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Author Topic: Greetings o7  (Read 241 times)

Dante Sriker

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Greetings o7
« on: 05 Feb 2017, 06:00 »

Greetings EVE RPers! o7

I play a few other games and really wanted a space sim to get into but couldn't afford Elite: Dangerous and ended up falling in love with EVE. I have been trying to figure out my character for a while now and I think I maaaay have gotten a decent idea of what I want him to be, so hopefully I will see some of you in-game and perhaps your character might see Dante in space? I posted his DED Datasheet which I shall quote here for convenience.

CONCORD DED Public Capsuleer Datasheet
Name: SRIKER, Dante
DED Callsign: Dante Sriker
Blood Type: O-
Age: 24
Height: 172cm (5ft 6in)
Weight: 74kg (163lbs)
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Steel Gray
Political Alignment: None
Date of Birth: Exact Date Unknown
Place of Birth: Null-Security Space, Exact Location Unknown
Employment History: Republic Military School
Status: Under Investigation

DED Charges:
> Hacking
> Narcotics
> Grand Theft Auto
> Fraud
> Arson
> Theft
> Blackmail

DED Threat Assessment: Low

> Mother Unknown, Father MIA while serving Republic Military Covert Ops Branch.
> Capsuleer has previously hacked into DED Database and rewritten data, such as Status, DED Charges and Threat Assesment.
> Increased Low-Security Space activity after graduation from Republic Military School.

Personality Assessment:
Subject noted as a sociopath and may alter personality and attempt to minipulate others for personal gain. Sriker has been noted as not dangerous unless aggrivated or persuaded to be otherwise.
Capsuleer suffers from social anxiety in large crowds and minor ADD. Negative traits may be linked to not knowing his mother and father going MIA while still young.

Physical Assessment:
Capsuleer's distinguishing features include lip, ear and bridge piercings as well as facial augmentation and tattoo.


Julianni Avala

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Re: Greetings o7
« Reply #1 on: 05 Feb 2017, 09:23 »

Welcome! Glad to have you join us  :cube:

Dante certainly looks interesting. Very mysterious and will be neat to see where his allegiances are (if any). See you in game, friend!
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Miyoshi Akachi

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Re: Greetings o7
« Reply #2 on: 05 Feb 2017, 10:05 »

Welcome! :D

Dante Sriker

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Re: Greetings o7
« Reply #3 on: 05 Feb 2017, 11:29 »

Thanks! I look forward to seeing both of you and your characters ingame  :D

Ché Biko

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Re: Greetings o7
« Reply #4 on: 07 Feb 2017, 12:36 »

Welcome Backstage.