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Author Topic: sani sabik rp opportunities and suggestions.  (Read 237 times)


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sani sabik rp opportunities and suggestions.
« on: 03 Jun 2017, 01:31 »

So. We have an alliance.

One of the ideas we had, was that it might be possible to focus sani sabik rp a little, and cause a critical mass that would generate RP.

to quote Val on the issue:
One of the ideas I had, waaaay back, was regarding the three major areas of space (as I saw it) that are of interest to sani sabik rp'ers.
Araz constellation in Kador (highsec all 0.5) the site of the former sani sabik Takmahl Empire.Tandoiras constellation in The Bleak Lands (lowsec), the constellation formerly owned by the Blood Raiders.The two Blood Raider nullsec constellations in Delve.
So, my thought would be, that it might be of interest, and generate some fun rp, if there was some kind of effort in concentrating activities in these areas, with a view to eventually exerting control over them, should we gather enough people to make that a possibility.
E.g. in Araz, taking down citadels and such, and/or demanding protection fees.
The main issue that occurs, is regarding npc interactions - something that I've encountered when doing missions in delve - the blood raider npcs will shoot you, and if you shoot any of them, you'll lose standings to the blood raiders that will be very difficult to regain. So, depending on your particular corps viewpoint regarding the blood raiders, it can make things awkward.
Also, if you want your corporations to join this alliance, with a view to fielding a team for alliance tournaments, that might also be fun.

So, I'm open to suggestions.
I mean, Araz, it has a pentagram on the map !

So, I thought I'd post this here, to see if others would be interested and willing to collaborate.
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Re: sani sabik rp opportunities and suggestions.
« Reply #1 on: 03 Jun 2017, 10:17 »

Sure I wouldn't have a problem with helping with the alliance.

However with the RP I have been doing I have been sort of legitimatizing the Sani Sabik Faith. Or at least try to make it more tolerable.

As I have journeyed with Cass this round I have discovered sympathizers and like minded individuals.

I don't know about making a criminal enterprise (I have to talk to the corp about that).

Overall Cass has a dim view of Blood Raiders. Even if they are the true inheritors of the Takmahl path, they have gotten so lost in their hedonism and debauchery that they are blind.

I really have to write down some of the stuff she has been professing in private to other players.