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Author Topic: [Character] Xepharious Wryn  (Read 190 times)


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[Character] Xepharious Wryn
« on: 01 Jun 2017, 10:04 »

Well, I guess it's long past time I did this. I spent a lot of time building out the baseliners around Xeph trying to define, for myself, who Xeph really was. I still feel that interacting with Xeph or reading about him in fiction is a far better way to truly know who he is, but having a base set of info is a good idea too. I'll fill in some of the physicality in an update later.

Name: Xepharious Wryn

Publicly Known:
Xeph currently holds the role/title/rank of Sub-Coordinator within Alexylva Paradox, specifically managing recruitment and some matters of system security.

He is also the proprietor of two bars; Sunny-side Up, located in the Icarus Station within Origin and Six-Bladed Flower, located within Thera.

Little is outwardly known of his life pre-capsuleer other than that he was freed by his holder at the verge of his adult life and appears to have used tenuous Thukker contacts to make his way into Republic space where he quickly sought sponsorship and service in the Republic Navy. Upon obtaining capsuleer status a few short years later, it is curious to note that Xepharious seems to have avoided missions or duties which would have placed him in direct conflict or direct vicinity of Amarr forces and/or territory. Following a lull in any official activity, Xepharious is seen to have allied first with a detachment of the Sisters of Eve and then later with Solace where he was involved in various humanitarian efforts.
It was at this time that he came in contact with Saede Riordan and Niapet. Following a short mentoring relationship with the latter, Xepharious emigrated to Origin. Much of DED public record from this point is found only in post-battle reports as well as the occasional diplomatic correspondence.

With a little digging...
The name of Xeph's previous holder and owner has been stricken from record though the lands previously belonging to that individual have been transferred and are currently within the holdings of the Taimanneth family. While few records survive from this transition, Xeph's mother is shown to have died shortly before her Holder's name was stricken. While of Thukker decent, Xeph's father is otherwise unknown to him or to any other than his late mother.

A few unsubstantiated leads point to carefully covered interactions between Xephairous and various members of SFRIM during a period following his move to WH space. While the nature of these contacts is known only to the intelligence services within Origin, Xeph seems to have gone to great lengths to keep their content secret.

Recently, news sources coming out of Origin depict a recent change in Xeph's management of his role within ALXVP. Some have attributed this change to a settling into the full weight of the role, however a discerning observer might see that the change in his demeanor as well as a distinct change in ship naming conventions appeared shortly after a large incursion into Origin was repelled during the late summer of YC118. ((Sunswept)) Xeph has recently been more directly involved in diplomatic actions related to developing relations with SFRIM as well as several recent large refugee immigrations related to the Capsuleer Naulplius. In these endeavors, Xepharious's current romantic relationship with the capsuleer Literia is thought to have a major role in bringing his specific attention to such matters. 

Xeph's family life is focused primarily about his current relationship and he is frequently seen publicly in Origin playing or shopping with Literia and her children. Recent intelligence suggests that his feelings for these children, when added to the inherent relative vulnerability of children within Origin and the prevailing view of those children as treasured, may represent a tactical diplomatic lever. This would also support recent rumored efforts made within Origin to increase security around the children of Alexylva Paradox capsuleers.

Currently unknown in the public sphere, this information would take considerable insight, digging, and at least some inherent relation to the events:
Xepharious's mother was much beloved by her holder and bore him a daughter. While her child was not his only issue, in his late years Dalusin Taimanneth underwent a radical change in ways and began departing from his family. He named his new daughter as his heir, despite her mixed birth, and declared his other children, or those that still lived, as severed from his line. His choice was greatly mourned and challenged by his siblings. Upon his death, shortly following the natural but early death of his beloved, Xeph's mother, those siblings took their revenge by in turn disavowing Dalusin. When they came to reclaim the lands of their errant elder brother they found that the cursed child and heir which he had placed above them had mysteriously disappeared.

It is known only to Xeph and two others where his sister now lives.

Xepharious cares deeply for his home and will defend it and his kin in Origin fiercely. Through recent events ((Read Sunswept, no spoilers here)) he has taken a greatly increased interest in the welfare of the youth of Origin and has gained an almost devout commitment to their protection.

Xeph was raised in the Amarr faith by his mother and his Holder. While his early years were heavily impacted with his relationship to God, he has since found that relationship greatly taxed by what he feels is the great indifference of any god who would continue to allow such horrible acts committed in his name.

Xeph is a rather easygoing guy. He values a sense of adventure and humor about life and while in his young adulthood he was known to cavort about socially, recently he has taken his relatively new responsibilities very heavily. As one who is naturally dispositioned to a positive outlook on life, he often easily finds the good in others. While highly diplomatic, this is seen more as a fault within the vicious life of a wormhole where paranoia is the true rule of safety.
ALEXYLVA PARADOX | Sub-Coordinator | Recruiter
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