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Author Topic: [Character] Merchant Rova  (Read 170 times)


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[Character] Merchant Rova
« on: 28 Feb 2017, 01:30 »

General Stuff
-Full Name: Sven Rova
-Other Names: Merchant (A nickname given during capsuleer schooling despite how awful he is at trading.)
-DOB: YC 01.12.96
-Age: 23
-POB: Sakht VII
-Bloodline: %60 Ni-Kunni, %40 Khanid
-Nationality: Amarr
-Relationship Status: None
-Family: Both parents alive, adopted brother, Trader Rova, alive, brother, Levi Rova, alive (note: Levi was sold to a friend, I don't actually own him. Only Trader.)
-Current Employer: Pathway to the Next [P-NXT], member of Last Calamity [LC]
-Current Residence: J162251 - The Maw.

Physical Characteristics
-Hair: Black, although some clones have had different colors, sometimes brown.
-Eyes: Green
-Height: 6'4"
-Weight: 160 lbs
-Build: Very thin, very little muscle.

[under work]
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