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that the Society for the Conservation of State Traditions is a fiercly nationalistic Caldari lobbyist organization that unleashed a scathing rebuke of PIE Inc. pilot Kostantin Mort in late YC106.

Author Topic: [Character] Merchant Rova  (Read 54 times)


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[Character] Merchant Rova
« on: 28 Feb 2017, 01:30 »

General Stuff
-Full Name: Sven Rova
-Other Names: Merchant (A nickname given during capsuleer schooling despite how awful he is at trading.)
-DOB: YC 01.12.96
-Age: 23
-POB: Sakht VII
-Bloodline: %60 Ni-Kunni, %40 Khanid
-Nationality: Amarr
-Relationship Status: None
-Family: Both parents alive, adopted brother, Trader Rova, alive, brother, Levi Rova, alive (note: Levi was sold to a friend, I don't actually own him. Only Trader.)
-Current Employer: Pathway to the Next [P-NXT], member of Last Calamity [LC]
-Current Residence: J162251 - The Maw.

Physical Characteristics
-Hair: Black, although some clones have had different colors, sometimes brown.
-Eyes: Green
-Height: 6'4"
-Weight: 160 lbs
-Build: Very thin, very little muscle.

-Killing MTU's
-Ganking other wormholers
-Theorycrafting fits
-Shooting sleepers
-Racing planetside (somewhat of a former interest)

-Rova was born on Sakht to somewhat well-off parents. They were holders over a small area of land farther away from most of the larger cities on the small island continent. They had a small number of slaves which allowed them to live comfortably. Rova lived a pretty ordinary life. When he was 15, he was able to spend about 5 months stationside (his "summer break") working a bazaar. While Rova found it boring and lonely, it was the first taste of space he'd ever had. With his new earnings from working, Rova took an interest in planetary vehicles until his 18th birthday, when he had to sit down and really figure out what he wanted to do with his life. On an impulse decision, he decided he wanted to become a capsuleer. 4 years and a lot of money/testing later, Rova emerged. Sure, he was last in class for multiple different things, but hey, he passed. He first joined up with Fowl Play. [2BOKS] who was living with the Amarrian alliance I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth [J4LP.] in Cloud Ring. During his time spent in null, Rova developed an addiction to Blue Pill, one he only got rid of after he left null (he blames his dude-bro nature on this). After a few months, J4LP. was kicked out of Cloud Ring by the CFC, and Rova went with 2BOKS. from alliance to alliance. Eventually, he felt that he needed to "get his life in track", and decided to enlist in Amarr militia. It ended up only making things worse 'cause Rova decided he didn't really like the Empire too much, after seeing some parts of Amarr militia, so he bounced from corp to corp, until he eventually found Pathway to the Next [P-NXT]. Politically, Rova changed a little, becoming much more Pro-Gallente as time went on. Rova's time in P-NXT has been diverse, with him doing work in recruiting, to planetary colony management, to accounting and many other roles. He also has seemed to develop a habit of calling people "bro" or "dude", and a strange obsession with "Bob".

-Rova loosely believes in "Bob", the deity of wormhole space. He frequently questions whether or not Bob's real, or if he's just losing it. Politically, Rova is Pro-Gallente, but recently he's been trying to stay out of long winded arguments, and more just commenting on things as he sees them.

-Rova is very much a dude-bro. He frequently addresses other people as "bro" or "dude" instead of using formalities. He uses these less the more tired he is, however. Rova frequently insults himself, usually calling himself "creepy" or other, generic insults. Rova tries to make himself interesting and likeable, but usually ends up failing.

-Rova wants to become a better combat pilot. He's awful, and he'd really like to get better, but he can't admit to himself that he'll never be as good as he wants himself to be (he's forever stuck in a loop of admitting he's awful). Rova also wants to keep flying with P-NXT and really wants to see the corp/alliance grow.

-Rova has issues understanding himself and what he believes in. He doesn't care for the Empire much, and has abandoned much of his previous life. He's sometimes worried he could be wrong about stuff, in the same way he thinks he was wrong about stuff growing up. He's frequently stressed out about what's going on in his life or in space. He tries his very best to not show any of this stress.

(Ty to Toroko Shiyurida for coming up with the format. This post was thrown together so I could better think out Merchant as a character, considering I don't have a ton of time to RP.)

Edit: I seem to have messed up and forgot to bracket "Characters". My bad.
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