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The Sani Sabik sectarian law-enforcement organization is called the Bleeders, and is a combination of priests and policemen? (The Burning Life, p. 18)

Author Topic: YC 119 New Eden Capsuleer Writing Contest Works (compilation)  (Read 90 times)

Lunarisse Aspenstar

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Sorry for the double post,  but wanted to lodge here as a nice selection of eve fiction for this year by capsuleer


First -       Kador Ouryon “Where does that breeze go?”

Second -   Charles Cambridge Schmidt “ils savent”

Third -      Che Biko “Figments of Poetry”

Fourth -    Thulla Icin “Untitled”

Honorable Mentions -

                Halcyon Ember “Shadow of the Sun”

                Rovinia “Drone Poetry”

                Daisha Voluptia “Loner”

Other Entries (Poetry) -

                Veikitamo Gesakaarin “The Rime of Identifying as a Kestrel Frigate”

                Miyoshi Akachi “Reflections”


First -       Ninavask “Reachblades”

Second -   Xepharious Wrynn “Moments”

Third -      Che Biko “Belonging”

Fourth -    Miyoshi Akachi “Flying or Flying”

Honorable Mentions -

                lucian legaurd “Nightmare”

                Umar Ahmad “Pain”

                Lasairiona Raske “Blooder’s Soul” -


First -        Mark726 “Drifter Hive Anomaly Analysis”

Second -    Mizhir “Big Blue Sky of Doom”

Third -       Mantelglobalindustries “[YC119 New Eden Capsuleer’s Writing Contest] The Youil Offensive – A chronicle of
                the State Protectorate’s military offensive against the Federal Defence Union in late YC118”



Fourth (tie) -     Aos Rollard 'the dangers of cloning!!"

                        Garion Avarr “Scriptural Reflection: Amash Akura 25:16 – On Service”

Honorable Mention -

                        Casserina Leshrac “Bloodwine”