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Author Topic: Soldier of terror  (Read 91 times)

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Soldier of terror
« on: 05 Aug 2017, 20:59 »

So originally this was a peice used in The Ascribers series I've worked on over in the Eve:Valkyrie community. By far one of the best things I've written thus far. So good, that it can stand alone from the parent series this peice belongs too. So hopefully you could enjoy it as much as I did writing it



You know you're the professional. When you can take a task that would twist the mind of the average man and complete it without a lick of frustration. In this scenario, Mire was replacing the top right inertia dampener of a luxury car that rolled into the shop. Owner says it blew out when speeding across the colonial speedway.  Thankfully Mire’s repair shop was nearby in a mining town they would’ve had to cross into. The fix so far has taken no less than two hours to perform. All Mire had to do was replace the busted dampener with one of the spares he keeps in the shop and it would be street worth once again. After snapping in the brand shiny new component. Mire stretches his arms downward and grabs hold of the frame of the vehicle. He pulls himself out from under the vehicle and  twists to his side to look at the small computer he hooked up to the car. All he was interested in seeing is if the computer could successfully communicate with the new dampener. Which, unsurprisingly, it did. Now there was only one test left to check to ensure it actually is working. Getting up from his “creeper”  he walks over to his workstation with a transparent terminal that showed a complete diagnostics of the vehicle. Picking up a nearby rag he wipes the filth from his hands. Once clean he lifts his left pointer finger up and taps on one of dozen of the buttons to execute a function on the car such as, turning the engine on, turn the windshield wipers on. Or in this case turning on the Dampener he just installed.  The component hums to life as intended. Satisfied with the test he hits the same button on the screen to deactivate it. Tossing aside the rag he walks from out the workstation just in time for his client to show up. Walking out from behind the car, a sharply dressed stud accompanied by two buff beef steaks in suits approaches Mire. The boss was a Gallentean with obvious signs of plastic surgery having been done to his nose and mouth. With a pleased smile he speaks “Monsieur Kosoko. I heard a good sound and figured I’d check in.” Little rude of him to barge in here so quickly after just one year. But this wasn’t the first impatient act this guy has pulled since waiting. But it was the first time he himself has came into the garage. Before he was just sending in one of his bodyguards to pester Mire about the repairs being done. Constantly coming in to scan the car to ensure he wasn't putting in any surprises. Which one of them does now as he reaches into his suit to pull out a small cylinder device. A bland glow shoots from the device and the man begins a slow lap around the vehicle.

“Yeah it's what you want to be hearing. No fusses detected in the live diagnostics. I think it's good to go Mr.Bholet.” The man’s name was Braelin Bholet and the stench of his cologne made it clear that he was some young big shot moving up in the world.

“Magnificent! Was getting stir crazy waiting this long. D-Dont get me wrong! I greatly appreciate the hospitality.”

“Oh...You mean the complimentary tea?” It’s not like Mire gave him the king’s treatment because he was some rich client. He got to sit in a chair like every other customer that comes in. Offered the same brewed tea and snacks laid out.

“Oh! By the winds did i need that!...Thats how you say it here, right?”
Mire cocks a eyebrow at him “Excuse me?”

“Y-you know, like Amarrians say “Oh my god!” as a expression? Well...Theres probably few laws there against saying something like that. But you know what i am talking about? right? The uh..”winds” are the Caldari god.”He couldn’t help but make obscure hand motions as he tried to explain to Mire the use of the phrase “By thine winds” to express his desperation for a cup of liquid caffeine.

Mire just puts on a smile and nods in agreement “Yeah...Something like that.” Long story short, The Caldari does have a native religion. Though not one someone would openly preach or talk about unless discussing spiritual philosophy. It was just a “Way of life” faith that was literally called “wayism”. The closest thing to a “God” figure in religion is the “Maker” Who is named for literally just “Making” everything. Below that and more better known - are the spirits called “winds”. It’s bit of a old relic of Caldari culture. “Not many uh...Foreigners know about that.”

“Well - Figured i should do some homework before coming all the way out here to talk business with the Kaalakiota corporation. Gotta let them know that i respect and understand the culture of the Caldari people. The lady i was speaking with seemed a little jealous of my knowledge of the subject.” That or she probably saw him as a jackass. But Corporate policy prevented her from out right saying it. “But honestly, I gotta say that Wayism is one of the deepest faiths i’ve seen in this cluster. Hearing about how Storm wind was this powerful wind that would knock the weak down but encourage them to get back up and improve themselves.”

“Cold Wind” Mire says sharply.

“...Oh...Right, Right. Apologies i keep getting that one mixed up…”Just as he tries to shrug off the awkward mistake. His bodyguard walks up and informs him that the scans were clean. “Good, not surprised! You’re a humble establishment owner that respects the job. Someone I could do business with…” Braelin slips his left hand into his suit. Pulling it out he holds out a slender holo-card. Accepting it, Mire brings it up to his face and examines the text. A “Prosperous Ventures” business card. With Braelin’s full name proudly displayed, with contact details. “You’re the kind of man I could get into business with. You ever think about starting a “Kosoko ReKonstructions franchise? Call me in a few days when I'm back in the Federation and we can get in touch with real estate agents.”

“Really? Big offer your giving me…” Mire slips his right hand holding the card into the pocket of his jumpsuit. Taking his hand out he places it on the trunk of the car. “So, if I may ask. Why do you seem to be in a rush to leave?”

“Well the recent controversy behind this “Tibus Heth” gaining momentum doesn't fill me or my clients with confidence that we  can get a foothold in the State. Kaalakiota aren't returning my calls fast enough either. But hey, just business. Not everything works out.” The name “Tibus Heth” was on the lips of every citizen of the State. Few days ago a giant riot breaks out in a factory colony belonging to “Caldari constructions”. The workers were rallied by Heth and were extremely effective in taking over the facility - didn't even kill anyone. In fact, when The Kaalakiota Corporation’s ’s security force “Home guard” showed up. They ended up killing one of the workers were Heth came off as a hero straight out of a movie. Piloting a MTAC, (Mechanized Torso-Actuated Chassis) Heth rushed the the rescue of a downed worker about to be crushed by a slab of debris in the ongoing chaos. Using the mechanized strength, he put himself between the worker and his certain death. The population of the State watching from the sidelines start gushing at this display of heroism. Heth’s riot only gained momentum in the face of opposition. Which may explain how after the smoke clears the man is seen sitting behind the desk of the CEO of Caldari Constructions. Mysteriously obtaining majority of the Corporation’s shares. What was this all for you may ask? To fight back the cancer that was Gallentean influences ruining the State.

Mire chuckles “Yeah, tell me about it!” Mire was a businessman after all. He understood the complications that came with running a company. While very very small in the grand scheme of things. It still had the problems  mega corporations of the State faced.

Braelin smiles “Well, I hope to hear from you. For now, take care. Thank you again!” He says as he walks over to the left side of the vehicle. One of his bodyguards handles the grueling task of opening the door for him. Even closes it for him after he gets in! You be amazed how the guy still has enough energy to be the driver.

Removing his hand off the car.  Mire looks down to the small blinking device he stuck to the trunk during their conversation. Confident it was active he walks over to his workstation. As the driver starts up the vehicle’s systems. Mire disengages the clamps holding the vehicle  place. Then, opening the garage door to allow them passage out. The garage was located i the higher levels of a tower that overlooked the city of industry. As far as the eye could see there were massive refinery plants and housing complexes for the residents here. A platform that acted as parking lot was right outside the garage. With a path to allowing vehicles to merge or exit the nearby  traffic vein that cut through the city. As soon as it was safe to proceed. The luxurious foreigner vehicle hovers toward into the open. Mire watches to ensure the vehicle makes it into the vein before closing the door.

Stepping away from the workstation he walks over to one of the few doors in the grease stenched garage. It slides open as he presents himself on front of it. Ahead of him was a just a short corridor to another door. The walls were blank, naked of any decorations. The end of the hallway slides open. It was the break room. Nothing glamorous, small and really only fit for the handful of employees the company had. Two of which were already present. Leaning right next to the wall beside the door was a thug of a man. With the rough tough exterior of a Civire gang member. He nods in greetings to Mire, he returns the gesture and peers into the “kitchen”. Standing hunched over the counter between the microwave and sink was another shady looking figure. One familiar to Mire. He walks up to the door next to the kitchen. Stopping to glance over at what he's “employee” was doing. Was more of a friend really. Just needing to borrow some spare parts and tools from the shop for a project. A crude device with various wires wrapped around it. Other spare parts lay about, including some type of clay material. The worker ignored him, as he should be. It very delicate work.

Carrying on he enters the restroom. It was cramped, a toilet, sink and mirror was all that was present. Leaving the door open, Mire positions himself in front of the sink and looks straight at the mirror. The reflection was him, the typical broad shouldered Civire with the shaved head. Mire wanted it like this so he could avoid the hassle of trying out one of thousands of hair styles. But he wasn't here for grooming. Bending over he reaches for something under the sink. Searching around he feels a small cylinder type device taped to it. Ripping it off he raises it up to his eyes. Taking the remaining tape off of it he spins it around. A small red button was placed on the center of the smooth grey device. Lower the device down to his mouth. Clicking the button he begins to speak “Frog has been tagged - Frog has been tagged. Over.” releasing the button he grabs the small device with both his hands and snaps it in two. Without any concern he tosses the speaker tip into the nearby toilet. But looks at the bottom portion with curiosity. He reaches over for the handle of the toilet and sends the piece down into the sewers of a filth ridden mining city. Walking out of the restroom he looks over to the crafter using the counter as his workshop and extends the piece out to him “Need a Transmitter?”

He takes his attention away to look at the price offered to him. With a smile he picks the component from his palm “That I do! Thank you.” He proceeds to then break it into other prices on the counter. Mire smiles and pats him in the shoulder as he continues on. Walking out the same food he entered he goes on to his next task of repairing the janitor drone the Jirian family brought in.


Finally, after having stayed behind to ensure that the 10 drills the mining guild sent in were prepared for pickup in the morning. Mire was allowed to close up shop and head home to rest for the next shift. He didn’t mind the overtime, after all thats how you make it in the state. Hard work and respect for it.  Presenting his I.D to the door of his apartment. It slides open, granting him access to the dark living space. He walked into the living room exactly as he left it. Nothing left on to consume any power. What's the point in leaving the holovid screen on if nobody ain't here to watch. Walking up behind his sofa he had the door to his bedroom to the left and his kitchen space to the right. Bending toward he picks up one of the remotes left on the cushion. Aiming it at the screen small on the wall he presses the power button. The screen lights up to life with the logo of the entertainment juggernaut of the state, the Nugoeihuvi Corporation. Sure, he was a proud citizen of the Kaalakiota Corporation. But products like this is what NOH (Nugoeihuvi) specialize in.

The screen finishes loading and connects  to thee planet’s local news channel. Appears they have some one on to give their point view on the current topic.“-Heth’s rhetoric can be contributed to this barbaric crime happening in our borders. This does NOT at all help with the ongoing tensions this psychopath created”. The headline at the bottom was a long one


A title that grabbed Mire’s attention, but void of any reaction. He knew what tagging a tracker to his car would result in. He knew this would happen. This was his duty after all.

“Deven, Agent Vandal.” Mire twists his body sharply towards the kitchen of his apartment. But the secret greeting of “Deven” kept him calm. It was a password of sorts that his associates  used to immediately let each other know that they’re on the level. Mire returns with the counter password of “Fledrish” but doesn't have a name to call him by. This slender gray haired man sitting at his table with his leg crossed over the other knew who he was however. Mire quickly asks the question if who he was. “I'm coordinator Sparrow. I know you haven't seen me face-to-face before. But surely you heard my voice before, Agent Vandal.”

Mire has indeed heard that deep velvet voice before. The same one that the Coordinator that hands out his and every one of his comrade’s orders. Nobody but the higher ups know what he looks Like. Him appearing before a lowly grunt like Mire, just mean it's serious. “Sir!” Mire firmly says as he straightens his posture.

Sparrow gets up from Mire’s dining table and approaches “ At ease, Agent Vandal. Let's not wake the neighbors. Just speak freely from this point forward. Quietly of course.”

Mire relaxes his stance “Apologies Sir, just...Little confused as to why you're here…”

“I'm here bringing good news and bad news. Let me get the good news out of the way - You did a phenomenal job tagging that frog. Been looking for him sense setting foot on this planet. The chances of him just waltzing onto your shop…”

Mire breaks eye contact and smiles to himself. Little overwhelmed by the praise being given to him by the highest authority he knows. “Well...Sorta why I always keep a beacon in my pockets. Never know who's gonna walk through the door.”

Sparrow smiles wide and places his hand on Mire’s shoulder “a wise man is always prepared. If we had more agents like you, then our organization would be unstoppable.” He removes his hand and puts on a serious expression “Now forgive me for souring the moment - But to protect our cell on this world we need to make you disappear.” Mire’s face shoots upward to Sparrow. The fear was obvious in Mire’s eyes after being told they have to make him “Disappear”. Sparrow begins gesturing for him to relax “Calm down, maybe the wrong choice of words. But by disappear I mean move you elsewhere. We still have use for agent such as yourself. Just after neutralizing such a high profile foreigner target. The authorities will begin investigating everything. From the people he's spoken with to the toilets he shitted in. No doubt he's spoken to you and utilized your facilities during his wait.”

He wasn't wrong. Which reminds him of the holo-business card he was handed. Reaching into the pocket of his jumpsuit he pulls it out “Yeah, even handed me this wanting to do bu-” Sparrow snatches the card from him.

“I'll take care of this…” he slips into his jacket without looking at it.  Which might as well be the entrance to a black void where nothing can be returned.

With that taken care of, Mire is left with just one question “...So where am I going?””

“Home guard”

Mire blinks at the aged man “But...Arent they looking for me?” Acting as the internal police and military force for the Kaalakiota Corporation. Home guard would e.g. the one responsible for investigating his involvement with Braelen’s demise.

“No.” Sparrow says stiffly. “They’re looking for a grease monkey. Not a proud heroic soldier of one of the prestigious mega Corporation's military. We have a few high ranking officials on the inside - who's identity will obviously remain confidential. But will keep you safe

All of this was obviously suddenly for Mire “Well what about the shop?”

“...There was a explosion after you left. Now, yes...We had something to do with that and I can ensure you that nobody was harmed. Though it looks like the Jirians won't be getting their janitor drone back.”

Mire elevates his voice out of shock “You blew it up?!”

“Quiet!” He snaps. Getting serious as  he speaks to him sternly “What we did was to protect you. I'm fully aware of the sentimental value it held to you. But it was a loose end that would bring us all down. This is apart of our war, Vandal. We have to give up parts of ourselves to keep fighting...”

Mire can't bring himself to look at the man. Not in disgust but was contemplating whatever or not he was right. “I...understand, thank you...For protecting me, sir.” He says as he finally picks his head back up. The garage belonged to him and his father. After he died this all Mire inherited. A dying legacy he wanted to see reborn. Sadly it appears it just went up in flames. But when he signed on with the Dragonaurs. His life wasn't about carrying on his father’s work anymore.

“No, thank you for your service and loyalty, Agent Vandal. I'm sorry it has to be this way. But...Hopefully it will be a welcoming change. Ever thought about being a fighter pilot?”

Never has Mire - even as a wide eyes child thought about something so specific as a fighter pilot. He looks at Sparrow with a confused stare as he shakes his head gently.

“Well - your medical profile has you meet all the standards to enroll in the proper academy. Along with your knowledge of various subsystems. You should be able to pass with a year or two. Sounds exciting yeah? Might even see space.”

Space, now that's a luxury not everyone gets to enjoy. You would be lucky if you get a ticket off your homeworld let alone live on space. Although those living in space station might see planetside as a luxury. Regardless, it interested Mire. But Sparrow continued “We could use more specialists in Fighter bomb-”

“I'll do it, sir.” Mire says. It seems they needed him This spot specifically for their use. Anything to help his brothers and sisters out would be well worth it. He eagerly jumped at opportunities to carry his weight.

Sparrow smiles then takes his attention away to finally address the holo-screen that has been playing the entire time int he background. Currently the subject has moved on to of course, Tibus heth. Just replaying the same speech he made after becoming CEO of Caldari constructions. A speech regarding the life of the worker that Home Guard killed in the riot. The failure leaders of the state have gained in their attempts to take care of their people. To top it all off he blames a vast majority of the problem on the Gallente Federation. Even going as far as to say that they’ve made the Caldari “inferior” to a lesser race. A speech that Mire has a recording of saved for personal pleasure. “What do you think?’ Sparrow asks, humbly captivated by the incendiary words being spat.

Mire placed his hands on the head of the couch and leaned forward “He’s saying what we all wanted to say…”

Sparrow then interjects with a joke“- And he’s not getting shot for it!” The two break out into a hearty chuckle at the crude humor and surrounding their status as undesirables in the eyes of the State. However this man was placed in front of a audience and spoke every word on both of their minds about what is killing their nation and culture. Uncensored, uncut, raw truth. It’s okay to get a little stiff, but don’t get carried away.

“Well then, Agent...Suppose we best be leaving. You gotta be off this world as soon as possible. “ Sparrow says as he backs away from the couch. “We can’t take anything with us, so..take a few minutes and get your last moments with anything you care about. No exceptions.” The man  walks out of his home. Leaving Mire alone in the dark room he hoped to find relaxation in.

He looked all around him. He found comfort and peace here for five years. Now he’s being taken away from it and put in a entirely different world than he’s known. He walks around the walls of the living room, stepping into the kitchen and running his hand across the smooth counters. Felling the knobs of the sink and handles of the fridge. He loops around back to the middle of his living room. He spent six years of his life working to keep the electricity on to catch up on shows.Occasionally a friend would bring over the hottest console to come out of the NOH corporation. Hey, it was and is still the only corporation in the state to have a quality gaming console on the market.

Stepping into the bedroom he walked over to the foot of the king sized bed for two.The only bathroom to the house off to the left of the room next to a pile of clothing Mire was too lazy to put in the hamper. Stepping to the left side of the bed he closes in on the nightstand with a few picture frames placed upon them. Lowering himself down at the “neck” of the bed he reaches over and grabs one of the frames. It was a picture of him, much younger ( and more handsome) than he currently was. But it was of a fantastic moment in his earlier life. The city he lives in has a massive arena devoted just to Splinterz tours. You think it’s just for the rich and wealthy? Of course not, the money is where the peasants are that dig and melt rocks for a living. The repair shop that him and his father owned would sometimes get some of the destroyed contestants of the robot onslaught. Some famous ones even.

This picture was of a special moment. Mire was a massive fan of the splinterz series. One bot in particular got him so invested in the oil-sport.  PlasmaSaw. A sadistic machine with the biggest Chainsaw with plasma leaking blades you ever did see. Such a devastatingly advance piece of weaponry was almost banned from the main circuits. But after a few lawsuits made by the owner of the bot - A executive director of the Wiyrkomi Corporation. The circuits submitted and let the rampaging monster of a machine in. When young Mire found out he was coming to his shithole of a city. He was blown away and hyped beyond measure. He begged his father for tickets to the event. While being a frugal man with money due to being an aspiring entrepreneur. He agreed to hand the boy the money for the tickets. But took it a step forward, as after all, he was a entrepreneur. Spending some of funds of “Kosoko Rekonstructions”. His Father landed a sponsorship with PlasmaSaw. One they managed to hold for year before they moved onto greener pastures. But as sponsors they got to meet the person they sponsor.  The picture was of Young Mire standing next to the hulking machine posing with the signature saw that hes named after. With “Kosoko Rekonstructions” branded on the side of the blade. A fitting place to recommend his opponents to visit. Which some did. But at the cost of Mire’s birthday present for the next three years. Totally worth it.

Putting it back down he moves his hand over to the next frame. As the woman he’s embracing in the picture comes into his sight he freezes. This trip down memory lane is hit hard by the memory it provokes. With his right hand he grabs hold of the side of the frame. Keeping it on the nightstand he gently presses his thumb against the glass and over the long brown silk she has for hair. The sound of Heth’s speech being replayed  from the news broadcast deteriorates into white noise. The corners of his vision become blurred but he snaps back into focus and slams the frame down on the wood surface. Pressing the frame down with his right hand he looks over to the bedroom door. Heth’s speech is once again clear and pleasant to hear. But, he also swear he heard some “Shattering noise”. Slowly looking back over to the frame, he slowly lifts it back up to see a small pile of glass sharps. The picture was intact, but tacky looking behind the shattered glass. Bringing it over he places the face of the frame in his lap. With the back up to him he unscrews the cover to recover the photo within. Turning it over he got to see it in all the detail. Fighting his urge to gave he folds the photo and lowers it into his lap.

He wasted enough time here, He was waiting for him to pay his respects to memoirs and get out. There was no time to get high off the nostalgia. Raising from the bed he walks to the door of the bedroom. Stopping in his tracks he realizes he was still holding the folded photo. He makes a hesitate decision to slip it into the same pocket he stored both the tracking beacon that allowed the dragonaurs to hunt down and slaughter Braelin Bhole and the business card he gave Mire.

Pacing up to the door he stops and gets cold feet. His coordinator specifically told him not to bring anything and here is in direct defiance of that order. Of course, it was just a small photo, like he would ever notice? Is that even the problem he felt? He stood there for a minute reflecting. He no time left, and decided to take the photo back out and leave it on a barren bookcase he had next to the door before walking right out it. Just as Tibus heth finishes off his glorious speech

"My name is Tibus Heth, and I am a Caldari Patriot. The restoration of our State's dignity begins now."