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Author Topic: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump  (Read 17523 times)


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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #90 on: 18 Dec 2016, 07:27 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet

Name: Elissa Anna Book (unconfirmed)
DED Callsign: Elissa Book
Blood Type: 0-
Age: 32
Height: 167 cm (5'6'')
Weight: 57kg (125 lbs)
Hair Colour: unknown (currently black)
Eye Colour: blue
Political Alignment: unknown
Date of Birth: YC86.09.22
Place of Birth: Amarr Prime, Dam-Torsad
Employment History: Hedion University, EVE University, Black Rise Security Division, Black Rise Search and Rescue
Status: Clear

DED Charges:
> Illegal salvaging

DED Threat Assessment: low

Notes: Not fully known past due to bureaucratic machinations of unknown parties, possibly result of family connections. Known to have advanced field expertise in structural integrity assessment of various types of hulls.

Personality Assessment: Pilot is usually calm and quiet type. Extraordinarily vengeful although not excessively religious. Respects tradition and moral values, can be easily set off by betrayal or treason. Known of being observant and thoughtful.

Dante Sriker

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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #91 on: 05 Feb 2017, 05:53 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: SRIKER, Dante
DED Callsign: Dante Sriker
Blood Type: O-
Age: 24
Height: 172cm (5ft 6in)
Weight: 74kg (163lbs)
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Steel Gray
Political Alignment: None
Date of Birth: Exact Date Unknown
Place of Birth: Null-Security Space, Exact Location Unknown
Employment History: Republic Military School
Status: Under Investigation

DED Charges:
> Hacking
> Narcotics
> Grand Theft Auto
> Fraud
> Arson
> Theft
> Blackmail

DED Threat Assessment: Low

> Mother Unknown, Father MIA while serving Republic Military Covert Ops Branch.
> Capsuleer has previously hacked into DED Database and rewritten data, such as Status, DED Charges and Threat Assesment.
> Increased Low-Security Space activity after graduation from Republic Military School.

Personality Assessment:
Subject noted as a sociopath and may alter personality and attempt to minipulate others for personal gain. Sriker has been noted as not dangerous unless aggrivated or persuaded to be otherwise.
Capsuleer suffers from social anxiety in large crowds and minor ADD. Negative traits may be linked to not knowing his mother and father going MIA while still young.

Physical Assessment:
Capsuleer's distinguishing features include lip, ear and bridge piercings as well as facial augmentation and tattoo.


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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #92 on: 07 Feb 2017, 14:57 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: Delian Echerie
DED Callsign: Delian Echerie
Blood Type: AB
Age: 24
Height: 1.94 m
Weight: 77kg
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Political Alignment: Gallente Federation
Date of Birth: YC94.10.09
Place of Birth: Dodixie IX
Employment History: Center of Advanced Studies, Federal Defense Union, The Scope
Status: Under Investigation

DED Charges:
> Smuggling neural boosters
> Hacking
> Piracy
> Possesion of Narcotics
> Murder
> Cargo Theft

DED Threat Assessment: moderate

Notes: Capsuleer was caught on smuggling neural boosters with Pannah Nasale. He is her good friend and assiociate. Delian is very skilled hacker working under alias "Noisy boy".

Personality Assessment: Delian is very courageous and charismatic. He is also brave and won't hesitate.
Physical Assessment: Pilot is quite muscular for gallente.
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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #93 on: 27 Feb 2017, 04:54 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: <record expunged, 118/11/03>
DED Callsign: Jev North
Blood Type: O, rhesus negative
Age: 35
Height: 167cm (5' 6")
Weight: 63kgs (138lbs)
Hair Colour: Dark brown (habitually bleached blonde)
Eye Colour: Blue
Political Alignment: Disaffected / Postnationalist
Date of Birth: <record expunged, 118/11/03>
Place of Birth: <record expunged, 118/11/03>
Employment History: Anshar Incorporated (current), notable history includes Pyre Falcon Defence and Security, Ghost Festival. Set up and abandoned a number of shell- and minor industrial/trade corporations. Graduated from State War Academy twice, once as a capsuleer in YC111, once as 2nd Lt. (jr.) CNV in YC108, prior to large-scale deployment of compatibility testing. Although never formally dismissed from Pyre Falcon, there is a notable gap in her activity around early YC115 to YC117; cause unknown.

Status: Clear
DED Charges:
<all charges cleared, 118/11/03>

DED Threat Assessment: Harmless
Notes: Currently law-abiding capsuleer, although resident outside CONCORD jurisdiction.
<further records expunged, 118/11/03>

Personality Assessment: Public persona of a generally centered if ruthless capsuleer, enjoys dry/sarcastic humor. Seems to dislike non-crew baseliner death, if for mostly aesthetic reasons. Claims current focus on capsuleer-versus-capsuleer combat and Sleeper drone eradication for salvage value is a "moral evolution."

Physical Assessment: H-type mesomorph, physically fit. Surveillance shows subject suffered from moderate ataxia of the legs from around YC113, although this seems to have largely abated in recent years. Often seen carrying a walking stick, now apparently as an affectation. Besides using an SPZ-3 'Torch', no known nonstandard implants.
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