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Author Topic: Project Zomboid  (Read 359 times)


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Project Zomboid
« on: 18 Mar 2016, 00:27 »

Game website:
You can buy the game on Steam or at

Is anyone here playing Project Zomboid? Its the game that tells the story of how you died in the zombie apocalypse.

"How I died? You mean survived?" you might ask, but no, you will die, and the game tells you the story of how.

It has been in alpha stage for a long time, but that shouldn't discourage you at all. The game in its current form is great to play and the devs have some really good plans for the next update that is in testing stage at the moment. The game is also highly moddable with some great mods.

"But how is this different from zombie apocalypse game X?" The game is a survival simulator, not an action game. It has a top down isometric view, and not first person. It is an open sandbox with no story. It has an expansive crafting system.

I'm currently playing this multiplayer with one other person, and it is really great. I think the game would be nicely suited for role playing as a small group of survivors on a server. Even better if you can have different groups of survivors with different outlooks on life.

The game can difficult at first. I went through a lot of characters that didn't last more than an hour each until I realized that I needed a mindset change for this game. The goal is to survive, not to kill zombies trying to be a bad ass.

My story:

My current character has survived by leaving town as soon as he had found a hiking backpack and filling it with some provisions. I found a small farm in the woods. I have managed to put up a log fence around the farm house and vegetable patch (which is empty because my farming skills are non existent at the moment).

I've been foraging in the woods and making primitive tools and weapons out of rocks and sticks. I have a huge stash of berries found during my foraging, but I am too afraid to eat any of them because I can't identify if any are poisonous. I haven't been back to town yet, but I found a small out of town trailer park that I have been scavenging for fresh food in the refrigerators to eat, while stocking up on tinned food.

The power and water system still work at the moment, so my food stays fresh in my fridge and there is running water. I know that this wont last long, so I have some rain barrels out to try collect water. I have a generator for when the power fails, but I haven't found fuel for it yet. Also, I have no electronic skills so even if I can get it to work, I won't be able to make any repairs to it if it fails.

Winter is coming, and snow is expected. I can't fish, but I am planning on trying to learn to trap animals. I'm hoping that my tinned food collection will keep me properly sustained until I can learn.

I spend time reading in the farmhouse to keep my boredom and depression away (actual in game mechanical worries) . To calm my anxiety I pop pills I have scavenged.

I dread the day my supplies run out and I have to return to town to find more ...