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Author Topic: [Character Sheet] Toroko Shiyurida  (Read 230 times)


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[Character Sheet] Toroko Shiyurida
« on: 14 Feb 2017, 08:02 »

-General Stuff
-Full Name: Toroko Shiyurida
-Other Names: Tori ( A recently minted nickname, only one person calls her this )
-DOB: 83.05.12
-Age: 36
-POB: Achura
-Bloodline: %95 Achuran, %5 Civire
-Nationality: Caldari
-Relationship Status: Complicated
-Family: Both parents alive, Grandmother alive, no siblings
-Current Employer: Ishukone-Raata Technologic Research Institute [I-RTI], member Corporation of [I-RED]
-Current Residence: XS-XAY

Physical Characteristics:
-Hair: Reddish brown, often dyed black.
-Eyes: Hazel
-Height: 5'8"
-Weight: 145 lbs
-Build: Toned, lower body especially well built.

-Wormhole Physics
-Stealth Technology
-Martial Arts
-Achuran Beliefs

-Toroko was born to her parents on Achura, both fairly liberal and followers of The Living Universe. Her upbringing was middle class, though somewhat austere for her family's level of income. Wealth, as often is the case to Achuran, was not an ends as it so often is in Caldari society. Rather it was a means, largely to benefit the surrounding community. Toroko took to her exploratory preponderance quite early in life,

Toroko Shiyurida - Assistant Researcher, Exploration Specialist
Toroko is a recent addition to Capsuleer life. Having spent most of her younger years groundside on Achura she has maintained a fairly prominent, if local, postion as a research fellow for Archeological studies. She declined an offer made in her twenties when she was found to be compatible for Capsuleer training. Coming to the peak of her career in her early 30's she recognized a deep yearning for the broader histories of not only her people but all peoples of New Eden. Understanding the necessity that travel through space would play in this she applied for Capsuleer training through the School of Applied Knowledge. Maintaining a minor in cross-cultural Historic studies and Majoring with a Masters in Astrometrics she made her way to the stars, rapidly finding herself involved with the Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute to further her own goals of Anthropological history as well as the innate curiosity she has for all things unknown.

Toroko is very well cemented in the liberal block of ideology within the Caldari state. She is a firm supporter of the Hyasyoda Corporation who have a stricter sense of -tradition- than their greatest allies in the liberal bloc. As an Achuran she follows the relatively mainstay belief that a rigid societal order leads to greater freedom to explore ones spirituality and the deeper philosophical underpinnings of life. Her actual beliefs follow 'The Living Universe' a concept not uncommon to the Achurans in that all things in the universe are interconnected as if all were smaller parts of the greater whole.

Toroko is fairly outgoing and one to easily strike up conversation. She is also keen to listen to others and evaluate their opinions with deliberation. She carries herself with a poise and grace in most situations, especially when stressed. Kindness means much to her, not just as a perception but in dealing with anyone else from a moral standpoint. She is driven, but she is not willing to drive out others for her own success, caring deeply about those around her.

Toroko wants more definite answers on the EVE gate, humanity is all interconnected but are the theories of an ancient precursor race truth? To explore the depths of archaeological history between all the empires. A deeper understanding of the Sleepers. Recently discovered goal, the mitigation of the seemingly desperate drive towards violence many Capsuleers show.

Issues: In her newly allotted freedoms as a Capsuleer she is coming to terms with some of the darker aspects of Caldari cultural heritage and political restraints. She is beginning to question the absolute importance of tradition and ordered society for spiritual growth.

(Thank you to Tsao Aubbes for the format and Julianni Avala before her)
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