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Author Topic: Night Action  (Read 415 times)

Louella Dougans

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Night Action
« on: 29 Sep 2015, 13:19 »

I am a paladin for the Empire.

We are fighting the Enemy on some unnamed world. It is not going as well as it should, from what I hear from my senior officers.

I'm part of a scout unit in our regiment. Our job is to find the enemy, report to regiment. Engage when we can. We're good at what we do. The best, some say.

The Word of the Lord is Pure, it is a Shield for the Faithful. We have words on our uniform. It marks us as belonging to the regiment, should we be isolated from our command structure, but link up with other friendly forces, like the others attached to our regiment for this campaign.

Kameiras! I don't like them. They look too much like the Enemy. Makes us nervous around them. They're kind of uneasy around us as well.

We're fighting in the jungle. I like the jungle, it is full of life. It is good fighting terrain. Lots of good ambush spots. Of course, that means the Enemy may try to ambush us. But, they are nowhere near as skilled as we are. We're the best at what we do, better than Khanid Cybermen, better even than True Amarr.

It is a Holding Action. The regiment is pulling back to fortified positions, prepare for counter attack. Someone has to delay the Enemy, and we are it. Night is approaching.

This is Great. We've taken up positions. One of our team has a comm jammer. The Enemy won't be able to call in, when we ambush them. We are free to engage as we see fit.

I will not hesitate when the test of Faith finds me.

We have spotted some enemy scouts. They haven't spotted us. Not yet anyway. When they do, it will be too late.

Here they come. This is it. Whaarrgrrgrrarrrgggrrr.

The action is over quickly. Time to disperse. Move, move, move !

We reposition a few hundred metres away, set up for another ambush. We repeat the action several times during the night. It rains. Rain brings out lots of creepy crawlies.

It is nearly Dawn. We spot an Enemy. Wait. No. A Kameira by her markings. She's wounded. Where is her weapon ?

Surround Yourself With The Faithful. I make contact with the Kameira. She looks scared. I back off.

We set up ambush positions around the Kameira. We shall not leave her for the Enemy to find.

We spot one of them. The Enemy sees our Kameira, and sees she's unarmed. Doesn't see us. Whaaarrrgrraarrggrrr.

The Kameira sees what we did. She realises we are friendly forces. Waves one of us over. What's this ? A message capsule ?

We send our fastest runner back to our base, with the message. Must be important.

Dawn breaks. That's our recall signal. We move out, slowly, as I've decided we must escort this Kameira.

My great-great-grandmother was from Syrikos. I wonder where Kameiras come from.

That message must have been important. Our commanding officers seem very happy to see us.

Who's a Good dog ?! Me !? Yes, I am !! Yes ?! Grrarr !!