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Author Topic: I Will Choose The Bonds  (Read 214 times)

Katja Somni

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I Will Choose The Bonds
« on: 28 Dec 2016, 09:28 »

OOC: I've just recently started trying to get into EVE RP and lore, and as such, I'm very open to corrections on those accounts. Or just feedback in general, of course, if anyone should have any. That said, the formatting of this story is intentional. Regardless... have a good day, and stuff. Thanks for reading, if you do. Just some character exploration.

:: I remember the temple
as it used to be.

:: A place
of worship.

// Scanning System: Hilaban < Arvachah < Tash-Murkon
// No Scan Result

:: I prayed within its chambers,
and meditated among its gardens.

:: I was not happy,
nor at peace.

:: For months, it seemed as if peace
of mind
had escaped me
only because we had to

// Set Destination: Shesha < Arvachah < Tash-Murkon
// Intermediary: Stargate Shesha (Hilaban), 58,48 AU
// Navigation: Aligning
// Navigation: Warp Drive Active

:: If I had been able to stroll
through the casually-strewn rubble and remains,
observed the destruction wrought,
the dot of the I of my then-life,
I might have found

:: That was my thought.

:: So subjectively,

:: Unable to consider much
other than instilled desire
for vengeance,

// Scanning System: Shesha < Arvachah < Tash-Murkon
// No Scan Result

:: Only in the moment,
only to the few of us,
was it ever a meaningful gesture.

:: I hated their god,
what this god had made them do and think,
what this god made them think
and do.

:: This hatred,
even then,
by subconscious knowledge.

:: That this way of being
was only
as inherent to them
as it was made to be
by those around them.

:: Perhaps, then,
it was not morality or philosophy
that made me refuse
predetermination and base racism,
but the much simpler
of anything perceived to be

// Set Destination: Goni < Anidaza < Tash-Murkon
// Intermediary: Stargate Goni (Shesha), 7,88 AU
// Navigation: Aligning
// Navigation: Warp Drive Active

:: At the time,
of course,
I thought I had helped
show them.

:: That we had been one more spark
one day,
to starting the fire.

:: I fervently hoped
it would stir them,
my parents,
to reconsider their lives,
accepting that,
at the same time,
it might have consequences for them.

:: Accepting,
in the way that only those
that lack all but the most superficial understanding
of what their acceptance implies
can accept consequences
for others.

// Scanning System: Goni < Anidaza < Tash-Murkon
// Cosmic Anomaly: 41,44 AU, PMR-035: Sansha Refuge
// Cosmic Signature 46,36 AU, XFN-277: Unknown
// Navigation: Aligning to PMR-035
// Navigation: Warp Drive Active

:: In the years since then,
in between the running,
and becoming,
the responsibility,
urged by the eddies of my mind,
wavered over and over
from weighing heavily on me,
and weighing
on the unflinching shoulders
of the Empire.

// Shield: 98%
// Capacitor: 66%
// Drone 1: Returning.
// Drone 2: Returning.
// Launchers 1-5: Reloading.

::That is,
until I learned
most abruptly
that they were

// Incoming Message: “Return.”

:: The control isn’t heavy-handed,
but neither is it

:: There is not always an obvious point to it,
other than testing
whether orders are

:: So far,
they all have been.

:: Far above it all
as I now am,
it yet eludes me
to save the two people
who most connect me
what I once was.

:: What I desire
to remember,
even should I live

:: Return.

// Set Destination: Hilaban III – Moon 4 – Carthum Conglomerate Warehouse
// Intermediaries: Stargate Shesha (Goni), Stargate Hilaban (Shesha)
// Navigation: Approaching Stargate Shesha (Goni)

:: I have come to the conclusion
that we are all

:: Even if the bonds
may differ.

:: If that is the only difference,
I will choose the bonds
that let me remember,
rather than those
that let me


Miyoshi Akachi

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Re: I Will Choose The Bonds
« Reply #1 on: 29 Dec 2016, 11:16 »

Interesting reading and curious formatting :)


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Re: I Will Choose The Bonds
« Reply #2 on: 01 Jan 2017, 01:26 »

OOC:  I loved the format, and the style, at least in my mind, helped break each part down into a focus.  The emotional connection as well combined with some of the thoughts of the effects of life as a capsuleer on family and other social connections.  Love it!

Keep it up and hope to see you out there someday.