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Author Topic: Caldari RP Channels?  (Read 493 times)

Quince Rin

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Caldari RP Channels?
« on: 01 Jul 2016, 03:09 »

In Amarr role play is everywhere. There are dozens and dozens of chat channels for role playing. I haven't found the to be the case. The only Caldari channel i have found is the default "Factions" channel. Are there any Caldari channels you can tell me about?
Quince Rin

Morwen Lagann

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Re: Caldari RP Channels?
« Reply #1 on: 01 Jul 2016, 08:59 »

Heiian College is an IC channel for Caldari characters and those interested in the State. It could always use more activity.

The default faction channels haven't really seen use in years, even before I was playing and RPing.
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