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Author Topic: [Character] Artem Kaso  (Read 364 times)

Artem Kaso

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[Character] Artem Kaso
« on: 07 Sep 2015, 18:20 »

((I made Artem as my first RP character, and after a couple of months of getting a sense for him I've nailed down the specifics of his character and I should start to use him more frequently on RP channels. I feel like I'm still new to this so please criticise me and help me become a better RP'er))

---------ARTEM KASO-----------


Pure Civire



03/06/YC 86
  (Age 31)

Independent. Artem has no political ties to any faction. He lives with the tribespeople around the Great Wildlands as a foreign guest, but flies solo with no motivation but personal gain. Whilst he was born in the State he considers himself a galactic citizen more than a Caldari one.

Artem received a masters degree in political philosophy from The School of Advanced Knowledge, though he admits that he finds the subject horrifically boring.

Artem was born into a single parent household on a backwater agricultural colony in Caldari space; eventually gaining a younger brother, Sebi, to keep him company. In his early years he struggled with school, preferring to look at the sky instead of at a test. Before he became a young adult he had developed a strong fascination with space and exploration, you could say that it was his first love - and he would have many loves in the years to come. Whilst his interest in pursuing a career that would get him off of his farm and into orbit took him to the School of Applied Knowledge and the Capsuleer Programme, his interest in the opposite gender seemed to drag him in the other way.

With such an isolated childhood Artem found assimilating into the social environments of the School to be a challenge at first. He dealt with it by creating many alternative personalities for himself that he would assume when others were near. This way, he found he could maintain his laid back approach when in private, whilst seamlessly fitting in with every social clique he desired. He became very popular this way. Working hard to train for graduation and learning the core skills required to be a Capsuleer began to take the back seat, as a party lifestyle filled with many women and copious amounts of alcohol took over.

The death of his brother Sebi brought it back around. At Sebi's funeral back at the farm, Artem only had to glance up at the same starscape he had spent hours staring at as a child to be reminded of who he was and where he had been dreaming of going all of his life. He returned to the School and worked hard to graduate and eventually undergo the Capsuleer conversion. Certain elements of his student life had carried over. As a frigate pilot and full time explorer, he had fulfilled his childhood fantasies, but couldn't shake the flirtatious nature and the enticing pull of drink.

After long hours in the cockpit exploring were complete, Artem would rarely not find himself at a bar, drinking away the nerves and testing the waters with female Capsuleers. They were much harder to entice, immune to his tested technique to attract them just by mentioning the word 'Capsule'. In no time at all, he became alone again.

Loneliness is now what defines Artem. He had built his life around the dream of getting to space and the exploitation of his status, and once those things had been achieved or made redundant, there was nothing left. He tries to engage with his fellow Capsuleers, clutching at the last hold he has to other relatable beings, but is almost always left feeling empty. All of the determination he has is concentrated on meeting people in the hopes of finding just one that will ingite a passion for interaction again - that one that would treat him as an equal and encourage him to explore those around him as intricately as he does space.

Hobbies and Interests:
Artem enjoys playing physical team sports that make use of his large, athletic build whilst also giving him the opportunity to make bonds with his team mates. At home he spends most of his time laying about with his pet lizard, Kelly. He is almost embarrassed to admit that he loves to drink tea as much as alcohol, and mixes his own blends along with those he has learned from the tribespeople he lives around.