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Author Topic: Hyper Light Drifter  (Read 355 times)


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Hyper Light Drifter
« on: 01 Apr 2016, 08:26 »

Retail game released yesterday, can be had from stores such as gog, humble, steam, etc. Should be around $18.

So far, I'm floored by how compelling a game this is, particularly for what at first glance appears to be a simple appeal to retro nostalgia. Atmosphere and aesthetic foundation are outstanding, with images and symbols the only means of deriving the game's mechanisms. There is an old, sad story in this world, and the player must discover it through their own ingenuity and skill. No exposition or lore to be had, but the entire world is a riddle to be unwound.

Combat difficulty curves up steeply in the first hour, and while new mechanics can be unlocked trough exploration, it is not overly technical. However, resources are somewhat limited so spamming attacks wildly will likely end in frustration. Controls (gamepad suggested) are responsive and patient counterplay is rewarding.

Even if one is not a fan of this genre, I highly recommend picking up the soundtrack, which can be preordered for $5 on bandcamp. The game uses over 80 musical 'elements' that are shifted and interwoven based on criteria such as location, weather, landmarks, and other gameworld influences like creatures and interactable objects. A preview copy fan-edit can be sampled here.

There is an impressive attention to detail that quickly instills a sense of immersion, and I've found sometimes I just want to take a break at a particular vista and let the game 'breathe' in the background.

Yeah, it's good. ❤(ӦvӦ。)
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