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Author Topic: [IC Venue] Hel Beach  (Read 419 times)


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[IC Venue] Hel Beach
« on: 24 Aug 2015, 11:30 »

Beach is a 100% open venue for any faction or non-faction.

I will deal with problems as they come but I think we can all enjoy a nice day at the beach ))
if I am not in channel feel free to /me have the staff set up a table of gourmet food or bring drinks.

Only the shuttle deck, the forward sun decks and a handful of private guest rooms are publicly accessible on the yacht.  The local fauna inland is not so friendly so if you go exploring IC don't get eaten by a jaguar or something. 

Hel Beach

Location of Hel beach is undisclosed.

The massive volcanic island is a nature preserve the staff will say if pressed. A private shuttle service connects with the cluster wide interbus network and lands not on the island but on the rear deck of a two hundred and thirty meter Super Yacht anchored in the shallows by east (right side in the images) beach.

Guests are welcome to roam freely on the fore sun decks the bar on the second deck, and the heated spa pool partially in the shade of the second deck on the bow.

The water is shallow enough that you can easily walk off the ramp deployed from the back of the ship into calf deep (aprox 15cm) water and onto the beach.

The sand of the beach is fine and high in silicates so very soft and smooth to the touch. More like plastic fine polishing sand when rolls between fingers. The pale color keeps it from being anything but warm and the waves are gentle.

No sign of any person can be seen on the beach or in the cliffs but the footprints in the virgin sands.

The Ocean expands unbroken before the beach as far as visable, it is quite shallow nearer to the rock arch but more than a few hundred meters out drops away sharply to unknown depths. Many species of darting agile birds make their nests on the cliffs and their songs are light and soft. Their white curved shapes often play at the cliff tops like Fighters in combat before going out to the deep sea.

Many colorful fish will swim even into the shallows, tiny almost invisible white crabs can be found tracking their way across the beach and on the reefs further out to sea there are millions-strong super massive schools of fish from the very tiny to those that easily mass more than the shuttle that sits on the back of the Yacht.

The staff (all terse dark-skinned brutor who are scarce but quick to appear when needed) assures any guest that the Hel sharks only migrate this way in the winter stormy months when the beach is closed and inacessable due to extreme weather and high seas. Album of the beach images Album of the Yacht

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