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that hovercraft are common vehicles on stations? (p. 88)

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Author Topic: Your Most Horrible Experience In EVE  (Read 10428 times)

Utari Onzo

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Re: Your Most Horrible Experience In EVE
« Reply #90 on: 28 Jul 2015, 15:12 »

Lazerquazerknocks making every c6 hole 13 bumped into literally a dead ground. Online sticks everywhere with farmers, protected by glorious russian blob and friends, able to just log off and leaving us impotent at evicting them to make way for real pvpers.

The wormhole super highway got super stale super quick, and I won't be going back there any time soon.

Other then that the occasional bug of jump hole, leads to wrong system that you already mapped before, jump back again and once more you're somewhere random.
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Re: Your Most Horrible Experience In EVE
« Reply #91 on: 19 Aug 2015, 03:45 »

I guess changing mains 3 times because... I didn't like the names. <_< That's my most "horrible" experience. I feel like I've spent too much of my EVE time waiting for AWU V and Logistics V.

Small-time compared to what I read here, but for like 4-5 years I was just an occasional player, a scaredycat mission runner who read about scams and tricks to avoid them, and thus never fell into anyone's net. Stayed mostly on my own, or with a few RL friends, never really got into any drama.
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