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That the expansion name "Incarna" was Stitcher's winning entry in an E-ON magazine competition?

Author Topic: Understood.  (Read 411 times)

Lyn Farel

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« on: 02 Dec 2015, 10:18 »

Thank you for the honest answer at last!

Enjoy yourselves and never learn I guess. Refuse to see what reality is why it is driving people away.

I find that you are very trigger happy on the forum locking thing when it doesn't suit you. I was expecting to hear more opinions on the matter and you just outright shut down the discussion about an issue that makes the forum obnoxious. The first answer was even going in my way, so my question is, how many do you need to open your eyes on the glaring flaws of your little mod clique?

Go for it, close this one again and shut down the discussion, shove the issue under the rug as you always are so good at. Please make me right!

PS: for the record, I mostly report ad-personams and insults as well as obvious violations of your own damn rules. If you can't even see that, I don't even know what to add. Also, do I report "A LOT" now? One year ago it was "you don't reported this or that, or not enough". Make up your minds.
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