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Author Topic: Namaste and Howdy  (Read 102 times)

Djinpa Vanivapari

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Namaste and Howdy
« on: 03 Feb 2017, 20:17 »

  Hello everyone.  I am a returning player just getting back into Eve.  I didn't play much with other people so I doubt anyone will remember me.  I was the one playing Che Lani back in 2012.  Though now I can't for the life of me remember any of the account details so I just restarted.  I am toying with what I hope will be an interesting storyline, but I guess we'll see.

  About me: I am a 37 year-old American, but I work in Germany so I am on an EU time schedule most nights.  I used to play WoW on Twisting Nether(US) but I like SciFi too much for fantasy to hold me long.  I am a huge fan of HPL, Douglas Adams, Star Trek, Babylon 5, V, and Red Dwarf.
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Julianni Avala

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Re: Namaste and Howdy
« Reply #1 on: 03 Feb 2017, 20:41 »

Pacifism for the win! Welcome back :)
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John Revenent

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Re: Namaste and Howdy
« Reply #2 on: 03 Feb 2017, 22:36 »

Welcome back! You should get in touch with the IPI, they're still around.

Ché Biko

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Re: Namaste and Howdy
« Reply #3 on: 04 Feb 2017, 04:09 »

Namas? Che? Pacifism? :s
This is a little freaky for me, but Welcome Back...stage.

Trisha Debrigue

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Re: Namaste and Howdy
« Reply #4 on: 11 Feb 2017, 08:58 »

Couldn't stand mining, sent toon to the biomass reclaimer and made this one.
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