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Author Topic: In-game RP & OOC Channel List 2.0  (Read 13579 times)


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Re: In-game RP & OOC Channel List 2.0
« Reply #60 on: 10 Dec 2016, 21:18 »

Confirming that The Singing Sands is no longer a thing.

Lunarisse Aspenstar

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Re: In-game RP & OOC Channel List 2.0
« Reply #61 on: 11 Dec 2016, 22:00 »

Of the ones listed some are, most aren't. I sometimes like to use them for unique settings :)

There are active channels though.


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Re: In-game RP & OOC Channel List 2.0
« Reply #62 on: 15 Dec 2016, 17:21 »

Trying something a bit different from my other attempts, we'll see how it goes.

Name: Vul·sun·ger
Short Description:
  • A private club adjacent to the Otherwhere Circle offices in the Trust Partners station at Gelfiven VI. While located in a capsuleer-restricted area, the club counts former clone soldiers among their members.
Faction: No affiliation, with caveats (below).
Channel Type: Bar and Lounge
Connection Type: In-person only
Owner: Otherwhere Circle
Operators/Mods: Otherwhere Circle
Additional Info:
  • Yes, the interpuncts are in the channel name.
  • This is a place for comfortable conversation.
  • Smoking and drinking are encouraged, not required. A full open bar is available, as are a variety of tobacco products upon request. Please consider tipping your attendant.
  • A very limited menu will be provided, but will be subject to the availability of ingredients.
  • The venue will occasionally be closed for private functions. Please do not be alarmed if access is temporarily suspended.
Membership Terms:
  • You must be able to lawfully enter Republic space. Criminals and enemy combatants barred.
  • You must be given the password by an existing member. Their vouch grants membership. Misconduct on the part of one bars both.
  • This is a social club. As part of our lease agreement with Trust Partners, commercial activities are prohibited. Please leave your business outside.
Venue Description:

Beyond the landing dock and antechamber, where guests are politely asked to remove their footwear, is a low-cielinged and dimly-lit hall roughly one-third as wide as its length of some thirty meters. Upon entering, the guest is immediately welcomed by an invigorating amalgam of tobacco aroma and floral musk accompanied by quiet musical contemplations.

The floors here are tumbled black slate, the stones’ irregularities weathered, and they are heated from below as though by late afternoon sunlight. About the floor’s rear and right edges are inset recessed fixtures which cast gentle light upwards onto walls of honey grey splitface ledgerstone, creating textures of gradually softening shadow.  Across from the entrance is a dark and indistinct wall, with a dimly-lit portal to a cloakroom that is staffed by an attendant. To the right of the cloakroom a pair of stewards keep the bar, itself a somewhat imposing ornament of machined ebony, black and streaked with brown grains, impeccably finished, and inlayed with a ribbon of octahedrite iron complete with characteristic crystalline lamellae. A half-dozen tripods of waxed ebony serve as barstools, while the foot rail appears to be ship salvage of some sort and is, predictably, rust-covered.

The sparse furnishings that occupy the remainder of the bar floor are broad and low, chairs and tables of walnut with accent lines of white teak and aniline thokfa leather. Their boxy geometry is offset only by the use of tight bends in the place of joints, but it is clear they are intended for lounging rather than dining. A walnut slab is slung between two flat arcs of rusted iron and currently serves as a sideboard along the wall right-adjacent to the entrance.

At the far end of the hall is a wall-to-wall, floor-to-cieling plastisteel window, before which the floor drops a step to a surface of unheated quartzite that is strewn with animal hides. Floating beyond is the grey-white face of the nearby moon of Gelfiven VI. The informal seating arrangement here is accompanied by a small table service of rosewood and brushed steel. Another attendant waits between this observation deck and the entrance to the kitchen.

The stewards are attentive and courteous, but stoic. Their dress is a blend of traditional robes and professional attire cut along minimalist lines. Most of them bear unusual features or markings on what little skin can be seen.

Stewards Roster:
  • Kaimo, a Calmatar and former clone soldier, manages the cloakroom and entryway.
  • Burund, a badly-scarred Minmatar of mixed heritage, is the barkeep and likes to talk.
  • Zastanab, a Vherokior man of middling age, is the gentle-mannered mixologist known for skillful storytelling.
  • Dasheir, a blind Nefantar girl, attends the observation deck and is known as an insightful listener.

(I couldn't think of a PF term to replace 'plastisteel', for some reason. Might have to noodle something up.)
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