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Author Topic: [Character] Trisha Debrigue  (Read 172 times)

Trisha Debrigue

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[Character] Trisha Debrigue
« on: 11 Feb 2017, 07:27 »

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: Trisha Debrigue
DED Callsign: Trisha Debrigue
Blood Type: B+
Age: 37
Height: 175 (5'9")
Weight: 59 (130lbs)
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Green
Political Alignment: Anarchist
Date of Birth: YC 82.11.19
Place of Birth: Caille, Luminaire
Employment History: University of Caille
Status: Clear

DED Threat Assessment: Harmless

Notes: Current student of advanced Astrometrics

Personality Assessment: None

Physical Assessment: None
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