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Author Topic: [I-RED] Ishukone-Raata Employment Services  (Read 371 times)

Alex Hinkelmann

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[I-RED] Ishukone-Raata Employment Services
« on: 19 Jun 2017, 20:58 »

Quote from: OOC
NOTE: Ishukone-Raata is a Roleplay Business Organization. We're looking for those inclined to immerse themselves into the rich setting that is EVEonline. Don't know the lore? We're here to help new and old players alike. So come join us on our continuing efforts.

Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive Employment Services

Recruitment Channel:Red Steele

Founded in 2009-02-12, the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive, and her children corporations were formed as a capsuleer subsidiary belonging to the Ishukone Corporation. The Enforcement Directive's mandate consists of a multitude of operations, ranging from the survey of frontier prospects, obtaining and securing resources, and defending Ishukone assets & interests.

Ishukone-Raata General Enlistment Opportunity Flier
Quote from: Ishukone-Raata General Enlistment Opportunity Flier
Greetings Pilot,

The following offer covers Ishuk-Raata's General Enlistment Opportunity:

The Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive is looking for dedicated employees/pilots who function well with others, can handle stress, and show respect for professionalism.

Commitment, Integrity, and Reliability are the three standards we work by. We work to create a safe viable environment for Combat Pilots, and Industrialists looking for something bigger than themselves by operating for Ishukone Corporation on the fringes of lawful space.

A capsuleer organization closely associated with the Ishukone Corporation, I-RED often performs various functions on behalf of Ishukone or with the support of Ishukone while maintaining its autonomy. Some of the operations we perform include: prospective surveying, resource protection and extraction, and asset defense for Ishukone and Caldari State property.

The Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive cluster-wide headquarters are located in the Ishukone Factory station in Malkalen. I-RED operates in economic and/or military capacities primarily in the regions of Syndicate, Placid, and Black Rise. We seek to enhance and protect the influence and interests of Ishukone at home and on the frontier, while also promoting the lives of those around us while abroad by employing the free trade policies set forth by the honorable Otro Gariushi.


Our Enlistment Program offers you the choice of employment. Where you fit is up to you.

Divisions of Ishukone-Raata

Ishukone-Raata Certified News [I-RCN]

The official internal news division of I-RED, the I-RCN acts as the primary source of news both inside and outside the organization. I-RCN covers many aspects of daily life relevant to the baseliner employees of the alliance, but also serves the important function of communicating important events to the greater public.

Ishukone-Raata Corporate Investment Bank [I-RCB]

The Ishukone-Raata Corporate Investment Bank (I-RCB) acts as the administrative branch of the organization. The bank oversees the daily transfers of billions of ISK to and from the various branches of I-RED, in addition to the bank and baseliners who make use of its services. The bank offers a variety of services to baseliner clientele, including but not limited to: life insurance, employment benefits, loans of all types, investment opportunities, and traditional currency storage.

Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute [I-RTI]

Recently established, the Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute is responsible for the continued development of new and improved technologies. Scientists within this division of I-RED are supported and encouraged in their specialized fields of study, provided there is no breach of ethics, and results are made available without restrictions to I-RED. Public services such as medical evaluations (both physical and psychological) are available to baseliners and capsuleers by appointment only. -- The I-RTI is also known to act as the exploration wing within Ishuk-Raata.

Ishukone-Raata Accounting And Transport [I-RAT]

By far the largest and most expansive branch of I-RED, Ishukone-Raata Accounting and Transport (I-RAT) functions in a myriad of roles: general personnel management, logistics operations, custodial duties of infrastructure, and more. I-RAT oversees the management of the civilian population of the organization, and this includes non-employees who operate within or in close proximity to I-RED property. This is also the corporate division that oversees the planetary and interstellar logistics of I-RED as a whole. Without a doubt I-RAT is an essential branch of the organization.

Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch [O-RIW]

I-RED's Department of Internal Affairs, its mandates include the control of I-RED's armed peacekeeping forces, formerly under joint oversight of Human Resources & Defense. This branch oversees security services within the organization, often deploying to secure assets belonging to Ishukone, the State or the various branches within I-RED.


What we offer:
  •   Stability & Security
  •   Null-Security Access
  •   Established Logistics Fleet
  •   Abundant ISK Opportunities

What we are looking for:
  •   General Managers
  •   Explorers
  •   Scientists
  •   Market Managers
  •   Production Overseers
  •   Security Personnel

We at Ishukone-Raata hope you decide to enlist your services with us. Should you have further questions you may contact our staff at your earliest convenience.
I-RED Executor

Alex Hinkelmann

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Re: [I-RED] Ishukone-Raata Employment Services
« Reply #1 on: 18 Sep 2017, 13:00 »

The Ishuk-Raata Directorship has approved the formation of the newest child corporation under the Ishuk-Raata umbrella.

The Ishukone-Raata Industrial Partnership [I-RIP] has been mandated to aid in the upcoming changes in moon mining technology. Their fracking efforts will ensure the continued production our high-quality IshuTECH products.
I-RED Executor