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Author Topic: Wednesday Morning Pod News!  (Read 81 times)

Miyoshi Akachi

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Wednesday Morning Pod News!
« on: 25 Oct 2017, 07:44 »

Hello everyone, here is another entry for the YC 119 Pod and Planet Fiction Contest in the A Thousand Suns - Very Short Fiction category.
This felt a bit like coming back to the roots since the first piece I ever posted and submitted for a contest once I started playing EvE had been an interview in a "tv show".
The Pod Gossip News is a fictional news agency I created for this piece but it might happen I'll use it again somewhere in the future.

Hope you enjoy!

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Wednesday Morning Pod News!

The city sped below the speeder. Soft classical music surrounded the man leaning in the cushions as he let the autopilot make its work. He wasn’t that idle tough, his implants were feeding him informations, news and broadcast from around the planet and further away. He didn’t let much time go to waste, even with immortality time was essence.

The wind caressed the chassis of the speeder, the engines hummed softly, the travelling smooth and no one crossed his path.

From afar, a little star blossomed into the sky. The light came faster than the sound but when it reached for someone’s hears, it would sound as an explosion. A little dot had just disappeared from the sky but not one really noticed.

He didn’t even realized it until it was too late; flames blossomed around him, they warmed and engulfed him. He would revive and find who did this! He would… revive…

Wednesday Pod Gossip Morning News!

What's happening in the life of the immortals? What's is going up and down? We will try to give you an insight.

Capsuleer killed! Forever? Or just a con?

News has brewed in the past pair of days of a capsuleer going missing. Little details had been given but it seemed his disappearance is linked with an explosion happening in the skies of Khanid Prime. It’s not unusual for capsuleer to take on a leave and disappear for times ranging from days or weeks up to months or years, this time tough it seems to have a twist.

From the little we could gather, the capsuleer, an Amarr citizen, was on a business trip on the planet and was travelling alone toward his next stop. A stop he never reached. His speeder too went missing and rumors says it could be the little wreck rained on an industrial sector of Khanid City.

We have no confirmation from official authorities of a possible connection between the speeder wreck and the disappearance of this capsuleer, no official statement had been provided. Rumors nonetheless persist and spread! We even got wind of rumors from inside the cloning lab mentioning the absence of a revive.

So, the question stands: has a capsuleer been killed forever? Or had it been all a con? But then, who could be so daring to attempt to an immortal’s life?

Here at Pod Gossip News we will keep a hear out and we will brief you all as soon as we know more!

Keep following the Pod Gossip News, for the best and freshest news about the immortals!

- - - < > - - -

Thank you for reading!