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Author Topic: Alternate Drug Options in the Amarr Empire  (Read 569 times)


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Alternate Drug Options in the Amarr Empire
« on: 24 May 2016, 11:05 »

Opiate of the Masses
Mission briefing:
In order to get around the laws pertaining to the transportation of illegal drugs through Amarr Empire space, we have been forced to create new and unknown substances for use on, or by, rather, our various slave labor enclaves. This new drug, Blue Paradise, does away with many of the harmful chemicals previously used while actually increasing the pleasurable effects. We are certain that, properly controlled and distributed, introduction of this drug into the slave labor workforce will increase productivity by a substantial margin. We are counting on you to deliver it to the designation transshipment station as soon as possible.

Blue Paradise, also known as “Beep,” is a mild narcotic engineered by Amarr pharmaceutical scientists specifically for use by slave laborers within the Empire. Users of Blue Paradise report feelings of mild euphoria, contentment, relaxation, and generalize pleasure as the primary effects of this drug. These effects typically last between three to five hours, after which the user can be expected to fall into a sound sleep, if taken prior to that user's normal sleep cycle. Furthermore, there have been no significant side effects reported from repeat and prolonged use, making Blue Paradise an extremely promising “reward” for slave laborers. Recreational use of Blue Paradise has not yet been reported, given the limited nature of its distribution only to select Amarr slave labor operations, and no evidence yet exists of addiction to this drug, if administered in a controlled environment.

Biochemical Agents for Improved Slave Workloads
We all know that there have been a long series of proclamations, laws, and rules banning the transportation of illegal drugs (and some legal drugs) in Amarr space for use in slave labor. These prohibitions have typically had no real teeth, unless of course the Empress herself sets forth an official decree specifically banning a given substance. The logical, time-tested way around this has been to create entirely new generations of performance enhancing biochemical drugs.

As slaves are typically wary of any pills or other obvious means of altering their behavior (recalling, as we must, the various slave uprisings that have occurred when we tried to openly force drugs on them), we've had to resort to less obvious methods. For example, we have surreptitiously and gradually delivered the drugs into laborer's systems through aerosols in their habitat ventilation systems, impregnated substances into their foodstuffs and water supplies, and other rather clever means, I won't go into here. What is important is that the result has almost always been a positive one, with significant increases in worker productivity.

The downside to this, however, has been a decline in overall slave lifespans due to the long term effects of these drugs. Normally, this would be considered simple attrition; a cost of doing businesses. However, as it continues to become more and more difficult to obtain new slaves (particularly given the intolerable and unjust interference of the other empires), this solution is less and less viable. We need them to live as long as possible. This reality, of course, leads us to the only other benign option – drugs as a part of a rewards system for those slaves who meet a certain work quota each day.

To this end, we shall continue to develop new substances to both avoid interference by Customs and police forces and to ensure the maximum possible output by our slave laborers.

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Re: Alternate Drug Options in the Amarr Empire
« Reply #1 on: 24 May 2016, 12:18 »

Quite interesting, i take keen interest in the fact the other empires have "diminished" the ability of the Amarr to secure more slaves....and that using "legal" drugs, means drifting away from vitoc....into other "task->reward" options.