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Author Topic: Howdy folks. (Very) long time Eve lurker looking for casual commitment RP.  (Read 309 times)

Consiliaria Apostolos

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Hi Everyone,

I'm a long-time Eve player (circa 2004) with a lot of skill points and a lot of history in Eve that's mostly in the past. Career and real life have taken their toll on my ability to commit the way I could back in my M.Corp/TOG/Galaxy Crusader days (among many  others) so I've mostly just kept up training and logged in to keep up to date on the various mechanics available, usually losing something very expensive in the process. I met the very welcoming and totally civil (always a surprise in Eve!) Jen Roku while on a long transit toward the old Eve Gate because...that's what lurkers do, I guess...and we had a good conversation about Eve in general and RP and Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque in particular. After a few conversations it seemed like a lot of fun to convert to the Amarr religion and so I have!

From an RP perspective I bring to the table an aborted PhD degree in Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity (Computer Science and good sense prevailed) so I have a fairly good handle on world religions and Judaism and the early church in particular. Might come in handy for RP...finally some pay back for all those tens of thousands of dollars I spent back in the 90s!

Anyway, I like to roam around, fit ships, and generally use my imagination to plan things I'll never have the time to actually do in Eve. ;) My favorite in-world activity is long haul logistics in high-sec because I can do that while I work. I've done quite a bit of research into the Eve backstory which is probably my favorite aspect of the game. That's about it for now. You can checkout my bio at :'tascha

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Welcome. Please help yourself to tea and cakes.

I'm in very much the same situation (only less accomplished IRL) as work/study have supplanted any ability to interact meaningfully with the community, much less login to the game. It sounds as though you have worked out a rhythm that suits you as a player and so much the better. My own opinion is that SFRIM are great people and an excellent group of characters. I doubt you will go wrong there.

Good luck and have fun!
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