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Author Topic: Random poem  (Read 1260 times)


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Random poem
« on: 04 Jan 2011, 19:38 »

Dunno, duncaer. Not exactly fiction, but meh.
Bite meh and delete if you really have to bitch. Here goes:

I hear a sigh, and an exhasperated groan,
But you cannot percieve,
The voice of Wisdom is my own,
Do you not believe?

Why? I ask,
But you do not see,
As is my task,
To show you this conspiracy.

You see: a sheep says "moo,"
And a cow says "baah,"
Yes, this is true,
And not all by far...

They are Hell-bent on world domination,
And with an unholy alliance,
We are all in for damnation,
Lest we show great defiance.

The sheep are really, quite proud,
Of their most powerful of weapons,
You know them as fluffy clouds,
But if you knew, you'd be very frightened.

We must join in worl unity,
If we are to save this peril,
And it gives me an opportunity,
To unleash my army of squirrells!

So join me in this liberation!
And help me drive back the sheep,
A peace throughout the nations,
Will be ours to have and to keep.

Okay, I normally don't write poetry in English, so sue me for spelling mistakes.
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