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Author Topic: [SANXI] Sanxing - Federation loyalist corporation  (Read 382 times)

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Sanxing is a Federation-loyalist roleplaying corporation. Specifically, our focus is on the Jin-Mei “race” within the Federation, but membership is not limited to Jin-Mei characters or even Federation races. Sanxing's purpose in New Eden is that of a capsuleer-run humanitarian organization dedicated to the peace, security, and prosperity of the Jin-Mei people and the Ysiette constellation.

Sanxing has already made an impact in the lore by initiating and leading a relief effort  This effort was made to bring relief to the suffering population on the Jin-Mei homeworld of Tei-Su (Lirsautton V, also known as Chandeille). The planet had been in a state of brutal civil war for over a decade.

After the relief effort received incredible support from various capsuleers CCP acknowledged it and officially established a ceasefire between the two warring factions on the planet.

Sanxing's objective is to develop the ceasefire into lasting peace and work towards a golden age for the Jin-Mei people. On top of this, Sanxing is doing what it can to help the whole of the Federation.

No other empire in EVE has the level of RP flexibility the Federation has. Where many different cultures and ideologies thrive, there are wide possibilities as to what characters can exist in this camp. This will allow those new to RP and/or EVE to build their character’s personality and backstory with few limitations and minimal knowledge of the lore.

Sanxing's top priority is storytelling. We are a group that admires collaborative creativity more than a green billboard or a phat wallet of ISK. All of what we do—PvE, PvP, industry—all have IC (in-character) reasoning behind them. We try our best to put a story behind everything we do in this game to get the most out of its vast and layered sci-fi world. Currently we are working on developing a wiki for Jin-Mei and Sanxing lore.
- We have PvE covered with combat anomalies, exploration, and mission running.
- Weekly PvP fleets in low-security space.
- A healthy, communicative industrial branch. Boosted mining fleets, blueprints, multiple ongoing manufacturing projects and room for more.
- Weekly written missions that allow members to earn significant ISK from RP.

Sanxing accepts freshly-graduated Alpha clones and experienced Omega clones alike, new players and veteran players. Your character doesn’t have to be one of the Federation races. Players new to roleplaying are very welcome and we’re happy to offer RP advice and lore information (as well as answers to gameplay questions).
All members are expected..

1) to be mature and civil,
2) to maintain a line between character and player, and
3) to understand that RP is a social hobby in which it’s important to be considerate of the other players and in which it’s helpful to have a “you get out what you put in” mindset.

Join our in-game channel "Sanxing.OOC" and speak with Xun Yu or Kolodi Ramal for further information about the corp or for friendly chat about lore and RP.