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Author Topic: Miscellaneous Lore Info from Dev Conversations  (Read 260 times)

Samira Kernher

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Miscellaneous Lore Info from Dev Conversations
« on: 01 Dec 2017, 11:20 »

I've been keeping track of Amarr stuff I hear in Slack on PIE's forum, but I figured it would probably be good to keep a copy of stuff publicly as well.

If other people get official information provided by a dev, for any faction, please copy it here so that we can keep a record of it!

Amarr Royal Heir Selection, by House
From CCP Delegate Zero:

Ardishapur Family - Royal Heir rules the Ardishapur realm as a personal demesne and controls succession within house.

Kador Family - Royal Heir recommends a successor and this is confirmed by the family council after due consideration.

Khanid Family - Royal Heir is an absolute sovereign within the Khanid holdings and personally selects heir.

Kor-Azor Family - Royal Heir selects successor and confirmation by family council is typically a mere formality.

Sarum Family - Royal Heir and paramount branch of the Sarum family control the process of selecting an heir, other family branches have no formal input into process.

Tash-Murkon Family - Royal Heir recommends a successor but openly competing claims are not unusual in a process strongly controlled by the family council.

Amarr Name Particles
Samira Kernher [17:56]
what does xer mean by the way? I'm noticing it in a lot of recent names

CCP Delegate Zero [17:57]
'xer' is a nobiliary particle
generally indicating a particular branch of a noble family but usually not the paramount branch

CCP Delegate Zero [17:59]
if you see 'an-' that generally means, member of the family but has given up familial rights

CCP Delegate Zero [18:00]
very common in the Emperor Family and in certain orders
hence Kalefa Sufrin an-Kador
he's a Kador noble
but as he is in the EF as their chaplain
he takes the an-

Samira Kernher

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Re: Miscellaneous Lore Info from Dev Conversations
« Reply #1 on: 01 Dec 2017, 12:05 »

Dam- (Amarr Language)
Samira Kernher [18:08]
On the topic of language...
Is it correct to assume that Dam- means something like great/greater/the whole of? My headcanon has been that Torsad is the actual core city, and Dam-Torsad is like saying the greater Torsad metropolitan area. As Dam- is also used for Dam-Imud (and Imud is used with Imud Hubrau, so Imud probably means beast, and Dam-Imud might be Great Beast)

CCP Delegate Zero [18:41]
I believe you have the right of it
I can't think of anything to contradict that and would quite willing to just write that somewhere
wink wink
(and of course, even if there is some buried usage in the PF then these words and suffixes can mean different thing according to context)

Samira Kernher [18:43]
the way I've tended to view Amarr city naming structures was like this:

Dam-[City Name] (means the greater metro area)
[City Name] (core city, like New York City, or Boston)
[City Name]-[District] (IE Torsad-Laur being one of the city districts)

CCP Delegate Zero [18:45]
sounds right
Dam-Torsad is vast
like London it was once a collection of towns on the island

A few of us have been working with this definition already. So I figured I'd ask and get verification from DZ.
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Re: Miscellaneous Lore Info from Dev Conversations
« Reply #2 on: 11 Dec 2017, 10:17 »

So, here's one that's more perspective-y than concrete information.

From Fanfest chatter on the Inheritance chronicle, DZ said that CCP has never done a public-facing retcon; essentially, that inconsistencies are easily explained by biased or unreliable narrators, and that this applies even to the Directorate Jove.