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Author Topic: [IC Event] Cardinal Sourem Itharen's Jubilee Speech/Commentary  (Read 126 times)

Mitara Newelle

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[ 2017.09.27 19:08:38 ] Sourem Itharen > Greetings and bless you for your zeal. The schedule will be maintained as announced.
  [ 2017.09.27 19:58:11 ] Sourem Itharen > Inhuman foes must be removed from Holy Amarr.
  [ 2017.09.27 19:59:18 ] Sourem Itharen > Heretics, anarchists, apostates and rebels are also not welcome here.
  [ 2017.09.27 20:01:13 ] Sourem Itharen > We begin.
 [ 2017.09.27 20:01:38 ] Sourem Itharen > Loyal and faithful capsuleers of Amarr! I bring you greetings from the Court Chamberlain on behalf Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, First Apostle of the True Faith and Sovereign Defender of the Imperial Rite.
  [ 2017.09.27 20:02:37 ] Sourem Itharen > On this day we celebrate the auspicious coronation of Her Imperial Majesty and join together as faithful subjects of Most Holy Amarr! Long live the Holy Empress and the Amarr Empire!
  [ 2017.09.27 20:04:00 ] Sourem Itharen > The Empress wills this trash to be removed and your pious efficiency is pleasing.
 [ 2017.09.27 20:04:05 ] Sourem Itharen > To continue
  [ 2017.09.27 20:04:18 ] Sourem Itharen > Faithful of Amarr, be it known that I have been enjoined by the Court Chamberlain to address the loyal capsuleer on a matter of great importance to us all.
  [ 2017.09.27 20:05:16 ] Sourem Itharen > By the will of Her Imperial Majesty and Order in the Privy Council, it is declared that the Exhortation to the Faithful by the Supreme Sobor of the Theology Council dated October 11th, YC118 is to be added to Scripture.
  [ 2017.09.27 20:06:02 ] Sourem Itharen > As the faithful will know, this Exhortation by the Theology Council contained the judgment that cloned humans should be accepted as embodying souls in communion with the Imperial Rite.
  [ 2017.09.27 20:06:31 ] Sourem Itharen > On the most wise advice of the Privy Council, Her Imperial Majesty Catiz I has accepted the judgment of the Theology Council and declared that it is included the Final Law and Scripture of the Amarr Empire.
  [ 2017.09.27 20:07:33 ] Sourem Itharen > As a loyal and faithful capsuleer, given over to service in this cloned form by the call of my duty and order, I rejoiced at this news and know that you too will rejoice even as you praise Her Imperial Majesty's profound wisdom.
  [ 2017.09.27 20:08:14 ] Sourem Itharen > Now, in token of this news and in fealty to our Holy Empress, let us swear anew our vows of obedience, loyalty and faith to the Imperial Throne and Holy Amarr!
  [ 2017.09.27 20:08:37 ] Sourem Itharen > I swear that I shall be ever obedient to the will of the Empress, loyal to the Imperial Throne and faithful to the destiny of Holy Amarr!
  [ 2017.09.27 20:10:34 ] Sourem Itharen > Amarr Victor! Amen!
  [ 2017.09.27 20:12:24 ] Sourem Itharen > Rejoice, my faithful comrades and enjoy the remainder of this jubilee! Amarr Victor!
  [ 2017.09.27 20:13:24 ] Sourem Itharen > Petitions will be received through the usual channels and offerings accepted.
  [ 2017.09.27 20:13:51 ] Sourem Itharen > The Office has accepted the offering of the loyal Alizabeth Vea of SERAPH.
  [ 2017.09.27 20:19:52 ] Sourem Itharen > The terrorist trash known as Ishikawa Cosi attempted violence upon this Office and the kill right has been made available to all.
  [ 2017.09.27 20:26:33 ] Sourem Itharen > Faithful, I bid you a good jubilee night. Petitions will be dealt with in due course. Glory to the Empire! Long live the Empress! Amarr Victor!
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