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Author Topic: Abagawa Days  (Read 108 times)


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Abagawa Days
« on: 22 Oct 2017, 12:35 »

Hiii! Here is my 7th entry into the YC 119 Pod and Planet Fiction Contest. This will be my final submission which will function as a competitor in the Very Short Fiction (750 words or less) category, but is formally entered into the A Day In The Life category. Enjoy!

As an aside, this story features elements of player driven lore surrounding Abagawa IV, a terrestrial planet in The Forge. Feel free to take a skim through the write-up here, if your curiosity interests you. :)

Abagawa Days

The grimy, monotone steel walls of the Svostlanka District offers a fitting backdrop for shifty individuals to conduct their business. The notorious slum district of the proud Sukuuvestaan city of New Icousa stands unabashed of its reputation. Despite the prevalence of crime, Sukuuvestaa officials opt to leave the downtrodden district alone. It functions as a convenient location to shove their less-than-ideal employees and disenfranchised citizens rather than waste precious ISK ferrying them off world to unknown destinations. And so, a mixed network of tall concrete walls and warehouses operates conveniently as a natural cordon around the district.

Korsavius cruises through the slums. He patrolled these streets often as a Peace and Order recruit. A crappy job in all respects, but the New Icousa P&O unit has always figured it to be a good test for recruits. Even now all these decades later, and it still looks the same while the city around it has changed. A few individuals who spot and recognize his face quickly put on casual facades. Korbin is no longer the police chief of New Icousa, but many of the Svostlanka gangs know he owns the streets whether he is there in person or not.

Tall and angular skyscrapers beam proudly over mellow and blocky corporate housing units. Occasionally, a building or two will stand out from the rest of the steel-grey infrastructure. Most such buildings are owned by non-SuVee companies. Towering over anything else is the New Icousa Space Elevator Transit System. The elevator system is easily the most recognizable object from afar. It cuts through the city skyline like a silk thread spanning towards the celestial heavens. Of course it is nothing compared to the larger space elevator in the Hyasyoda utopia of Arvo, but SuVee doesn’t seem to care much. They never do. At least, until they crush you via cutthroat business.

Korsavius drives past downtown and travels onto the New Icousa archipelago. The mighty bridges which connect these chains of small islands to each other and the mainland are aesthetically simple. Water near the horizon sparkles with a fiery intensity stemming from Abagawa’s orange star. He reaches a private starport where he climbs aboard a shuttle which zooms off toward the open ocean.

His island estate springs into view. The shuttle zips past man-made rocky barriers which constantly scan the skies and seas with hidden turrets. It plops on a mountainside landing pad. Korsavius takes a moment to inhale a whiff of the crisp air. He walks off a distance to pluck a pink flower from a nearby cherry-blossom tree. Cherry-blossoms are his favorite. A staple of his childhood that will forever bring back warm memories.

“He is waiting in the interrogation room for you, sir”, an officer comments. The handsome Deteis wears an Ishukone uniform, and looks to Korsavius.

Korbin, not returning the eye contact, remains locked in the little pink flower’s glare. “Any background information on him? Who he is affiliated with?” He speaks with a tone of indifference. He doesn’t really care who this intruder is affiliated with. He never does. At least, until said intruder finds themselves caught and locked inside a lonely prison cell awaiting their meeting with him.

“Our teams are still running the background check. We’re cross-referencing our leads with CPF’s databases”, responds the Deteis officer flatly.

Korsavius nods. He tosses the pink little flower up in the air and lets the wind guide it where it will. He walks with the Deteis officer inside a gated tunnel leading into the mountainside.

The intruder hangs his head low with his hands cuffed behind his back. Korbin stares the man down silently. The man has been unwilling to answer questions for the past thirty minutes. Kor doesn’t mind. They all talk sooner or later. The Deteis officer breaks the silence by entering the dimly lit room. He hands a report to Korsavius.

The nanotattoo of crescents arranged in the shape of a flying falcon on Korbin’s face glow an intense silver hue as he scans the report. He drops it on the table and snaps his gaze back toward the intruder. The intruder looks up at the capsuleer.

“We could have ended this much sooner if you just told me you were a Guri.” With that, Korbin puts a hole through the Guristas’ head with his blaster.

Somewhere outside, a Cold Wind carries the little pink flower off towards the endless ocean.
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