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Author Topic: Sum up how you felt during your most memorable eve moment in one image!  (Read 1780 times)

Liuni Kalthis

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Here is another one of these threads since people seem to like them!

Rules: Give us your reaction and/or your emotional state during; and the context that brought it about!

So this is the first time I died, one hour into the game as a newbie and a thorax sees that I'm mining in the navitas because screw Aura. Takes my jetcan; I think he is an NPC and so I shoot him....He kills me then laughs and warps off.
I still have him red to this day.


Lyn Farel

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When with Eran we yolo-ed in 2 dreads to help the militia against a pimped triaged+vindis shadowcartel gatecamp at the Huola gate in Kourmonen :


Ché Biko

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Pieter Tuulinen

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After the gruelling four hour battle of Caldari Prime.


Anyanka Funk

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Podding Ibrahim at Seycon



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We'd had ongoing hostilities with a one-man alt army in a C5 for a while. One of our scouts found his hole in chain and called it out on comms.

As the resident newbie, I grabbed a cloaky Flycatcher and burned down the chain to see what the fuss was about while our FC pulled a gang together for an op elsewhere.

The guy had a Kronos sitting inside the POS force field and a Mammoth anchoring a second tower. I figured "What the hell, I'll poke the bear and see what happens." Landed on field with the Mammoth, bubbled up, and blapped it. The pod escaped, warped back to the POS, and I pulled to 5k from the unanchored stick and cloaked.

Just as the bubble went down, the scout came on comms and said that he had re-shipped into another Mammoth. I waited for indication that he was in warp, de-cloaked, put up a new bubble and blapped the second Mastodon as it landed on grid. The pod burned out of range (again, I was the newbie), warped off, landed back at the POS.

This repeated for two more Mammoth kills. Then the scout said "Oh I think he's mad, Quattras. He's boarding the Dread now." Not knowing how out-classed I was, I was prepared to try the same routine when the FC interrupted to inform me that I would die. So instead I played bait. I dropped cloak and just sat, waiting while my interdiction probe launcher reloaded. Sure enough, the Moros entered warp, and I bubbled up, then got the F out of system just as our own (redacted) fleet landed. Scratch one dread, and all from my overeager bubbling.

Tl;dr: newbie kills four Mammoths and then leaves a trap for a Moros, netting his corp a dank capital kill.

Dr. Quattras Peione
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Saede Riordan

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Low-Class fleet landing on a Russian tower bashing fleet

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Kador Ouryon

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EVE and Dust top moments images both represented by

Might sound absolutely laughable but my finest moment was a small scale fleet fight on a Small Complex. I was flying a Confessor, we warp in, and just exchange volleys in a really close fight until I get primaried. Fortunately they couldn't break me tank.

In the end we wont pretty decisively..... but what those Minmatar will never know was that my ship was passive tanked and using a 200mm plate instead of something better..... I think everyone had a good laugh about how poorly fit that ship was after wards.

Dust was essentially exactly what you saw in that picture. Pre- 1.7 Tankpocalypse when Wolfman ruined HAV combat I was arguably closing in on top tier status. When we organised the Dust 514 Amarr FW 'grand push' otherwise Junip Crusade which worked wonders we had so many matches over a 3 day period of time that they began to blur together.

During that time I was astounded by how much punishment my HAV were taking and how often I could just screen  fire for infantry so they could run from objective to objective.
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Come back to Eve after months in a hospital etc, try to get an update on how things have gone with MinFac, RP entities and so on...


The Scythian

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My first roam alone with my two EVE besties. We spent hours just talking about random things on TS3.


Lithium Flower

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  • I very speak engrish a bit, thank you!

After killing Val Erian's coercer with a badger!  :lol:

Omega Jovakko

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When I was in a Drake and held off High level NPC destroyers so my team could escape through a gate camp