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Author Topic: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump  (Read 19708 times)


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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #75 on: 20 Aug 2014, 13:24 »

CONCORD DED Capsuleer Profile (Classified)

Name: Karynn Imogen Denton
DED Callsign: Karynn Denton
Blood Type: A+
Age: 35
Height: 178 cm / 5' 9''
Weight: 60kg / 132 lbs
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Clan: Katanga
Tribe: Thukker
Date of Birth: YC81.11.14
Place of Birth: Unknown system, Great Wildlands
Employment History: KD Astrometrics, Molden Heath Salvage Yard, Z-Labs, Clan Katanga Caravan
Status: Wanted criminal

DED Threat Assessment:

DED Charges:
> Theft
> Possession of contraband
> Possession of contraband with intent to supply
> Trafficking
> Piracy
> Trespassing
> Resisting arrest
> Piloting while intoxicated

Personality Assessment:
Amiable and self-assured. Prone to superstition and kleptomania.

Physical Assessment:
Tall, athletic build.
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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #76 on: 15 Oct 2014, 03:54 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: Intayazz Windayack
DED Callsign: Intayazz
Blood Type: O+
Age: Unknown- Assume approximately 25 years
Height: 1.78m (5'10")
Weight: 80.45kg (177lbs)
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Light Blue
Political Alignment: United Factions Supporter
Date of Birth: Unknown- Assumed between YC91.6.01 - YC91.12.31
Place of Birth: Unknown- Assumed Gallente ancestry
Employment History: New Eden Recycling Venture
Status: Clear

DED Threat Assessment:Harmless

Personality Assessment: Intayazz is a knowledgeable pilot. He has a tendency to be quiet and thoughtful. He prefers alone or small team assignments over larger groups. Those who do spend time with him, usually think him friendly and caring.

Physical Assessment: Intayazz is a well groomed man with a neatly trimmed full beard. He dresses casually, in a grey or white t-shirt, leather pants and a brown leather sleeveless jacket. He has dark brown hair, and light, steel-blue eyes that many would say look grey in certain lights.

Known History: Intayazz was found abandonned and raised in an orphanage in Gallente space, when he was believed to be one year of age, on YC92.8.10. He would use this as his birthday when growing up. At the age of 16, he began training with the Gallente military drone research branch and by 18, was designing and improving new drone software for the Federation. At the age of 20, his foster sister, a biologist, was killed on a Gallente transport heading into Caldari space for a joint research effort. Intayazz stands by the claim that he was speaking with his sister at the time of the attack, and they made all necessary attempts to contact a State patrol that destroyed the ship, while the Federation accepted the State's report of it being a tragic accident. Intayazz would leave Federation space after this, and take a position as an information liaison between the Federation and the Minmatar Republic. He helped the Republic's own drone manufacturing department make advancements using Federation technology until the age of 22. Intayazz then partnered with Captain Rayne Eackard, who retired from the Republic Navy due to being charged, and eventually exonerated, with treason. Together they joined the New Eden Recycling Venture, a private corporation dealing mostly in mining and salvaging at the time. They were the major security officers with the corporation and provided counsel on security measures as well as salvaging and manufacturing. Intayazz became involved in politics outside of CONCORD patrolled space and was called to act as broker and mediator, at times, between two opposing parties. In mid-YC115, Intayazz and Rayne would return to CONCORD patrolled space and begin a branch of the corporation in Minmatar space. They were highly successful in keeping Angel Cartel forces away from industrious areas and provided large amounts of salvaged materials to the area. On YC115.12.10, Rayne was attacked and killed by an unknown group of hostiles. Intayazz would leave space for several months, remaining on ground bases and even operating as a mercenary in conflicts, fighting for the Minmatar Republic. He has recently renewed CONCORD authorization to fly in CONCORD controlled space and has begun security work in Republic space, once again.

Arkon Sarain

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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #77 on: 06 Feb 2015, 21:06 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: Arkon Sarain
DED Callsign: Arkon Sarain
Title: The Honourable Doctor Arkon Sarain (Your honour in verbal conversation).
Blood Type: O-
Age: 57 years
Height: 1.83cm (6')
Weight: 85kg (187lbs)
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Light Blue
Political Alignment: Amarr citizen, political outlook unknown
Date of Birth: 25.05.60
Place of Birth: Mishi IV
Employment History:
Hedion University
Crown Commerce and Trade Organisation
Kor-Azor Roving Tribunal - Current
Status: Clear

DED Threat Assessment: Low
Notes: Prior to becoming a capsuleer served in the Amarr Navy, and was placed in command of a squad of Kaimeras. However since becoming a capsuleer he has not engaged in combat to any great extent - for a capsuleer.

Link to full public record

Personality Assessment:
Affable, serious without being sober or depressing, and with a natural curiosity making him interested in most everything.

Physical Assessment:
Easily missed in a crowd, there is little remarkable physically about Arkon.
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Aria Jenneth

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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #78 on: 05 Mar 2015, 00:02 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: Aria Sujui Jenneth
DED Callsign: Aria Jenneth
Blood Type: O+
Age: chronologically, 34 standard years; physically, 26 standard years
Height: 1.48 meters (4'10")
Weight: 36.7 kg. (81 lbs.)
Hair Colour: black
Eye Colour: black
Political Alignment: Unaligned (with history of Caldari Patriot support)
Date of Birth:  11.6.82
Place of Birth: Sukuuvestaa Launch Complex 351, Achura
Employment History: Wiyrkomi Honor Guard; Kumiho's Smile; Synenose Accord; Ghost Festival; Omerta Syndicate; APEX Unlimited

Status: under investigation
DED Charges: clonejacking / unauthorized activation (not filed)
> possible unauthorized, damaged clone or botched clonejack with apparent extensive loss of memory and identity.

DED Threat Assessment: low
Notes: Though potentially extremely dangerous if she returns to old habits, Aria Jenneth presently exhibits no significant piratical tendencies and has apparently embarked on a career as a journalist and travel writer.

Personality Assessment: humble, especially compared to her past self, compassionate, and intensely inquisitive. This is either a complete reset of the original's personal experiences or the nicest clonejacker ever. Nevertheless, she is potentially deadly due to extensive capsuleer combat capabilities, deeply-ingrained moral relativism, and a demonstrated willingness to take life. She has no firm loyalties, but is subject to the influence of those around her. If her "writing career" lands her in pirate company, Threat level should be raised appropriately.

Physical Assessment: the recent Aria Jenneth has discontinued high-level maintenance of her clones. She maintains an exercise regimen consisting solely of long, meandering walks, and has not continued her practice of martial arts or gymnastics. Consequently, she has lost muscle mass. Unless armed with a firearm or piloting a warship, she should not be considered physically dangerous.

Cakzad Arcashiri

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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #79 on: 08 Apr 2015, 07:44 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: Cakad Arcashiri
DED Callsign: N/A
Blood Type: AB+
Age: Chronilogically 100, Physically 48
Height: 6'1
Weight: 145lb
Hair Colour: Grey
Eye Colour: Dark Grey
Political Alignment:
Ardishapur Loyalist
Date of Birth: 3.18.17
Place of Birth:
Eclipticum, Kor-Azor Prime
Employment History: Royal Amarr Institute, Crown Humanitarian Aid Organization (current)
Status: Clear
DED Threat Assessment: Harmless
Notes: Recently changed his families fealty to the Ardishapur from the centuries long fealty to the Kor-Azor.

Personality Assessment: Subject is very religious, and borders on the edge of fanatic. He is determined to turn the Empire back in the direction of the Faith. An as-of-yet-undisclosed operation for the Theology Council has brought about several eye-openers for the Subject, and put him in a very tight spot, and on the edge of a fanatic.

Physical Assessment:
 The subject is quite muscular for a man his age, and has Cybernetic Arm to increase this strength. Subject has inherited a Family disease which is causing the weakening of his bones. At the age of 78, this disease forced him to replace his upper-cranium.
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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #80 on: 15 May 2015, 12:27 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: Dr. Quattras Alvar Peione
Blood Type: AB+
Age: 53 standard years. Clones aged to 35.
Height: 187cm (6'2")
Weight: 88kg (195lb)
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Blue
Political Alignment: Independent, "Populist"
Date of Birth: 22 October YC64
Place of Birth: Muvolailen VIII
Status: Wanted, under investigation

DED Charges: Wanted in CONCORD jurisdiction for questioning in relation to charges of piracy and homicide - other, as defined in CONCORD Code 112.17-5A. Wanted in Amarr Empire for questioning in relation to charges of kidnapping, extortion, terrorism, grand piracy, aiding a fugitive, homicide - other as defined in CONCORD code 112.17-5A, collaborating with a known terrorist, smuggling, and collaborating with the enemy as defined under the Emergency Militia War Powers Act.

DED Threat Assessment: moderate
Notes: Dr. Peione is believed to have participated in some degree of criminal activity in his tenure with the alliance known as A Band Apart, though the exact details are unknown at this juncture. He is outspoken in his anti-slavery views, and is married to a Matari woman; though no official connection can be drawn, it is believed that he has provided material support, if not operational assistance, to several Matari terrrorist organizations to further this agenda. The danger posed by these connections cannot be overstated. Caution is advised.  DED Note: The Amarr Empire refuses to make statement regarding the details of the charges levied against Dr. Peione. The DED and CONCORD therefore do not recognize these charges until further clarification is made.

Personality Assessment: Dr. Peione is charismatic and friendly, the eldest son of a respected family and a highly educated combat veteran. He is a shrewd businessman and tactician, fearless in combat to the point of recklessness. He inspires rabid loyalty in his baseliner employees and exercises total authority in his personal business and paramilitary operations.

Physical Assessment: Dr. Peione's clones are aged to 35, the age at which he received his discharge from the Navy for injuries sustained in the line of duty. He retains the loss of his right eye - the most prominent of said injuries - as a personal badge of honor. His clones are maintained in peak physical shape, and he keeps a rigorous workout regime to remain so. His lifestyle is strict and disciplined, despite his easygoing manner. His personal habits - smoking, consumption of caffeine and alcohol, reckless behavior - suggest that, had he not become an infomorph, Dr. Peione would have long since been deceased.
Dr. Quattras Peione
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Thal Vadam

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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #81 on: 30 Jun 2015, 08:46 »

CONCORD DED Public DUST Trooper Datasheet
Name:  Vadam, Thal Jonta
DED Callsign:  Thal Vadam
Blood Type: A+
Age: Chronologically, 101. Clone age, 32
Height: 207 cm (6’8)
Weight: 122 kg (207 Ibs)
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Dark Green
Political Alignment: Amarr Empire. House Vadam
Date of Birth: December 1, YC 16
Place of Birth:  The Great Wildlands
Employment History: Amarr Templars, Pratoriani Classiarii Templares
Status: Clear

DED Threat Assessment: low
Notes: Subject is incredibly hostile towards Capauleers who delight in death, or are loyal to Sanaha's Nation and any Sani Sabik Cults.
Personality Assessment: Subject is honorable to a fault, and maintains an extreme loyalty to the Amarr Empire and Classiarii Knights. Has suffered extreme emotional, physical, and mental trama. Subject is driven primarily by emotions.

Physical Assessment:  Subject's Non-Drop Clones are heavily modified by cybernetics. Is in peak physical condition. Has mastered many Khanid, Amarr, and Brutor fighting styles. Is usually heavily armed.
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Kellina Galloway

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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #82 on: 20 Jul 2015, 15:45 »

Kellina Galloway
Age 26 years
Race Amarr
Birtday September 9th
Born Amarr - Religious Reclaimer
Birth Place - Etav
Height 158cm (5 feet 2 inches)
Marital Status: Unmarried
Political Alignment: Minmitar Sympathizer
Occupation: Freelance Scout, escort, and mapping services
Status: Wanted

Zark Pulsar

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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #83 on: 09 Jan 2016, 19:33 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: Zahir Asar (given)
DED Callsign: Zark Pulsar
Blood Type: AB+
Age: 25
Height: 180cm
Weight: 105kg
Hair Colour: White (black at birth)
Eye Colour: Grey (replaced with optical implants)
Political Alignment: Khanid Cyber Knights, 24th Imperial Crusade
Date of Birth: 3.20.92
Place of Birth: Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime
Employment History: Emperor Family (baseliner), Khanid Innovation (baseliner), Karmafleet, Fweddit
Status: Under Investigation

DED Threat Assessment: Severe
Notes: In addition to the subject's physical augmentations, Pulsar has in the past proven mercenary in his dealings with both the empires and CONCORD, as well as indiscriminate in his targets. Approach with extreme caution.

Personality Assessment: Although records show no indication of divergent behavior within the Empire or Khanid Kingdom during the subject's history as a baseliner, life amongst capsuleers and on the fringes of settled space have eroded much of the Amarrian stoicism bred into him, and cracked the edges of rigid Khanid honor. He is now often mistaken for Federation-born, though a multitude of cultural idiosyncrasies can betray his Amarrian heritage.

Physical Assessment: Having volunteered in his youth for highly experimental surgery, Pulsar's cybernetic augmentations go beyond that of a typical cyberknight. More than two thirds of his body is synthetic, and in some cases the artificial replacements are not enhancements of the original. Throughout his time both with the militia and living in zero security space, Pulsar is rarely seen without his Amarrian naval jacket, although he is somewhat more lax with uniform standards.
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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #84 on: 04 May 2016, 11:17 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: Adam Menkalinan
DED Callsign: Auriga Menkalinan
Blood Type: A negative
Age: 37
Height: 183 cm (6'0")
Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
Hair Colour: Brown (starting to grey)
Eye Colour: Blue
Political Alignment: Libertarian
Date of Birth: YC 81
Place of Birth: Algasienan IV
Employment History: Hakobyan Prospecting (Seismic Surveyor), Genolution (Test Subject), Centre for Advanced Studies (Astrometrics), Signal Cartel (Signaleer, C2)
Status: Clear
DED Charges: None

DED Threat Assessment: Harmless
Notes: Typically engaged in recovery of archaeological and technical artefacts and fullerite harvesting

Personality Assessment:
C.A.S. test results:
 > expression: marginally more introvert than extrovert
 > perception: moderately more sensory than intuitive
 > processing: significantly more rational than emotional
 > action: moderately more spontaneous than calculating

Physical Assessment:
 > severely immuno-deficient as a result of voluntary participation in a study of a medical trial
 > dependent on synthetic opiates following prolonged use to control pain from chronic infections
 > two to five year life expectancy in an external environment
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Cory Za

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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #85 on: 10 Jun 2016, 16:15 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: Cory Za
Blood Type: A pos
Age: 26
Height: 169cm, 5'54"
Weight: 73kg, 160 pound
Hair Colour: Burnt umber
Eye Colour: Hazel
Political Alignment: Nill
Date of Birth:  YC92-12-04
Place of Birth:
Employment History: Republic Military School
Status: Clear

DED Charges:
DED Threat Assessment:  Harmless

Notes: Cory Za has completed Military Service with the Republic Military School and entered service of the New Eden Police Force. - Currently unemployed

Personality Assessment:  ESTJ.

Physical Assessment: Prosthetics right arm. Burn disfigurement to right face caused by chemical fire. Left ear decoration: Earring

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Umar Ahmad

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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #86 on: 21 Sep 2016, 13:22 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: Umar Ahmad
DED Callsign: Umar Ahmad
Race: True Amarr
Age: 30
Height: 1.72 m
Weight: 62 kg
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Complexion: dark brown
Political Alignment: modernist reclaimer, Sarumite
Date of Birth: YC88-09-21
Place of Birth: Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime (III)
Capsuleer since: YC116-12-19
Employment History: Imperial Academy, Estel Arador Corp Services, Viziam
Status: Clear
DED Threat Assessment: Harmless
Notes: Keep under observation as Umar has not yet shown allegiance to any specific group, corp or alliance.
Personality Assessment: ISTJ-A Umar is very reserved and quiet and presents a professional and respectful demeanor. He is often described as stiff and formal but will relax and show a sense of light humor in familiar company. When challenged or attacked physically he reacts with controlled aggression. Umar follows a rigorous schedule of physical and ship combat simulator exercise as well as religious study. He lives a solitary and ascetic life and does not employ regular help or hold slaves. Umar keeps his parents and ancestry secret. Further details are CLASSIFIED.
Physical Assessment: Umar is muscular and brawny, but with a small frame. He is proficient in several martial arts and has used them successfully in the past when attacked. He follows a strict regimen of healthy food without alcohol or drugs. He did however train to use combat drugs efficiently and can be expected to apply them without hesitation. Umar does usually carry a concealed sidearm and a combat knife. He does not currently use physical cybernetic enhancements.
Capsuleer looking to serve Him as a loyal warrior of the Faith

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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #87 on: 06 Nov 2016, 08:48 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: Pannah Nasale
DED Callsign: Pannah Nasale
Blood Type: A-
Age: 23
Height: 1.82 m
Weight: 54 kg
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Political Alignment: Gallente Federation
Date of Birth: Gallente Federation, Luminaire VI, Caille
Place of Birth: YC95.03.14
Employment History: Federation Navy Academy, Federation Navy, The Scope, Pandemic Horde Inc.(Current employer)
Status: Under Surveillance

DED Charges:
> Smuggling
> Booster trafficking
> Illegal Sale of Narcotics
> Possesion of Narcotics
> Cargo Theft
> Hacking
> Possession of illegal AI
> Piracy
> Violating space bushido

DED Threat Assessment: Low if alone, Severe if in group

Personality Assessment: Calm and very introverted. Keeps her thoughts to herself and speak only when it's critically needed. Known to have a depression after losing whole squad and her comander while served in Federation Navy. Most of the time keeps modified Caldari Navy-issue combat knife with her for self-defense. Addicted to Exile booster.

Physical Assessment: Rather thin build, average in Gallente. Known to have 'Vise' Cybernetic Arm (black and orange ringed right). Has basic training in knife combat and advanced training in sniper rifle usage.
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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #88 on: 08 Dec 2016, 23:22 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: Nephias Vringe
DED Callsign: Nephias Vringe
Age: 37
Height: 186cm (6'1")
Weight: 80kg (176lbs)
Hair Colour: Shaved on sides, dark down the middle
Eye Colour: Grey
Political Alignment: Unknown
Date of Birth: YC 118.05.16
Place of Birth: Dudreda III
Employment History: None (currently completing capsuleer training at Republic University)
Status: Clear

DED Threat Assessment:  Harmless
Notes: Sparse records indicate this pilot comes from a Krusual settlement in lowsec space.

Personality Assessment: Apathetic, cynical, unscrupulous. Able to focus intently.

Physical Assessment: Wiry and muscular. No known health issues in pre-clone state.

Julianni Avala

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Re: CONCORD Capsuleer Datadump
« Reply #89 on: 10 Dec 2016, 20:55 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet

Name: Julianni Avala
DED Callsign: Julianni Avala
Blood Type: O Negative
Age: 30
Height: 1.72m (5'8")
Weight: 63.5kg (140lbs)
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Political Alignment: Caldari State Liberal
Date of Birth: YC89.02.19
Place of Birth: Hedion V
Employment History: Ishukone-Raata Corporate Investment Bank (current), Ishukone-Raata Accounting and Transport, Revenent Defense Corporation
Status: Clear

DED Threat Assessment: Harmless

Personality Assessment: Subject is known to be religious due to background and seems to hold some subtle habits from her life as a slave. Friendly and helpful, yet calculative and careful.

Physical Assessment: No notable characteristics. Of average height and weight category. It is apparent the subject does not have specialties in any sort of physical combat means.
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