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the 25ers were a political activist organization that fought for repealing starship licensing fees, laying the foundations for the independent capsuleer community.

Author Topic: Highlights of any recentish lore updates  (Read 382 times)


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Highlights of any recentish lore updates
« on: 16 Jun 2017, 01:17 »

Last time I bothered to keep track of the lore Jamyl was just assassinated by drifters and some kind of incursion thing against them was supposed to happen.

Anyone mind giving the cliff's notes on what has happened since faction wise?

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Re: Highlights of any recentish lore updates
« Reply #1 on: 16 Jun 2017, 04:26 »

117.08.25 Amarr declare war on drifters.

09.20 State funeral Jamyl I

10.16 Revival of Shathol'Syn Ritual Confirmed as Tetrimon Order Given "Integrity of Succession" Role
10.17 Amarr Navy 7th Fleet Re-deployed After Multiple Blood Raider Attacks

11.18 Founding of Upwell Consortium Announced by Leading Interstellar Corporations
11.30 ORE Membership of Upwell Consortium Confirmed by Yani Sar Arteu in Aftermath of Station Seizures

12.16 Serpentis Corporation Strikes Back Against Upwell Consortium

118.01.21 Upwell Consortium Signs Transport and Communications Deals with Interbus and Impetus

02.09 Sisters of EVE Flotilla Spotted In Drifter Hive Systems
02.29 Leaked Reports Reveal SOE Presence in Wormhole Systems Researching Drifter Technology

03.09 SOE Launches "Project Discovery" Citizen Science Research Program
03.15 Jovian Directorate Withdraws from Concord Inner Circle and Designates SoCT as Successor
03.18 DED urges caution after rogue [Valkyrie] messages appear on hacked SCC billboards

04.22 Catiz Tash-Murkon to be Crowned Empress of Amarr as Champion Kelon Darklight and Team Triumph in Final Trials

05.26 Concerns at Serpentis Military Buildup Passed to DED, say Federal Intelligence Sources

06.01 Mercenary Corporations Withdraw from Chandeille as Jin-Mei Civil Conflict Enters Ceasefire Following Capsuleer Aid Efforts
06.10 CONCORD Confirms Issue Of Independent Broadcasting License to Scope Network
06.21 Upwell criticized by Inner Circle after Serpentis Raids
06.22 Total Victory of Tribal Liberation Force Marked by Award of Stripes of Fury Medal
06.23 Pressure mounts on Upwell to hand over Serpentis data and hardware
06.27 CONCORD and Upwell Agree Technology Sharing Deal with Scope Network to Act as Broker

09.06 Imperial Guard confirms rumors of thwarted attack in Throne Worlds
09.16 Amarr Third Fleet Admiral Speaks Out On ‘Purity Of The Throne’
09.27 BREAKING NEWS! – Sanmatar Shakor Crosses Imperial Border In Surprise Visit To Amarr!
Catiz I Addresses Capsuleers And Imperial Guard after Historic Day In Dam-Torsad
09.30 Imperial Coronation Week Ends with Rite of Shathol’Syn and Confirmation of New Royal Heirs

10.11 Theology Council Issues Advisory Exhortation on Status of Cloned in Amarr Doctrine
10.15 New Capsuleer Cloning Technology Developments Already in Use by CONCORD Powers; SOE "Bypassed CONCORD Treaties"
10.17 Blood Raider Covenant Calls on Sani Sabik Cultists to "Rise Up" and Raid Military Cloning Facilities
10.28 Former SOE Alleges New Cloning Uses Project Discovery and Thera Research; Warns of Drifter Danger

11.01 CONCORD Joint Command Announces Success of Capsuleer Assault on Blood Raiders as Threat Level is Lowered
11.10 SOE Splinter Group Warns of Shift in Drifter Activity; Thukker Tribe Confirms Anomalous Behavior
11.15 BREAKING: Drifter Attacks on Research Facilities Across New Eden Reported by Capsuleers

119.02.14 BREAKING NEWS - State Of Emergency Declared After Confirmation Of Kyonoke Outbreak
02.28 Ishukone CEO Derided At CEP Session After Offering Assistance To Both Federation And State

03.03 SoCT Breaks Silence On Construction in Postouvin; Announces Kyonoke Inquest
03.10 Protests Erupt After Harrowing Footage Leaks From Inside Myrskaa Nanodome
03.12 Caldari Protestors Return To Work After Megacorporate Clamp Down On Dissent
03.14 BREAKING NEWS - Chaos Erupts During Caldari-Gallente Summit After Leaked Recordings Criticize Chief Executive Panel
03.18 State Armed Forces Rebuke Accusations Of Involvement In Kyonoke Pit Breach
03.22 BREAKING NEWS - Chief Executive Panel Orders Partial Closure of Caldari-Gallente Border; Decommissions Embassies
03.25 BREAKING NEWS - Quafe Convoy Destroyed By Caldari Forces On Caldari-Gallente Border
03.28 Inquest Center Buzzes With Activity As Science Teams Arrive From Across New Eden

04.03 BREAKING NEWS - Massive Data Corruption Reported At Kyonoke Inquest Center - Sabotage Suspected
04.07 BREAKING NEWS - Body Of Key Scientist Found After Ransack Of Labs At Kyonoke Inquest Center
04.08 BREAKING NEWS - Kyonoke Plague Outbreak Reported On Board Inquest Center
04.10 Biotech Companies Begin Mass Synthesis Of Kyonoke Antidote After Inquest Success
04.11 Inner Circle and SOE Agree Protocol for Transfer of Project Discovery to Concord Oversight
04.12 Analysis Of Kyonoke Antidote Fuels Calls For Investigation After Widespread Treatment Begins

05.08 Sukuuvestaa Awarded Myrskaa Reconstruction Contract After City Is Razed On Schedule
05.15 Federal Intelligence Office Seizes Hardware From RP4 Facility As Investigation Intensifies
05.17 Blood Raiders Deploy Advanced Shipyard; Upwell and DED Silent as Capsuleers Respond
05.25 Quafe Company Receives Substantial Pre-Tribunal Settlement From State Armed Forces For Loss Of Convoy

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Re: Highlights of any recentish lore updates
« Reply #2 on: 16 Jun 2017, 05:05 »

Wow Che, nice.  Also, hey Vendrin, how's it going brother?   :P


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Re: Highlights of any recentish lore updates
« Reply #3 on: 14 Jul 2017, 18:00 »

Last time I bothered to keep track of the lore Jamyl was just assassinated by drifters and some kind of incursion thing against them was supposed to happen.

Anyone mind giving the cliff's notes on what has happened since faction wise?

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