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Author Topic: New Club - The Empyrean Club  (Read 431 times)

Jennifer Starfall

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New Club - The Empyrean Club
« on: 26 Sep 2015, 22:59 »

Chrysos Aigis would like announce our new corporate sponsored club, The Empyrean Club!

The Empyrean Club is for all immortals. We are located at Yulai VIII - Inner Circle Tribunal station; a neutral location to relax at and talk with your fellow immortals. Holoemitters are available for those who cannot join us in person. Political and idealogical arguments are frowned on, but civil discussion and debate is welcome.

Anyone of any political persuasion or belief is welcome to The Empyrean Club with the exception of supporters of entities that threaten all of New Eden, such as Sansha’s Nation, the Drifters, or Sleepers.

If you have any questions or interest in Chrysos Aigis, please join our communications channel at Chrysos Aigis Public or our GalNet site,