons he respects him.