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Author Topic: The Rules  (Read 611 times)


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The Rules
« on: 13 Oct 2014, 08:42 »

What are the Rules?

Rule 1: This is a privately owned board. Our word is law. None of the following rules give away that right. Despite that, we strive to be reasonable.

**Note** Rules are subject to change and will be accompanied by an announcement in Moderation Discussion.

Rule 2: Users may be warned, formally or informally; suspended, short-term or long-term; or banned at moderator discretion. We try very hard not to do these things gratuitously. These rules are a guideline so that we won't have to do them at all.

Rule 3: Respect other users of Do not make attacks, either in the forums or through Private Messages. Challenging ideas is fine, but do not attack individuals or groups. Racist, ageist, sexist (including the use of 'rape' or 'raped' as a synonym for 'defeat' or 'defeated' and similar inappropriate uses), homophobic (including the use of "gay" as a pejorative) and other slurs are prohibited. Ad hominem attacks are prohibited. Challenging ideas is fine, but do not attack individuals or groups.

**Note** Our FAQ includes a more detailed look at the type of posting 'culture' we want to promote here at and what you can do to help everyone enjoy our forum.

Rule 3b: If you see or are targeted by a post that violates these rules, click the report button () located at the bottom right corner of the post; do not respond in kind!

Rule 4: Respect our purpose and structure. Post in the appropriate forum.

Rule 5: Respect the law. Do not post anything illegal under U.S. law or encouraging other users to break U.S. laws or the laws of their country of residence.

Rule 6: Respect the audience. Do not post pornography and/or anything that can be considered inappropriate graphic sexual content in any format; this includes detailed descriptions of sex acts. Do not post links to pornography or otherwise inappropriate sexually explicit sites.

Rule 7: Respect privacy. Do not post for public viewing any emails or Private Messages unless you have the explicit written permission of each person involved in the exchange. Do not use posts or parts of posts from these forums for commercial ends without the express permission of each person involved. Do not post other members' real names or other personal information on the forum, regardless of how you came to learn it; if they didn't post the information on the forum then it's not your place to do so either.

Rule 8: Respect our time. We have a forum specifically for selling and buying of game-related items. Do not try and sell items or services elsewhere. Do not spam the forums. Do not spam individual users through Private Messages.

Rule 9: Respect your account. Do not share your account with other individuals, as you will be held responsible for any rules violations that occur under your account. Do not impersonate other users, past or present. Do not impersonate the staff. Do not impersonate other Eve players.

Rule 10: Respect our decisions. The moderation team reserves the right to warn, suspend, or permanently ban users judged to be acting against the spirit of the rules, even users conforming to the letter. In other words, don't try skirting the rules to "win" threads.

Rule 10b: All moderator decisions may be appealed to the staff. Appeals against moderator decisions should be made through the Moderation Discussion forum where it will be addressed by the admins. Do not respond to the moderator action in the thread where it was posted.

Rule 11: Don't troll. This has a working definition of "attempting to be as annoying as possible while still technically obeying the rules," and it's not the way to go about getting attention. Attempting to derail threads, posting off-topic bullshit, or flame-baiting are all verboten.

Note: Original thread is in Reception
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