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Author Topic: Optimal outcome  (Read 291 times)

Louella Dougans

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Optimal outcome
« on: 17 Aug 2015, 13:27 »

The two tall thin figures stood on the balcony, watching the procession in the street below.

"So, the Emperor has declared a month of festivities, following this latest victory"
"Yes, I had thought he might have declared a longer celebration, given the significance of this one."
"The last system not under Imperial control."
"The last known one, yes, given our astronomical records."
"Naturally. And, does this always happen?"
"The overwhelming majority of the time, yes. We've run the simulation nearly a hundred thousand times now. One power gains an upper hand, and it snowballs, eventually leading to complete domination"
"That's not ideal. What was the best outcome?"
"The best was giving the capsule technology to one of the powers, eventual proliferation of it led to a semi-stable state, where no one power was able to gain a permanent upper hand."
"That led to the best outcome ?"
"It lasted the longest before societal collapse"
"How long?"
"Ten thousand years, of perpetual low intensity wars. It was the best scenario we found in all our tests."
"Ten thousand years of hell is the best we can do ?"
"It would seem so. Perhaps the Disease means we are overlooking something."
"Perhaps. When will you have a report for the Directorate ?"
"I'd like to run the simulation more times, a few more days at most."
"Good. I don't like the idea of sharing capsule technology, but if that is the optimal outcome for humanity, perhaps it is for the best."
"We can but hope, sir."

The two figures watched the Imperial victory parade in the New Eden simulator for a few more minutes, before going their separate ways.