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Author Topic: Have a drink  (Read 289 times)


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Have a drink
« on: 25 Mar 2017, 19:07 »

((This will act as a descriptor of the Spacetime BarRP channel))

In the spaces between planets and belts in the Dammalin system sits an unremarkable Azbel with more than its fair share of Krusual symbols in polished Tritanium on the outside. Not overly busy, rests comfortable on the corner of slightly acknowledged and mildly tolerated, its billboards wink in and out with the news of the day and adverts for all manner of products, corporations, and alliances.

The primary guest Hangars are all located near the center hub, while the office spaces and owners hangars with their larger births at the outer rungs and connected by powered lev trains and elevators. Once inside visitors are treated to the bustle of an active station seemingly overpopulated with non cap workers of every type. Only after a few minutes do some notice the reason. Almost no robotics automations seems to be in evidence. Minmatar from all the tribes run around on business, but none of the ever present drones, AI's or nano bots ever present on most stations.

There seems to really only be two paths leading out of the Hangar bays. Manufactorum signs line the hallways leading a pilots straight ahead at the same level as the Pod level. Following this path eventually gets the pilots to the factory control area. Even here, workers of all the races, but mainly Minmatar, move with purpose. The final 100 meters of the primary passage have glass walls allowing a view of the massive machinery of industry. Stories high processing structures pout our dust as the grind raw ore dropped in from hopper the size of Thrashers. The Conveyors lead back to the Hangars and seem to run continuously. Men and women maneuver around the city block sized machines checking readouts and fine tuning. Further in the factory lines reveal the first real signs of automation as robotics and drones of every type assemble parts en masse. But even here humanity is in easily seen.

Further down the hall the offices of the Manufactorum start. Ranging from simple kyosks where pilots can enter ship and Hangar bay information for cargo and ore pickup and delivery with in the station to offices staffed by dock workers, Guildmasters and engineers for more advanced requests. In total there are 3 stories of offices ready to serve a pilot in need of any industrial need available at the Spacetime Bar. Mixed in with all this are the occasional crewman wearing the livery of the Krusual Space Construction Services. Never quite clean from long and heavy use, the reddish crimson is easily seen and the KSCS patch on the arm always perfectly clean.

The other path from the Hangar, noted by the "BAR THIS WAY" signs, terminate in a bay containing 4 converted Frigate hull lifts usually used to move full ships, but now able to carry up to 40 people at a time. The lifts lined against the outer ring wall of the central cavernous area containing the Manufactorum facing in. Only two button are on each lift, up and down. Above a platform...circular and suspended over the space only reaching the edge where the lifts take their passengers. Arriving it the dais level reveals the Bar proper. A large circular space dotted with bars or varying sizes, each with it own workbench cluttered with tools extends to the very edge of the dais, where a railing allows patrons to lean and look down into the factories and processors below. Loose fabric passively separates the space into discreet areas, and act as a false ceiling keeping the space more intimate and shadowing the light to a manageable level.

In the center a solid Isogen pillar 4 stories high connects the center of the platform to the ceiling of the greater space.  Around the base of the pillar is the main bar surrounded by small table work benches again ready for use in tinkering or real work. At the center of the bar facing the lifts, to be prominent as patrons come in, stands a two story solid polished Tritanium Krusual Symbol, slightly lit from above.

All around people can be seen talking, drinking or at one of the workbenches working on some project. The smells of ozone from welders, tabac from every region of space, and food from a dozen cultures mix into a seemingly perfect blend of work and relaxation.