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The Guristas pirate organization was started by two deserters from the Caldari navy? Fatal and the Rabbit?

Author Topic: E-8CSQ Constellation: Vale of the Silent  (Read 8041 times)

Julianus Soter

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E-8CSQ Constellation: Vale of the Silent
« on: 21 Jul 2010, 18:50 »

This cosmos constellation is a little-known corner of New Eden with very little in the way of official documentation. The Caldari State is very, very interested in it.

Minedrill corporation has a vast facility in one of the systems of the constellation. Description:

Only recently a daring expedition into lawless space, consisting of a small group of veteran asteroid miners working for Minedrill, stumbled upon a find that would shake the very foundation of their corporation. Shortly after they returned to Caldari State space to deliver their report, the military became involved. All talk of the find was prohibited and rumors where quickly squashed by the Navy authority. Those who took part in the expedition and returned alive were moved to a secure location out of the public's reach.

Soon after another expedition was sent to the same location, by Minedrill. This time it was accompanied by an entire fleet of State ships. Today the excavation site is heavily populated and well guarded from any pirate threat.

The Alpha Excavation Sites are where the expedition have confirmed a valuable find. The Beta Excavation Sites on the other hand are promising locations in E-8CSQ where the Caldari State expedition forces hope they will find something connected with their original discovery.

DED Threat Assessment: Critical (10 of 10)

Signature: Unknown, name: unknown (literally)

Makeinu Town:

Commonly referred to as a 'Guristas retirement home', Makeinu is a small, relatively peaceful settlement inhabited by washed up ex-pirates. Its location in a large gaseous environment has rendered it difficult to find on most long range scanners, which is rather fortunate since many of the residents are high on the wanted lists in 'Empire Space'. Most of the inhabitants were members of the Guristas organization, but for various reasons fell into disfavor and decided not to venture back into Guristas sovereign space at the end of their 'career'.

The leader of this settlement is Rakka Tahiri, who was once a prestigious Guristas commander. He was made an outcast when he failed to bring back the traitor Akkeshu Karuan many years ago, and has resided here ever since.

Simple deadspace. Gives a mission to kill a CONCORD general. Was tempted to take it. :P

Cadaver Reef:

Cadaver Reef is an infamous hotspot of Rogue Drone activity, but better known for its abundance of human carcasses. Many a pilot has lost his ship, and his life, from trying to navigate through this rubble-strewn graveyard. A great battle was waged here decades ago, between two powerful Guristas officers, Akkeshu and Rakka, and their fleets. Legend has it that Akkeshu hid incredibly valuable treasure inside one of the pockets of this deadspace area, which was not found in the aftermath of the battle. Even today adventurous Guristas pilots sometimes venture into Cadaver Reef to search for the lost treasure. Few come out alive, and so far no confirmed reports exist of anyone discovering the treasure, which most rebuff as being nothing more than an old-wives tale.

Allegedly X-type modules, or even officer. Didn't touch it with my Loki, though.

Even the Angels/Serpentis have their fingers in the pie:

Few Angel commanders have garnered a reputation as famous as Black Jack. His exploits are common knowledge inside the Angel territories, but probably what gave him the most notoriety is a documentary on criminal personas of the underworld, by a relatively unknown journalist of The Scope. This particular documentary was broadcasted by The Scope to billions of viewers, earning him an immediate spot in the criminal world's hall-of-fame.

Black Jack was known as a brutal smuggler and kidnapper who terrorized the Molden Heath region during his prime, always leaving a trademark card behind depicting a black jack-o-lantern. The documentary which propelled him to fame had an unfortunate side effect though, for him, since afterwards his face was crudely plastered to every billboard in Molden Heath and neighboring regions. The Cartel began to consider him a liability, as his notoriety was causing too much attention to them from the authorities and civilians inside the Republic.

As a result he was pulled out of the Republic territories and given special assignments in pirate space instead. His latest assignment is reportedly to lead a small team of Serpentis and Syndicate scouts to the remote E-8CSQ constellation. For what reason no one outside of the inner circle of the Angel Cartel knows.

I'll post up more information as I'm able.

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Boma Airaken

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Re: E-8CSQ Constellation: Vale of the Silent
« Reply #1 on: 08 Aug 2010, 22:32 »

Who owns it these days? I ran them a very very long time ago and while the loot was fucking amazing none of it made it back to empire as it was the home constellation of a particular alliance and unprobable t3's didn't exist back then.

The complexes are amazing and show a really interesting side of the Caldari as a whole.