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Author Topic: Analyzing Fatal's ECHOs in EVE: Valkyrie  (Read 152 times)

Avio Yaken

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Analyzing Fatal's ECHOs in EVE: Valkyrie
« on: 21 Jun 2017, 02:47 »

(Forgive me if this is the wrong subforum to post this)

Hi there! Been awhile since i posted here. But came back to share some theory crafting i recently did with the EVE Valkyrie community. In the game there are "audio logs" you can collect that are called "ECHOs". Just monologues from key characters of the story, including Fatal. yes, THAT Fatal. the former pirate lord of the Guristas.

Thanks to the comic, voice  and the legacy this character had. I developed a obession with the character. Even spending 20 dollars to have him drawn.

He's just so cool...

So i listened to all ECHOs of Fatal in Valkyrie and began pondering on them. I detected some deepening meaning to them and cranked out a post on the Valkyrie forum with my interpretations. Even impressed the Narrative designer for the game. So i feel confident that everyone here can maybe enjoy this post as well.