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Author Topic: [MISSION] Kidnappers Strike - 3of10  (Read 320 times)

Alain Colcer

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[MISSION] Kidnappers Strike - 3of10
« on: 28 Jun 2015, 16:12 »

Level 3 Storyline mission

This was present in the bonus text of the mission

The Maru Rebels

The Maru Rebels were once part of a gang of pirates who turned into a sinister terrorist network claiming to fight for Minmatar freedom. In fact, they're little more a ruthless gang of criminals dealing in the black market, smuggling, and extortion and blackmail, even sometimes working as hired assassins. Their official agenda is to murder as many citizens of the Amarr nations as possible ― i.e., Amarr Empire, Ammatar, and Khanid Kingdom ― hoping to force them to withdraw eventually from historically Minmatar systems currently under Amarr control. The Minmatar Republic leadership has denounced them as being cutthroats and criminals even though they support Republic goals, and has put up a sizable bounty on their leader's head. But even so, the Rebels do maintain some support within the Minmatar Republic, which has allowed them certain freedoms other criminal networks do not have.

Curious thing, this is coming from a Gallente agent...all sort of twists could come from this.